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Washington and Lee University 




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Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 






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General Public kicked off a successful 
Homecoming Weekend S6 with a dry con- 
cert at the Pavilion Friday night. At half 
time, Saturday, Chemistry Professor Keith 
Shillington crowned Colleen Bradley, a 
sophomore at Sweet Briar College, 
Homecoming Queen. One disappointing 
note: the Hampden-Sydney Tigers de- 
feated the Generals on the gridiron 45-14. 

■WBVKR: »J." --■■■■>■.;.- '^fi^JlUJafKli 


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In late Januarv- a series of snowfalls blanketed 
the Lexington area in white. Although the going 
was rough on cit>- streets, residents enjoyed the 
unexpected storm. Snowmen and snowball fights 
were common sights around campus as the 
students made the most of the wintry surprise. 


' X.^ 


Participants in Washington & Lee's ninth annual Siiperdance enjoyed 
the music of Covacus, the White Animals, and Spiegel, Goodrich & Lillie 
while raising funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Co-chairmen 
Jim Barker and Tom Thagard and staff collected $33, 152 in pledge money, 
making W&L one of the nations top per capita college contributors to 
MDA. Along with the popular pie throwing contest, dancers were encour- 
aged by prizes including trips to the Virgin Islands, Georgetown, and 
Canaan Vallev ski resort. 



Under the supervision of SAB direc- 
tor Glenn Smith, Doremus Gym and 
the Warner Center were transformed 
into an African jungle for Fancy Dress 
1987. The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, the 
Del Fuegos, the Little Saints, and the 
Hoodoo Gurus provided entertainment 
for the revelers on the "Dark Conti- 
nent. " The tropical atmosphere was en- 
hanced by African masques, bamboo 
and palm leaves, and a live baby el- 
ephant performing tricks in the en- 
trance hall. 






Construction workers have 
been busy this year finishing the 
new Residence Hall scheduled for 
completion in September, 1987. 
Gaines Residence Hall, named for 
former University president Dr. 
Francis P. Gaines, will house up- 
perclassmen and law students next 
>ear. Gaines differs fi-om existing 
University housing in its suite 
design. Anotlier campus building, 
originalK built in 1842, was re- 
stored this summer. President 
Wilson dedicated the Joella and 
Stewart Morris house in a special 
ceremony this October. 

A new atlilftic field is uncler construction to nut't the urowini. 
demand tor plaNint; fields. Despite problems with (hamage, tht 
fields should he reads m fall 'S7. 

Late this fall construction workers 
completed rebuilding the Phi Gamma 
Delta fraternity house which was 
destroyed in a fire on April 11, 1984. 
The limestone exterior is once again a 
shiny white, and the interior is a 
completely refurbished example of the 
modern day fraternity house with a 
party room basement and a special chap- 
ter room for meetings. Thanks to a 
unique partnership with certain FIJI 
alumni, this restoration has been possi- 


September 17 

Heinsohn & Day 


Little Saints 

October 1 

Spiegel, Goodrich & Lillie > 






Good Guys 



November 5 

Johnny Sportcoat 


The Deal 


D.C. Motors 

December 3 

The Limit 

January 7 



Wild Kingdom 


Waxing Poetics 



February 25 


March 4 

New Potato Caboose 






Never Never 

April 22 

Liquid Pleasure 



Stanislav Levchenko, the highest ranking KGB 
agent to defect to the U.S. spoke primarily on KGB 
operations and our competition with them. The 
representative from -Greenpeace lectured on their 
purpose, structure, and ability to promote cn- 
vironmentalism. Ronald Reagan's chief speech writtr 
for 80 to '86 Ben Elliot analyzed speech process and 
presidential affiiirs, and foreign policy at large. The in- 
famous member of the Chicago Seven, Abbie Hoff- 
man, discussed 1980 s activism. In a speech that was 
humorous yet antagonistic, Hoffman chronicled 1980s 
politics and student activist involvement. 



Tlie 116th celebration ol 
W&L's Founders' Day, the 
annual recognition of 
General Robert E. Lee\s 
birthday, was held on Jan- 
uary 19th in Lee Chapel. 
Oinicron Delta Kappa s 
Alpha Circle received 
twenty-three students and 
four honorarv' initiates into 
its fraternitv, whicii 

rccoi;nizes superior leader- 
ship and achievement in 
various aspects of campus 
lilc. Ilonorars' inductees in- 
cluded l{()bert W. Meador. 
Siuilord Ricnhardt Nichols, 
John Edmonds Neill, and 
John W. Warner. The 
principal speaker was Henrv 
|. Abrahaiu, the James Hart 
Professor ot Co\ernment 

and Forcifin .\ffairs at tiie 
University of Virginia. His 
speech, entitled "Our En- 
during and Evolving Con- 
stitution; Some Reflec- 
tions," was one of a series oi 
events celebrating the 
l)itcntennial of the U.S. 


W&L students organized and held a "Constitutional Convention in Ma\' ot last \'ear, one ot several events scheduled to 
commemorate the 200th anniversary of the U.S. Constitution. It was believed to be the only exercise of that type attempted 
during the year of celebration. According to keynote speaker Fred Graham, former CBS legal affairs correspondent, the W 
& L Convention was "probably as close as this nation will come to a real constitutional convention in the foreseeable future. 
Rather than reenact the original convention of 17S7, the W&L delegates debated contemporary issues. An amendment that 
would prevent the federal government from withholding funds from states as a way of forcing compliance with federal policy 
was the only bill out of five that was passed. A written analysis and interpretation of the convention will be sent to various 
other colleges, commissions, and individuals who e\]5ressed m\ interest in the bicentennial event. 

; )' 

t / 


1 , ;.. W ralrick Hinely 

ZALUMNI weekend: 

One of \\"&L's most distinguished alumni. 
Justice Lewis F. Powell, was honored at the un\ eil- 
ing and dedication ot'his portrait at Lewis Hall in 
niid-Nhi\-. Powell graduated from W&L in f 929 and 
from the law school in 1931. He is well-known as the 
former president of die American Bar Association 
and the chairman of the Richmond school board 
during the school integration crisis in the 1950 s. 
The painting was commissioned from the same 
artist who painted Powell's Supreme Court 
portrait, and willing hang outside the Moot Court- 
room in the law school. 

On Friday afternoon, students, tacult\ , and 
alumni participated in a panel discussion on lamiK 
owned businesses in preparation for an upcoming 
seminar. The discussion was designed to analyze 
the special problems of succession of younger 
generations in small, family owned businesses. 

Over 500 alumni trom 10 reunion classes, 1937- 
1982, attended the 1987 Alumni Weekend at Wash- 
ington and Lee. On Friday afternoon, tlie aknns en- 
joyed a luncheon under the shade of the trees on the 
Front Lawn next to the President s home after the 
unxeilinji of Justice Powell s portrait at the law 
school. A half hour of music followed as the Glee 
Club, Uni\ersity Chorus, and Southern Comfort 
performed in front of Lee Chapel. The Instrumen- 
tal Ensemble provided a concert of sa.\ and violins 
on Saturday morning, followed by W&L's own 
Heinsohn and Day and guided tours of the newly 
renovated Fiji house. Phi Delt baternity also 
celebraleil its one hundredth anni\ersar\' on 
campus at its "Centennial" festivities. 



Tlu- kickofi' speaker for W&L"s 1988 
Mock Democratic convention was the 
Reverend Jesse Jackson, a candidate for 
tlie l^eniocratic nomination for 
president in 1984. Before a front lawn 
crowd estimated at 2500, Jackson dis- 
cussed college students and political 
activity, and called on those over 18 and 
Tiot registered to vote to get involved 
because they could "Make a difference. '" 
He also stressed the familiar themes of 
economic recovery, human rights, and 
civil rights. Student reaction to the 
speech was mixed, and although many 
did not agree with Jackson's ideology, 
most seemed to agree with junior Chris 
Munsex', who noted that "if it helps 
students to he more politically aware, 
that alone was worth the Mock 
Democratic's Convention's efforts to 
bring liim to W'&L. 

Ml I i.> sinii J r. 


REEK week; 

W&L s first Greek ^^'eek was held 
fiom May 4th to 11th. Ainona: the 
activities for the week were 
"oozeball," golf, and Softball toiirna- 
nieiits and a concert in the Student 
Activities Pa\ilion featurine; Skip 
Castro. The Inteiiraternit\ Council 
Open raised more than S600 to 
benefit the .American Cancer 
Society. Pictured below is the win- 
ning team ot the golt tournament 
with their troph\ . 

4* 1 

' /V < 

'■■ >, ■• 



. 1 

-».^-Mk^^ ^^^S^V^^ 


/ ■ / / 





=SENiOR party: 

^/ ?*#!»t, 

''f^ "^r .^^x 




^6 -•••J 

The June 4th Comniencenient Exercises marked 
the first graduating class with women, having four. 
Despite the Hght rainfall, which began during the 
ceremony, the exercises continued. Shayam 
Menon, president of the student body (al)ove), 
spoke on his class feelings about coeducation and 
former tennis champion, Fred Perry, received an 
honorar}' degree. 



All l.l.ntns 1a .S..,I1 | |-r 



Frustration and adversity were the key words 
for the Generals' lilSt! football season. After en- 
joying a record six straight winning seasons and 
tying for the Old Dominion Athletic Conference 
championship last year with a 7-2 record, the 
Generals reversed that mark this year winning 
only two out of nine contests. And in retrospect, 
many people — spectators and players alike — 
wondered why the squad's formidable abilities 
and potential were not matched this year by the 
number of victories it achieved. 

The Generals certainly did not lack talent or 
experience in many positions: 1986 saw the 
return of several all-conference performers on 
both sides of the ball, including former ODAC 
player of the year Kevin Weaver, who had led the 
nation in NCAA Division III scoring and posted 
four different school records during the 1985 sea- 
son. Given the momentum of previous years and 

the usual rigor of Gary Fallon's pre-season foot- 
ball camp, the outlook for the Generals in 198(1 
was certainly positive. Pre-season, however, was 
also where W&L first felt the tinges of the adver- 
sity which was to plague most of their season: on 
the fourth day, senior linebacker and placekicker 
B.J. Sturgill suffered a broken leg that sidelined 
him for six of the Generals' nine games. 

On September 13, 1986, Washington and Lee 
opened its season on Wilson Field against 'the 
Emory and Henry Wasps, the team which even- 
tually won the ODAC championship and went on 
to represent the conference in the NCAA Divi- 
sion III national tournament. Once again the 
football Generals received an ominous forewarn- 
ing of their troubles to come. The 29 yard field 
goal by sophomore Bill Crabill, which capped 
W&L's impressive opening drive, was ruled wide 
by an official who was unable to see the ball 

pierce the uprights. Crabill was able to boot 
another 27 yarder in the first quarter, but after 
that Washington and Lee fell victim to the big 
play. E&H averaged 7.9 yards on only fifty 
offensive plays to outscore the Generals 30-9, 
with fullback Jim Barker rushing for W&L's only 

The Generals had an open date for week two, 
and were not overly discouraged by the defeat. 
After all, W&L was no stranger to slow starts — 
Emory had shut out the gridders 30-0 in the 198.5 
opener, but the Generals had then embarked on a 
spectacular six game winning streak. For game 
two, the team travelled to Danville Kentucky to 
face Centre College. The game was truly a heart- 
breaker. Washington and Lee, down 7-0, scored 
with just 1:10 left in the ball game. The Generals 
decided to go for the win and attempt a two-point 
conversion, but senior quarterback Jon Thorn- 

21 ^4 •^.45-«!50^"7.^40f ll*571^85^33!|2 

Front Row: Coach B. Williams. J. Krastel, P. 
Youngman, J. Barker, B. J. Sturgill, J. Murphy, 
K. Weaver, B. Wilson, M. Herman, R. Pierce, J. 
Benford, J. Brownley, Head Coach G. Fallon. 
Second Row: Coach C. O'Connell, J. Rowe, J. 
Packett, M. Fernandez, B. Berlin, J. Mitchell, B. 
Brown, R. Brown, J. Thornton. J. Goi'lowski, J. P. 

Johnston, Coach J. Sticklev. Third Row: Coach 
McKeon, J. Harwood, T. Donahoo, G. Frebor, T. 
Skeen, R. Taylor, S. Hairball, Moluvic J. 
Nozeinac, B. Drake, C. Jerussi, C. Clement, Coach 
N. Aldredge. Fourth Row: Coach S. Sandler, K. 
Boyde, T. Waskowitz, H. Milton, B. Crabill, D. 
Hudson, M. Magoline, D. Surface, J. Phillips, .1. 

Johnson, J. Catron, T. Bainer. Fifth Row: B 
Vesgo, D. Radulavic, J. Reynolds, R. Poll, T. Gull 
ford, R. Crosby, Phillip Sampson, B. Warren, B 
Rimmer, C. Siiivthe, T. Thompson, Robyn. Back 
Row: Dr. Jones, T. Place, J. Vittori, M. Pack, A, 
Wickliff. S. Jackson, B. Martin, J. Durante, C 
(■ol'lland, M. HoUifield, R. River, "Murph" 

s* , .^ u vl i V »■ it''.-' 


Ion's pas.s was dcni^otcd in the end zone, and tlie 
Colonels were able to squeeze out a 7-(j victory. 

It appeared the Generals were going to seize 
the opportunity of game 3 against the Randolph- 
Macon Yellow Jackets to swingthe momentum of 
the season. W&L played well: tailback Weaver 
rushed for 131 yards in 33 carries to go over a 
career 200 yards and set two more school records 
for career points and touchdowns. Quarterback 
Thornton passed for one touchdown, a 17 yard 
completion to tight end Garfield Prebor, and 
wedged his way one yard for another. Each time 
I he Generals struck, the Yellowjackets managed 
lo rally and tie up the score: then, with only '42 
seconds left in the game, W&L went ahead 20-14, 
which would have assured them of a victory. The 
ensuing e.xtra point, however, was blocked. 
Randolph-Macon drove to W&L's 21 yard line, 
where in the game's final seconds a high "Hail 
Mary" pass was deflected in the end zone by 
(ieneral defenders into the hands of a Yellow- 
jacket wide receiver. Randolph-Macon won a 
successful extra point attempt, and for the sec- 
ond week in a row, the Generals fell victim to a 
wrenching one-point loss. 

The Generals began to spiral downward. They 
lacked intensity and allowed MaryviUe, a team 
they should have beaten, to climb back into the 
game and win by a touchdown, 35-28. In game 5, 
Homecoming against a very powerful Hampden- 
Sidney squad, the Generals hit rock bottom with 
their worst performance of the year. The Tigers 
blew out Washington and Lee 4,5-14. 

^^)rtunately, the Generals were able to re- 
group and gain some poise against Sewanee the 
next week. Though they lost the contest, they 
were able to put together some fine drives in the 
second half of that game and were almost able to 
overcome a 14-9 halftime deficit. With 2:,52 left, 
losing by a touchdown, quarterback Thornton, 
who had earlier hit senior Paul Youngman for a 
13 yard score, completed a 36 yard pass to Randy 
Brown to put the Generals within striking dis- 
tance, hut the Generals on a wet Wilson Field 
wore unable to convert their rally into a win. 

Momentum, however, had finally changed for 
Washington and Lee, and for two back to back 
games they played the kind of football they knew 
they were capable of. 

Against the Bridgewater Eagles, W&L regis- 
tered an all out "team effort." The defense was 
stingy at crucial points in game, pulling down 
several interceptions in the fourth quarter. 
Offensively, virtually everyone produced, and 
Thornton, who had been plagued by intercep- 
tions in the Generals' last two outings, had his 
best performance of the year completing 10 of 16 
for 126 yards. Even the special teams got into the 
act, as junior Chris Coffland busted open a 90 
yard kickoff return in the third period. The 
Generals won 28-14. And the Bridgewater game 
featured the triumphant return of kicker 
Sturgill, who booted all four extra points. 

In their final home game against the Ursinus 
Bears, on Parent's Day, the Washington and Lee 
football Generals shone. After falling behind 7-0, 
the Generals scored in all four quarters. Tailback 
Kevin Weaver broke open a run from scrimmage 
for a school record 89 yards. Wide receiver Randy 
Brown had nine receptions for 189 yards and a 
TD, and freshman cornerback Robert Rimmer 
had _three interceptions, four pass deflections, 
and nine tackles. The Generals won resoundingly 
28-7. In their last game against Allegheny 
College, which featured a 14 hour bus trip and a 
snowy field, the Generals were beaten badly; and 
the Ursinus game was therefore the team's sec- 
ond and final victorv. 

Though the season was certainly frustrating, 
there were some very bright spots in the Gener- 
als' Uneup. Junior offensive tackle John Packett. 
in addition to earning all-conference honors, was 
named a first team Kodak NCAA Division III 
All-American. Senior wide receiver Randy 
Brown, also named all conferencee, received 
Virginia all-state recognition as well. Tailback 
Kevin Weaver, despite a tough senior season, still 
managed to break several school records, and 
was named to the ODAC's second team. And. 
senior Jon Thornton was named a Division three 
Academic AU-American. 

The team will graduate sixteen seniors who 
have experienced three winning seasons at W&L. 
They are; FB Jim Barker. DT John Benford. LB 
Bob Berlin. \VR Randy Brown. QB Bill Brown. 
TE John Brownlee. OG Mark Herman. FS Jo 
Krastel. C Jack Mitchell. DE Jim Murphy, \VR 
Rick Pierce. LB and K B. J. Sturgill. QB Jon 
Thornton, SE Bobby Wilson. RB Kevin Weaver, 
and WTJ Paul Youngman. 

1^ i> 


'•*>v- .^t^ 

««vt "„« w>!5>j«t-j,s Si 

♦^ -<u. 




Emory & Henry 31, W&L 9 
Centre 7, W&L 6 
Randolph-Macon 21, W&L 20 
Maryville 35, W&L 28 
Hampden-Sydney 45, W&L 14 
Sewanee 14, W&L 7 
W&L 28, Bridgewater 14 
W&L 28, Ursinus 7 
Allegheny 34, W&L 


Front Row: Jeff Bercaw, Randall Pearson, Marty Radavany, David Dietz, Kevin Ledercr, Moose Herring, Stuart Sheldon, Coach Paig-e 
Remillard Back Row: Simon Perez, Will Arvin, Matt Brady, Tummy Rawls, David Hall, .Jeff Cohen. David Olson, Martni Burlingame. Adam 
Morgan. David Reavy, Shawn Copeland, Craig Garneau. 

Washington and Lee water polo continued its 
role as one of the East Coast's premier teams in 
1986, taking top 20 teams Brown, lona, and Army 
to the wire in close losses and defeating the #19 
Richmond at W&L in October. With the gradua- 
tion of only 2 players, tri-captains Kevin Lederer 
and goalie Martin Radvany, W&L seems ready to 
raise the regional successes they have enjoyed 
recently up to the national level in the coming 

The Generals opened the season at home with 
the W&L Fall Classic, and reached the champion- 
ship game with lopsided victories over Lynch- 
burg, George Washington, Johns Hopkins, and 
Dayton. Facing University of Arkansas/Little 
Rock in the final, the Generals played what coach 
Remillard called "an excellent early-season 
game" only to come up short 11-9 in a very excit- 
ing contest. 

The next weekend saw the Generals on the 
road at the North-East Varsity Invitational in 
Providence, Rhode Island. W&L went 2 for 4, los- 
ingclose contests to nationally-ranked Army (10- 
8) and Bucknell (16-9) and defeating MIT (1.5-7) 

and Fordham (12-7). 

The Generals returned home the following 
weekend for the Va. State Championships. In the 
championship game, W&L fell to arch-rival 
Richmond (1.3-11) in the first meeting between 
the teams of the season. 

W&L began conference play next, traveling to 
Washington, D.C. for Round 1 of the Southern 
League Tournament. The Generals breezed 
their way to the final game, only to fall again to 
the Spiders of Richmond, 10-7. The team took this 
loss very hard and set their sights on the 3rd 
RichmondAV&L match-up to be played at W&L in 
2 weeks, but first, the Generals rode to 
Annapolis, MD for the SE Varsity Invitational 
where they had a very successful tournament, 
high-lighted by a 9-1 trouncing of a strong 
Harvard team and a double-overtime thriller 
against 10th ranked Brown, which the Generals 
eventually lost 1,5-12. 

Coming off these successful outings, W&L set 
its sights on Richmond in Round Two of the 
Southern League and, keyed by outstanding 
goalie play, downed the Spiders 6-4 in front of a 

home crowd at Twombly pool. This was the first 
victory over Richmond for the Generals in more 
than 2 seasons and it carried W&L into the 
Southern Conference Championships the follow- 
ing weekend in Richmond, VA on a wave of confi- 
dence. The team plowed its way through Duke 
and George Washington in impressive fashion to 
earn a spot in the championship game against 
Richmond, but the Generals came up way short 
in a wild and disappointing contest, 18-8. 

W&L wrapped up the season in Annapolis, MD 
at the Eastern Championships by placing 7th, 
losing to Brown (18-8) and Army [9-8 (OT)] and 
then regrouping to defeat Howard (11-6). 

The Generals compiled a 21-11 record over the 
course of a very successful season in which they 
proved they could play with anyone. With the 
return of a very talented group of underclass- 
men, the W&L water polo team is ready to make 
the transition from an upset-minded squad to 
the role of a top 20 power and serious contender 
for one of the East Coast's 2 berths in the NCAA 
championship tournament in 1987. 


Water Polo 

W&L 20, Lynchburg 4 

W&L 17, George Washington S 

W&L 15, Johns Hopkins 4 

W&L 24. Dayton 4 

Arl<ansas 11, W&L 9 

Brown 15, W&L 12 (20T) 

Navy 15, W&L 5 

Harvard 9, W&L 1 

lona 10, W&L 9 

W&L 23, Mary Washington .3 

W&L 29, Virginia 3 

Richmond 13, W&L 11 

W&L 21, Mary Washington 2 

W&L 11, George Washington 6 

W&L 14, UNC-Wilmington 5 

W&L 18, Lynchburg 7 

Richmond 10, W&L 7 

Army 10, W&L 8 

Bucknell 16, W&L 9 

W&L 15, MIT 7 

W&L 12, Fordham 7 

W&L 23, Mary Washington 

W&L 11, UNC-Wilmington 10 

W&L 18, Lynchburg 4 

W&L 9, George Washington 1 

W&L 6, Richmond 4 

W&L 22, Duke 4 

W&L 19, George Washington 5 

Richmond 18, W&L 8 

Brown 18, W&L 8 

Armv 9, W&L 8(0T) 

W'&L 11, Harvard 



Front Row: Sheldon Clark, Tommy McBride, 
Tommy Pee, Peter Van Son. .Jimmy Tucker, 
Charles Lyle, John Coll. Second Row: Harry 
Halpert. Stephen Udicious, Johnny Sarber, Joe 

Caccamo, Christopher de Movellan, Mike 
Drusano, Mike Veliouna, Dave Helburff, Sam 
Obenshain, Jamie Urso, Chris Gareis. Back Row: 
Cooke, trainer; David McKay, asst. coach; Judd 

Parker, Ben Lett. Gregg Stockdale, Rick Sylva. 
Patrick Brown. Scott Levitt. Jeff Caggiano. Jack 
Pringle. Brian Corrigan. asst. coach; Rolf 
Piranian. head coach. 

The 19H6 soccer season proved to be nothing 
short of a landmark in the history of the sport 
at Washington and Lee, as this year's 
Generals (led by Coach Rolf Piranian, Brian 
Corrigan, and David McKay) re-wrote the 
record books, coming away with their most 
successful season to date (11-0-4) and the 
ODAC Championship title. 

The Generals took to the road for the first 
four games of this season. Hindered by a rela- 
tively late starting pre-season, the team, 
nevertheless, made a strong showing in the 
season opener against Shenandoah, coming 
out 3-1. However, this initial success was the 
only bright spot in this first week of the sea- 
son. Just three days later, in a weekend tour- 
nament in North Carolina, the Generals were 
defeated by East Carolina (0-1) and North 
Carolina Wesleyan (0-4). Then, only three days 
after that, the Generals travelled to Mary 
Washington, only to be shutout again by a 
score of 0-3. 

Victory, however, came to the Generals in 
the friendlier confines of Smith Field with 
their first home match. The crowd was treated 

-J '* 

1986 Soccer Scores 

W&L 3, Shenandoah 1 

East Carolina 1, W&L 

North Carolina Wesleyan 4, W&L 

Maiv Washington 3, W&L 

W&L 8, Sewanee 

W&L 3. Greensboro 1 

W&L 1, Roanoke 

W&L 12, Messiah 1 

W&L -2. VMI 1 

(;i.ttvsburg2, W&L 

W&L -2, Eastern Mennonite KOT) 

W&L 3, Hampden-Svdney 

W&L 12, Lynchburg KOT) 

W&L 8, Maryville 1 

WAV I J Averette 2 

to a fantastic display of team play as the 
Generals trounced the University of the 
South S-OI Following: this apparently pivotal 
point in the season, the Generals went on to 
claim another home field win by defeating: 
Greensboro College 3-1. 

The winning: trend did not stop for the 
Generals, but evidently became more difficult 
as they took to the road for three g-ames. Wit L 
travelled to Roanoke College for their first 
ODAC game of the season. After devoting al- 
most 90 minutes to banging heads in a score- 
less match, junior John Coll finally put the 
ball in the nets for the game winner. Yet 
another close call came when the Generals 
travelled to Pennsylvania to battle Messiah 
College. The Generals came away with their 
fifth win of the season only after junior 
Charles Lyle headed in the game winning 
goal and freshman goalkeeper Jack Pringle 
made a spectacular penalty kick save, clinch- 
ing the 2-1 victory. To cap off their absence 
from Smith Field, the Generals beat next door 
neighbors. Virginia Military Institute, 2-1 on 
the Parade Grounds. 

The Generals" Fourth and final loss of the 
season was to Gettysburg College, being 
shut out 0-2. However. Coach Piranian im- 
pressed upon his players the importance of 
the next match — the second ODAC game vs. 
Eastern Mennonite. After showing signs of 
the play that brought about their loss to Get- 
tysburg, the Generals downed Mennonite in a 
close overtime victory 2-1. On the road again, 
W&L faced Hampden-Sydney in the rain. 
However, the elements did not hinder the 
Generals as they took the win by a score of 3-0. 
Besides being the General's third ODAC win 
of the season, this game was also the start of a 
trend for the entire season. Specifically, 
junior goalkeeper Chris Gareis earned his 
12th career shut-out, breaking the previous 
school record of 11. 

The Generals returned to Smith Field to 
play their last three games. The first of these 
was against ODAC rival and last year's ODAC 
champions, Lynchburg College. Because of 
W&L's and Lynchburg's records, this game 
also proved to be for the 1986 ODAC Champi- 
onship — a title, heretofore, never earned by a 
Washington and Lee soccer team. In the hard- 
est hitting and most fiercely fought game of 
the season, the Generals went head-to-head 
■with Lynchburg. The Generals were kept in 





■^-C .-festu^t...;. 

tlu' yaiiu' as .Idliii Coll scored tin- first W& L 
);(ial to iiiatoli Lynchburg-'s one. Goalkeeper 
Chris (Jareis then did his share by savinK a 
penalty kick, sending the game into overtime. 
The coveted victory came as Coll again found 
the nets, earning the game winning goal in 
the second overtime period — the lystj 
Generals became the ODAC Champs! Topping 
off their season, the Generals went on to earn 
two more wins, downing Maryville ("ollege H-] 
and Averett College 4-2. 

The 1!W() W&L soccer season is highlighted 
by a number of personal and team bests: 

— most wins in a seasaon for a W&L soccer 

— most goals in a season for a W&L soccer 

— only the second undefeated ODAC 
C'hampionship in ODAC history 

— most assists in a season for a W&L 
player (Patrick Brown) 

— most career shut-outs for a W&L goal- 
keeper (Chris Gareis) 

— All-ODAC players (.l(din <'(dl, Chris 
CJareis & Peter Van Son) 

— All-South players (Chris Gareis & Peter 
Van Son) 

— first W&L soccer team to become ODAC 

At the post-season dinner for the 1986 W&L 
Soccer Team, Coach Piranian commented on 

and em])hasized the spirit of team play that it 
took to make this year the Generals' most suc- 
cessful one to date. He noted that the individ- 
ual recognition of players reflected well on, 
and is a result of, the entire team's effort this 
past season. 

Next season the Generals will be without 
three graduating seniors — Tommy Pee and 
co-captainsJimmy Tucker and Peter Van Son. 
However, juniors John Coll and Charles Lyle 
will be filling in their shoes as co-captains, 
and this year's Most Valuable Offensive and 
Defensive Pla.yers, freshmen Patrick Brown 
and Scott Levitt, respectively, should again 
prove productive. The Generals will also see 
the return of starters Mike Veluiuona, 
.Johnny Sarber (notably, this year's top 
scorer), Chris Gareis, Jamie Urso, Steve Udi- 
cious, Jeff Caggiano, and Rick Silva. Coach 
Piranian is looking forward to ne.xt season, 
hoping to couple the excitement of success in 
the past season with the vitality of a still 
young team. The Generals are adding Johns 
Hopkins and Division II Millersville to the 
1987 schedule, however, both of which serve 
to make things more difficult for W&L. Never- 
theless, in what way this will affect the 
Generals' performance next year remains to 
be seen, for now they are enjoying the pride of 
being the most successful W&L soccer team in 
the university's history. 

S^fT' \^ 

i» — . 


I . •/ i i , 





Steve Pockrass. Ash Andrews, 

Mathew Laws, Ted Myers, Doug 

Turrell, Tommie Bovd, Coach Dick 

Miller. Paul Miles. Scott Rippeon, 

Greg- Casker. Rick Norris, Richard 

Moore. Peter Faser. Dean Nuckolls, 

Gary Giles. Jim Busenlener, Joe 

Rowe, Joe Geitner. John Deighan 

Patsy Scuttio, Copeland Kapp, Anne 

Geary, Sonya Crayton, Kim Eadie. 

Dick Miller. Wendy VVilson, Stephanie 

Smith. Tracy VMlliams, Catherine 

Baillo. Coach Jim Phemister 

' -t' 



In the anonymity of the woods beyond the 
pavillion. the W&L men's cross country team 
raced to its 8th consecutive winning season. The 
'86 harriers proved the value of teamwork as the 
top four runners, captain Ted Myers, senior Ash 
Andrews, and juniors Richard Moore and Scott 
Rippeon, ran consistently as a strong back, each 
having his chance to lead the team in at least one 
contest. This "no stars" teamwork proved effec- 
tive as the Generals compiled a 1-3-3 record, in- 
cluding a victory over Division I VCU, and losses 
to the likes of Emory (12th ranked Division III 
team in the nation), and to eventual ODAC and 
Regional Champions Roanoke College, the latter 
in a very close 2 point contest. 

After a strong regular season, the Generals 
returned to Lexington to host the ODAC cham- 

pionships. Through rain and mud, three runners, 
Rippeon, Myers, and Moore, placed in the top 
seven, (4th, .5th, and 7th respectively) earning 
All-Conference honors, only the second time that 
that many W&L runners had been so lionored in 
a single season. This was only enough to place 
the squad a respectable third, the fifth season m 
a row in which they have finished third or better 
in the conference. 

The Generals hosted the NCAA Division III 
SE Regional Meet. With snow on the ground, the 
harriers came within 4 points of (|ualifying as a 
team for Nationals, placing behind Roanoke and 
Emory for 3rd in the Region. The front runners. 
Moore, Myers, and Rippeon, ran as a pack again 
finishing within 7 seconds of each other on 3rd, 
4th. and fith, ((ualifying them for nationals, and 

along with Andrews, 11th, receiving AU-Regior; 
honors. j 

ON November 22, in Fredonia, New York, the Jj 
the most ever sent by W&L to a national cros;: 
country meet, and competed strongly, finishing; 
well ahead of 5 of regional champion Roanoke's'' 
men. I 

While ne.\t year's team will be weakened by th(| 
loss of .5 seniors; Myers, Andrews as well as Douf 
Turrell, Steve Pockrass, and Matthew Laws, the 
team can look forward to the return of Moorel 
Rippeon, along with Rick Norris and Grefl 
Casker, and also Jim Busenlener, Joe Getner, al 
of whom showed promise of aiding the W&L cros: 
country to its 8th winning season. 



"^ V-, ,4 

Ndt only (iiil tlu' .size of the women's cross 
country team increase, but so did the number of 
meets and the women's level of competition. The 
Lady Generals improved their initial record of 
last year's season of 1-.') to a .'5-5 mark. 

Incessant improvement characterized this 
year's season due to the determination of Coach 
Jim Phemister and his team members. "Each 
week we broke another school or course record," 
said I'hemister. "The runners showed a lot of 
dedication and enthusiasm. They earned my 
respect and the attention of all their opponents." 

Leadingthe team into a more advanced level of 
competition, sophomore Stephanie Smith held 
the pace as W&L's top finisher. The women's vic- 
tory over Virginia Tech, Emory and Henry, and 
Lynchburg College revealed the new team's 
ability to work together. Sophomores Copeland 
Kapp, Tracy Williams, Stephanie Smith, Kim 
Eadie, and Anne Geary grouped together with 
freshman Wendy Wilson, Catherine Baillo, Sonya 
Crayton, and Patsy Scuttio for a rewarding 
second year. 

With a 3-.") record, the Lady Generals finished 
third in the ODAC championship, and came in 
seventh our of eight teams in the N'C.A.A I »i vision 
III South-Southeast Regmnul 






A younsr but ileterniined g'roup of men put 
together another successful Wit L swinniiing sea- 
son. With the addition of several talented fresh- 
men, Adam Moriran. Sean Copeland, and David 
Olson, the men's team was able to compile a dual 
meet record of 8-1 and their first Tri-States 
Championship Crown. 

In the season opener a,s:ainst the Virginia Mili- 
tary Institute, the team produced national quali- 
fying and school record swims hv David Reavv 
^200'free). David Olson (100. 200. back). Jeff 
Bercaw (.50 free), and the 400 yd. lledley Relay of 
Olson (back). Martin Radvang (breast), Bercaw 
(butterfly), and Dave Dietz (free). The Generals 

easily defi'utcd VMI and wei'e well on their way 
to another fine year. 

After a loss on the road to Division III pow- 
erhouse Shippensburg University, they defeated 
Georgetown, Frostburg, State, Shepherd 
College, Towson State, Gettysburg, Mary Wash- 
ington, and finally William and Mary in a season 
— ending si.x point win 111-105. 

The Generals gave seniors Martin Radvany 
and Jay Reville the first place trophy from the 
Tri-States Championship meet held at Frost- 
burg State, in Maryland. The Generals won by 
over 100 points and David Reavy was honored 
with the most valuable swimmer award. 

The Generals qualified five swimmers for the 
nationals during the course of the season. The 
400 Medley relay team of Olson, Radvany, 
Bercaw. and Reavy placed 14th with a time of 
;?:.32.(;. Jav Reville was 16th in the 400 individual 
Medley w'ith a 4:12.0 and posted a 1;.58 in the 200 
I.M. David Olson placed 7th in the 200 yd. (.54..5). 
Jeff Bercaw was 8th in the -50 yd. freestyle (21.8) 
and swam a 48.8 in the 100. David Reavv went 
22.2 in the ,50 yd. free, 1:4.5 in the 200 free and 48.6 
in the 100 free. 

With a young squad that is not only deep but 
dedicated, the Generals are to have much to look 
forward to, as well as look back upon. 

^1 v^ 


Hfy.^^ -^^ 

(sitting L to R): Kathv Kermeir, Heather Logan, Beth Stelzman, Nancy Whalen. Emily Bevil, Klizalieth Miles. Debl)y 
Grove," Kathv Stroh, Karen Dash, Chris Amaroso. (kneeling L to R): Dave Hall, Jay Reville, Marty Radvany, Matt 
Bradv, Dave" Olson, Jeff Bercaw, Daron Denny, Cliff Deal, Andy Forbes, Eric Sullivan, Shawn Copeland, .\dam Morgan, 
(standing L to R): Joe Topinka. Mike Stanchina, Maury Purnell, Randall Pu'ison. T.>mmy Rawls, Stuart Sheldon, Moose 
Herring. Craig Garneau. David Reavy, Dave Dietz, Simon Perez, Coiich Rcniillanl. 

General's Scoreboard 
Men's: (8-1) 
W&L 121, VMI 84 
Shippensburj? 100, W&L 75 
W&L 68, Frostburg- 40 
W&L 65. Georgetown 43 
W&L 102, Towson State 91 
W&L 88, Sheperd 58 
W&L 117, Gettysburg- 57 
W&L 81, Mary Washington 67 
W&L 111, William and Mary 106 
Women's: (5-4) 
W&L 101, Mary Baldwin 49 
W&L 71, Sweet Briar 68 
W&L 105, Randolph-macon Women's 37 
Frostburg- 67, W&L 44 
Georgetown 60, W&L 44 
W&L 73, Sheperd 42 
Gettysburg 102, W&L 57 
Mary Washington 124. W&L 84 
W&L 72 Hollins 63 

The women started their season off 
early. Practices started in 
mid-Septemher with morning- 
practices consisting of weight 
training- at 6:30 am., and the 
afternoons consisting- of a rigorous 
swim workout from 3;30-ti:15pm. The 
divers spent their evenings under the 
direction of Coach Arnold Joyce. The 
divers practiced both at VMI and 
WiL along with members of VMI's 
diving team. 

Christmas rolled around and tlie 
Generals spent their time in 
Melbourne, Florida swimming in an 
outdoor longcourse pool. With a 
nautilus workout in the morning and 
two water workouts following, the 
Generals endured the challenge. 

The hard work paid off when the 
"swimmin' women" went on to defeat 
every team ni the ODAC — Mary 
Baldwin, Sweet Briar, Rollins, and 
Randolph - Macon Women's College. 

As she did last year, captain 
Elizabeth Miles went on to qualify for 
the division III Nationals. This year 
she qualified for the mile (1650). 

The women went on to beat Sweet 
Briar at the Tri-States in Frostburg, 
and take 4th overall with Sweet Briar 
very close behind in .oth place. Due to 
the unusual scoring of the ODAC 
championships (which are tallied at 
Tri-States) the women ended up 
behind Sweet Briar. The small 
number of members hurt the women 
here, Ijut they still walked away with 
the title of ODAC runner-up. 

Overall, it was a successful and 
rewarding season for the Generals, 
and the women have a definite future 
ahead of them. 

"' ^^i| 


I ' I 

p o c P R ^ o fli i;^ ^ 

Stan(linsr(L-R): Hea<l Coacli Wtiu- CanlR'ld, Asst. t'oai'li Grafton YdUiin. Let- Brading-. 
Karl Hanson, J Bone, Del t'lark, Harmon Harden, Lou Trosch, Robbie Spencer, Garv 
Schott, Ted Evans, Asst. Coach Dan Lyons, Trainer Beth Shutz, Stat-Girl Esther 
Huffman Kneehng (L-R) Manatrer Ted Sehieke, .Steve Hancock, Framp Harper, Fred 
Bissinjier, Manny Kkinip, .Jeff Salisbui y. Wes Koyd, (;ene Hamilton 

With all five starters returning from last years 
ODAC second place team, the 1986-87 season 
looked encouraging for the Generals. While the 
Generals did enjoy their best season since the 82- 
iS campaign, they still came up short of the 
ODAC championship which has eluded them 
since 1980. The season was full of accomplish- 
ments both on and off the floor of Warner Center. 
The team enjoyed Christmas Break touring 
Europe and when these globetrotting cagers 
weren't playing exhibition games they were en- 
joying seeing the sights of France, Belgium, West 
Germany, and Luxembourg, a rare opportunity 
for a basketball team, one that all enjoyed. 

With captains Jefferson Harralson and Fred 
Bissinger and three-year letterwinner Robbie 
Spencer leading the way the Generals posted an 
((8-6) record in the ODAC which gave them a tie 
for a third place in the league. With a respectable 
conference record, the Generals prepared to 

battle the Lynchburg Hornets, a team that 
Washington and Lee had beaten twice during the 
regular season. A team is tough to beat three 
times in a single season and Lynchburg proved 
this to be true as they eliminated Washington 
and Lee from the ODAC tournaments and ended 
the Generals season on a sour note. The Generals 
built a sizeable lead in front of the hometown 
crowd at Warner Center, but the boisterous 
partisan fans could do nothing to keep the 
Hornets from pulling an upset over the deter- 
mined Generals. 

As an overlook of the season the team made 
great strides in becoming a championship team, 
but they couldn't win the big one when they had 
to. All-Star forward Jefferson Harralson was 
quite a bright spot for the team making All- 
ODAC, ALL-South and Honorable Mention All- 
American. Robbie Spencer wreaked havoc 
among ODAC foes with his deadly bank shot that 

was praised by even the most critical sports- 
casters. Always smiling Fred Bissinger lowered 
his travels per game to be one of the best Odac 
guards. The Springfield stud swished his way to 
a rewarding offensive year while roomie Lou 
Trosch regained the West Charlotte form that 
put fear into the minds of opponents. Some other 
notable events that made the 86-87 season a 
memorable one were Gary Schott coming on 
strong in the lane and also talking. Harmon was 
barely recognizable with the short do and the 
boys from Metro-Beaufort made big con- 
tributions to the Canfield-Young-Lyons 
strategy. Emmanuel Klump of the Order set new- 
records with his three point heaves. The stat 
keeping of former All-bench Ross Singletary was 
sorely missed but with a good recruiting year the 
Generals may possibly replace his shattering 
dunks that brought the fans of Warner Center to 
their feet. 


W&L 67, Johns Hopkins 37 

Ithaca 84, W&L 82 

Hampden-Sydney 87, W&L 77 

W&L 70, Greensburo 58 

W&L 74, Lynchburg- 63 

Bridgewater 75, W&L 63 

W&L 71, Cortland 68 

W&L 85, Newport News 78 

W&L 72, Philadelphia Pharmacy 64 

UNC-Greensboro 73, W&L 61 

Roanoke 81, W&L 58 

W&L 70, Maryville 55 

W&L 80, Eastern Mennonite 60 

W&L 80, Emory University 78 

Hampden-Sydney 81, W&L 78 

W&L 82, Emory and Henry 73 

W&L 84, Lynchburg 70 

Emory and Henry 97, W&L 83 

W&L 85, Emory University 72 

W&L 72, Bridgewater 67 

Mary Washington 76, W&L 75 

Roanoke 57, W&L 51 

W&L 75, Eastern Mennonite 68 

W&L 71, Maryville 60 

Lynchburg 82, W&L 80 

All photos by MJH 



All tr-a.-k iH.tuTvs urn- t 

Sitting: Mary Ackerlv, Debbie Hurtt, Cammie Seymour Kront Row: Lee Garlove, Jonah Glick, David Martin, Scott Vates. Jim 
Starkev. SteVe Castle. Jeff Mazza, Tom Bullota, Steve hiKram, Ted ("over, f'oach Franke Back Row: John Baprwell, Coach 
Sessler. Mark Moore. Rob Lowe, Cree Russell, Rich Redfoot, Kevin McNamara, Manoh Loupassi, Mark Rol)crtS(.n, Robert 
Manson, Tvler Carr, Dana M..lden, Tim Walker, C.arh Keller, (■hr]^ W 1 

The Washing-ton and Lee wrestling team 
enjoyed another winning season under the 
direction of coach Gary Franke, compilinK a 
record of nine wins and five losses. The first 
part of the season was plagued by injuries, 
which sidelined four starters. Mark Robertsoi 
(KiT lbs.) underwent knee surgery, keeping 
him out for the entire year. Another loss was 
co-captain Jeff Mazza, ineligible because ul' ai 
underload of credits taken during the fall 
semester. The rest of the team had to pick up 
the slack for these wrestlers, and it proved In 
be a formidable task, met with considerable 

The first match was a disappointing loss to 
\'irginia Tech. After the Christmas break, 
however, the team was back to almost full 
strength and proceeded to have a fine season. 
The VVashington and Lee Invitational, the 
annual tournament which the home team has 
traditionally dominated, had to be cancelled 


il's Scoreboard 


Tech :!.•! W&L 17 

WM. ( 


WctL ;!1 

John llopkiii.s Ki 

W&L 4r. 

Luvola lit 

VV&L 4S 

Ham|i(lc'n-Sv(lnc'V <i 


non \ allev Tournament 


K 88 W&L 8 

W&L 47 

Baptist Bible 5 

W&L 125 

Muhlenberg- 21 

Scranton 82 W&L If. | 

W&L :]2 

Virti-inita State IS 

W&L 4(1 

Gallaudet 18 

Wash. & 

Jetl'. 2'J W&L 18 


)(i 2\t W&L 18 

W&L -22 

Hanipden-Sydney 2\ 

W&L 45 

Davidson 10 

due te the siK.w that blanketed Lexington. The 
final match of the season against traditional 
arch-rival Hampden-Sydney proved to be quite 
a scare, as the Geneials narrowly escaped with 
a 'l'2.-'2l victerv. W&L has never lost to the 

The Kastern regionals treated the team well 
as 177 pounder Rich Redfoot placed second 
and co-captain Steve Castle ])laced third at 118 
lieunds. Seniors Jeff Mazza and Tim Walker 
placed fourth and sixth respectively at l.i4 and 
11 'J pounds. Redfoot and Castle c|ualified for 
the NCA.\ Division III tournament as a result 
of their performances. With a iiuality nucleus 
111 Ki.ght starters returning, and a strong 
I'reshman class expected, coaches Franke and 
riianian hope once again to land the Gene-rals 
among the finest wrestling programs in the 




^^ r' 

5— «-» 

P'ront Row: Bob Berlin, Joe Ki'astel, Bill Garavente, T.J. P'innerty, John Church, t'orky Pai'kinsun, Steve Giaccobe, Bill 
Garrett Second Row: Chris Coffland, Mike Jones, Ros'er Reynolds, Sandy Harrison, Pete Smith, Robbie Stanton, Paul 
Burke Third Row: Eric Kallen, Frank Sands, Joi-ge Urquio, Joe Caccamo, John Ware, Neill Redfern Fourth Row: .Iini 
Jones. Chris Mastrogiovanni, Dan Walsh, Chris Kennedy, Dave Gildea, Carlos Millan, Beaubie Gillespie Fifth Row: Tom 
Bane (equip, mgr.), Reid Campliell, Mike \unan, Chris Giblin, Russel Wilkerson, Jim Foley (Mgr.) Last Row: ('oach 
Corrigan. Coach Pilat, Coach Daly. <'oach Derringer, Coach Culleii (The Major) 

The 1987 Washington and Lee lacrosse team 
completed its finest season since 1980, 
compiling an 11-4 record and a final four 
appearance in the division III playoffs. That 
move to D-III proved instrumental in 
revitalizing a once proud program forced to 
compete against scholarship-laden teams. 
Xational ranking, renewed campus and aluiiiiii 
interest and superior crowd support were all 
the results of this success. 

The season began Jan. 5, with team 
members oi'ganizing for the dreaded off-season 
running programs. It was there that coach 
Daly first outlined his objectives, "that we be 
a class grrjup of people, committed to playing 
for a class program." Pre-season was 
highlighted by the team's trip to Florida, a 
welcome break from snowbound Lexington. 
Culminating with scrimmage at the Mount 
Washington Club, the team promised that 
youth would be served, as fi-eshmen Reid 
Campbell, Carlos Millan and Jim Jones all 
turned in exceptional performances. Many 
alumni marveled at how hungry this young 
team seemed in their debut. It was a hunger 
that would sustain them throughout the 

season. After having suffered through three 
losing: seasons, this group of seniors, led by 
captains John Church and T.J. F'innerty, were 
determined to make the move to D-III a 
successful one. 

Opening a day late, on March 1st at the 
famed Glen Maurie Park in B.V. against UVA. 
the Generals once again came up short, 
despite Robbie Stanton's four goals and the 
home field advantage. The foui'fh quarter 
proved to bi' the dei'iding factor, despite the 
fantastic goalteiiding of Church. 10 wins later. 
however, the Generals were perched atop the 
D-III rankings, while Virginia foundered. John 
Ware and Neill Redfern had combined for 
nearly IMO points and were terrorizing 
opposing defenses. Both only sophomores, they 
typified the team's youthful spirit and 

W&L rebounded from their opening loss with 
a P^ancy Dress triumph over ODAC rival 
Lynchburg. After having only led .'>-4 at 
half-time, the Generals destroyed the hornets 
in the second half of the game, with a final 
l(i-(). Next came highly ranked Ohio Wesleyan, 
who at this point m the season were no match 

for the speed and quickness of the Generals. 
Having controlled the ball for much of the first 
period, yet only managing a 1-1 tie, a tired 
OWU team succumbed to the onslaught of W it 
L's defense and the offensive prowess of 
Redfern. The team coasted to a surprisingly 
easy 12-8 victory. W&L then rolled over an 
overmatched Swarthmore team that following 
Saturday, 18-2, as Bill Garavente tallied a hat 

The next phase of the season would prove to 
be the test, as the team would play six games 
in the span of 13 days. After having escaped 
with a l.'J-9 victor.v over a fired-up Notre Dame 
squad, the Generals traveled to Gettysburg to 
play what Coach Daly termed a "big, big 
game." Taking what they had leained from 
their mid-week scare, they destroyed their 
northern foe by a commanding 20-11). Senior 
defenseman Bob Berlin tallied one of those 20 
from behind the midline, past a confused 
Gettysburg ride and won him a .game ball. 
Crosstown rivial V'.M.L also proved a 
formidable opponent, and it took almost all of 
John Ware's recordbreaking 1." points to 
subdue the Keydets. A five goal fourth period 








HI. \'ii-Kini;i 10 

Iti, LytK-lil)nrK () 

lli Ohio VVesleyiui S 

IS Swarthmoie '2 

\:i Notre Dame i) 

20 (Jettvshurs-^- 10 

ir. v.M.i. 10 

l(i Ratuioiph-Mai'on 1 li 
L'O DaitnioLith 
i;; Middlehury T. 
1() Hampdeii-Svdiu'v 
;» Wasiiiiiu-toii ('olleKc 1.; 
14 Roanoke IT) 
1!» Roanoke 11 
Weslevan 17 W&L 4 

st'ali'ii the- victdiy at I:'i-1H. ODAC Inc 
Randolph-Macon proviik'd the next opiiosition 
for the tired Generals. .Although victorious at 
16-12. Dal.v called this a "most dissatisfying- 
win." W&L needed a lift. 

That lift would be provided by none other 
than T.J. Finnerty, co-captain, four year 
starter, the heart and soul of this team. He 
was all over, the field against Dartnuiuth m 
the Generals' next game, tallying two goals 
and owning every ground ball that was 
anywhere near him. The final score stood at 
L'(i-:i. and the Generals were surging. 
Miiiiilebury made their April fool's day 
appeaiance in Lexington, but noliody was 
laughing. W&L disposed of their second New 
England foe in as many games. l.'l-."i and 
calmed coach Daly, who had coached theri> 
early in his career and was intent on showing 
them just how good his team was. Middlehury 
had boasted a #9 USILA rankuig and the best 
goahe in New England, but they weic ni> 

Spring break brought lain but certainly no 
blues for the Generals as they took their'show 
on the road against Hampdeii-.Svdnev in 
Farniville on April 1«. .A close first half was 
blown wide open as face-off man 
extraordinaire, Sandy Harrison dipiiiinateil on 
the X and pumped in three goals to lead his 
team to a wet but commanding victory over 
the Tigers. ItM!. .\lso credit the Generals 
defense, which quietly shut down any 

St'iiiMaiUf i>r oftViisf 11 S(.' tnrd t.. imistri in 
thf sei.-i>ii(l half, allowiiiu- imlv unv linal. 
Ranked #1. thr CfiuTal's had iiowhcic to ,i;n 
but (town, fallini;- to I'ciurth rankiMl \Vashiiiut..T 
Collfyv tlu' ri.llmvinK wfek. V2A) af'tiM- havinu 
traiU'ii S-1. 'Phv season finale against Koanoki 
now hail nuiih yi-eater plavoff inii)lications. 
What may ha\<''heen ti'i'med a "laekluster 
perfoiniaiue" pfovided the most exeit inu' liam 
lihiyed ..n Wdson Ku'ld that season. The 
(.ieiu'iais onee auain fell behind early, and 
trailed S- ! at half. The teams traded 
could onlv net withui TJ-H after thr<'e peiiods 
Down 11-111. the final l:4'.l c]f regulation play 
can hardly be called lackluster, as John Ware 
Neill Reiliern and finally Robbie Stant.m 
peppered the Roanoke net to tie the n-ame. 
."-^even seconds into the second overtime. 
lii>\vever. the cheers went silent, and Koanok 

The followmn' Wednesday's IK-ll sjiankinu ■ 
the Maroons in the first round of the D-ll' 
playoffs could not have been a sweeter victory 
It is one that this team would like to be 
remembered for. The return of Reid Campbell 
on defense was vital, as was the stellar 
.goaltendinK of Church. Peter Smith, unsung- 
creaseman, came off the bench to score five 
goals. The (ieneral's final effort on Wi 
Field proved to be their finest. To explain a 
17-4 loss of OWU in Ohio would be im|iossibl 
A successful season, an unfortunate ending' 

V-, ^iX'M.< 


>^M?^'" r .^- ' ''':f^W^*:.«Ol*^ 


t), .1/ , f I nil . i. ▼ 



Front Row: Coach Joff Stickley, Max Petzold, Chris Talley. Milam Turner, Bill Schoettelkotte, Bill Curtiss, Adam Yanez, David 
Howard Second Row: Coach McKeon, Tom Skeen, Carter Steuart, Chris Cunningham, David Holland, Carmen Clement Mike 
Temple. Eric Acra Third Row: Coach Mack, Todd Bishop, .John Durant, Sean Connellv, Brian Root, Ted Water.s, Bobhv 
Rimmer, Eddie Klank Back Row: Tom Bane {Ei|uip. .Mur.l, Richaid Crace, Maitv .lone.'i. Harrv Halpert, P'rank Kellner 

Washingrton and Lee's baseball program 
suffered through another disappointing season 
in ly.ST. compiling a final record of (i-KJ. One of 
the major problems was an injury to top 
pitcher and solid hitting senior Bill 
Schoettelkotte. who suffered a broken foot just 
five games into the season. First year head 
coach Jeff Stickley had hoped to instill the 
Generals with the fundamentals that win 
baseball games, pitching and defense, and was 
satisfied with the teams performance during 
their February trip in Florida. Two early 
season three-game losing streaks damaged any 
hopes that the Generals had of mounting a 
threat to capture the ODAC title. 

The season began with a double-header sjjlit 
against VV'. Virginia Tech. A ninth inning 
passed ball cost them the opener l!-l. but the 
team rebounded and destroyed their 
opponents in the second game 12-1. The 
Generals then dropped three games in a row. 

losing .5-4 to Christopher Newport and 3-2 to 
Loch Haven. Heading into the thick of it's 
ODAC schedule, the Generals could never 
mount any substantial offensive threat, save 
for a whitewashing of Eastern Mennonite, 
21-8. In the words of coach Stickley, "we seem 
to be facing every team's number one pitcher," 
which can be translated into a double-header 
loss at the hands of Randolph-Macon in 
Ashland a devastating 19-1 drubbing by 
high-powered Lynchburg. That week was 
capped off by a split against Emory and 
Henry. The loss of .Shoettelkotte was more and 
more evident as the Generals were forced to 
use a limited pitching rotation, anchored by 
Carter .Steu;irt and Ei'ica Acra and rounded 
out by ine.xperienced sophomores Richaiil 
(irace and Chris Cunningham. 

After cramming so many important leagut' 
games into such a short period, the team took 
a l.'{-day bi-eak, taking on Radford following- 

exams, splitting yet another double-header. 
Another week of ODAC games once again 
treated the Generals harshly, as they lost l.~i-7 
at Lynchburg and split that weekend to 
Maryville. Both Maryville games went onto 
extra innings, and proved that despite a 
season of adversity the Generals had not lost 
their desire to win. Pacing the team to this 
point in the schedule were the ever consistent 
Harry Halpert and power-hitting senior Chris 
Talley. Combined with the dynamic pitching 
efforts of Steuart, the team headed into the 
homestretch of the season. The Generals 
dropped their last five games in a row, as 
errors and frustration told the tale, and an 
extra-inning loss to Eastern Mennonite was 
callcci "the hardest of the season" by Coach 
Stickley. Bridgewater ended W&L's season in 
the league tournament by a score of 7-4. 

(K'neral's Scoreboard 

W. Virginia Tecli 'Z W&L 1 

VV&l. \'Z W. ViiKinia Tccli 1 

Lock Havi-n StaU- :', W&L 2 

ChristopluT Newport (> W&L i 

liridji-ewater 10 W&L :', 

W&L 21 Eastern Mcniionite S 

Ran(i<jlph-Macon 12 W&L 1 

Randolph-Macon H W&L (i 

LynchhurK 1» W&L 2 

W&L 4 Kmory & Henry 1 

Kmorv & Henry 4 W&l". 2 

W&L 4 Radford 2 

Radfoi-d 4 W&L 

Lynchburg- 15 W&L 7 

W&L 7 Maryville 4 

Maryville S W&L 7 

W&L 5 Hampden-Sydney 4 

Hanipden-Svdney 2 W&L 

Eastern Me'nnonite 12 W& L 11 

Hrid^ewater 14 W&L 1 

HridKewater 7 W&L 4 (ODAC 


V.M.L 12 W&L 2 





Fi-iuu ti> back, left to rigrht; Kevin WVaver, Andy 
Wliite.Toni Murrav, Richard Mooiv. Asli Amircs, 
Douff Turrell. itet Bevin, Steve I'ockrass, 
Brandt Wood, Andrew Bouie. Jolm Wliite. Scott 
Rippeon. Joe Fisher. Jamie I'rso. Lee Fleming. 
Dave Scheinbersr. Scott WilHams, Rob Wilhani- 
son. Ted Myers. Steve Georsre. Coach Norris 
Aldridire. Jim Ambrossini. Fray McCormick. 
Brian Tanis, Xorman Siiiler. (Jlen I.enion. 

For the W&L track and field team. I'JST proved 
to be the year of the Generals. The thin clads 
captured their fourth consecutive indoor title 
and ran away with the ODAC outdoor meet. 

On the last day of February, W&L won the in- 
door championships by 48 points. Junior Andy 
White was selected indoor Runner-of-the-Year 
and Coach Norris Aldridge was named Indoor 
Coach-of-the-Year. Along- with White's victory in 
the .5.5-meter hurdles and his blazing leg on W & 
L's 400-meter relay. Senior Tom Murray set a 
conference and school record in the shot put with 
a heave of 50 feet, 12 inch. There were additional 
victories from senior John Burlingame in the 
long jump, and the •3200-meter relay team of Ted 
Myers. Jamie Urso, John WTiite, and Brandt 

On FD Weekend, a fewtracksters made the trip 
to VMI again for the Va. State Division II and III 
Indoor meet. Richard Moore ran to victory in the 
3000-meter event setting a state meet and school 
record in the process. Tom Murray also won the 

However, the successful indoor season proved 

to only be a preview of what was to come. The 
Generals started their fourth undefeated season 
by defeating Roanoke on the cinilers of Wilson 
Field. W&L won 11 of the 17 events and took most 
of the seconds and thirds. John Wliite led the 
team in the triple jump and the 400-nieters while 
his brother Andy won the 110-meters high 
hurdles and the 40b-meter intermediate hurdles. 

The speedsters then traveled to a meet with 
Bridge water. Eastern niennonite, and 
Heidelberg college. W&L tri-captains Andy 
Wliite. Murray, and Moore led the attack with 
victories in their individual events. Murray won 
the shot. White took the hurdle event, while 
Moore unlea.shed his trademark kick to pull 
awav from the opposition in both the 1500 and 
the .5000. 

The next Saturday at the Hampton Institute, 
W&L won the shot put, the discus and the pole 
vault relays. 

W&L won its 27th straight meet in 4 years at 
Wilson Field. The Generals hurried Newport 
News and Eastern niennonite with 11.3 points. 
Andy White again had a double victory in both 
hurdle events for the third time this year. W&L 
won 12 out of the 17 events. 

The Saturday before exams, W&L made the 
trek to Mary Washington where Rich Moore 
kicked past runners from Mary Washington, 
Frostburg State, VCU, and the University of 
Richmond in the last lap to win the 5000-meter 
race. Matt Stcilberg also had an outstanding 
day, winning the pole vault. 

After the exams a few thinclads went to the Va. 
Division II and III State Outdoor Champion- 
ships. Murray placed third in the shot while Rich 
Mcjore was edged out at the tape to take second in 
the 1500 meters and Jamie Urso placed third in 
the HOO-meters. 

The Catholic Invitational on the following 
weekend was the only disappointment of the 
entire season. Premier sprinter Wes Boyd false 
started in the lOO-meters and hurdler Andy 
White had hamstring prolilems that forced him to 
drop out of the high hurdk's finals. However, Joe 
Fischer had a great day at the vault pit, going 13 
ft. to win the meet ami set a personal record. 
Murray add Moore each placed second in the shot 
put and 5000-nieter respectively. 

On April 2(5, W&L returned to Bridgewater for 
the ODAC Outdoor Track and Field Cham- 
pionship. Despite cold and wet weather, the 
Generals rose to the occasion, winning 9 of the 17 
events. Coach Aldridge was named Coach-of-the- 
Year for the outdoor season, and Andy Wliite 
earned Runner-of-the-Year honors again for yet 
another double victory in both hurdle events, 
Wes Boyd also won the 100-meter and 200-meter 
races at the meet earned the Ring Tum Phi 
Athlete-of-the-Week award. Tom Murray set yet 
another conference record with his throw of 49 
feet in the shot put that bested the mark set by 
former W&L coach Joe Freeland. 

Other winners included Fray McCormick in 
the high jump, John Carter in the pole vault, 
Rich Moore in the 1500-meter, 1600-meter relay 
teaiiiof Andy Wliite, Boyd, Urso, and John Wliite. 

The team will miss the valuable contributions 
of many seniors, including Murray, Larder, 
Burlingame. 5-time confi'ience i hampion Kevin 
Weaver, distance runners .Ash .\ndrews, Steven 
Pockress and Tom Boyd, 19S5 ODAC indoor and 
1986 outdoor pole vault champion Matt 
Steinberg. However, with a proven corps of 
athletes, the return of freshman pole vault sen- 
sation Phillip Sampson, and the influx of many 
new recruits. Ring Tum I'hi Coach of the Year 
Norris Aldridge has nothing to worry about. 


David McLeod, Coach Garv Franke, Robert 
Haley. Chris Wiman. Billy Tunner. Matt 
Ormiston. John Morris. Roby Mize, Mike Meares. 
John Sutterland. John McDonough, Bobby 
Mathews. Asst. Coach John Winfrey, Jeff Burton 

After a second place finish in 1986 and Division 
III team championships, it appeared as if 1987 
would be the year for the W&L men's tennis 
team. Four starters returned from last year's 
team, leaving two crucial spots open for 1987. 
Sophomore transfer Robert Haley stepped in to 
fill the number one position, and highly touted 
freshman John Morris filled the sixth spot 
completing what head coach Gary Franke would 
call his "best team ever." 

Ranked second in the nation by the pre-season 
coaches' poll, the netters faced a tough schedule 
that included 11 Division I opponents. The 
Generals gave an indication of just how solid 
they were with an opening 6-.'5 victory over James 
Madison, a division I school that had never lost to 

The Generals opened their home season with 
another win over Division II Millersville. The 
singles lineup continued to produce, winning five 
of six matches, but it was the doubles that 
seemed to be the Generals strong point. In the 
win over Millersville. the team of McLeod- 
Matthews. Haley-Mize. and Wiman-Morris re- 
corded their second straight sweep. 

The netters hit a stumbling block in their third 
match of the season, a 7-2 loss against Div. I VA 
Tech on fast indoor court, a match that was much 
closer than the score indicates. 

After a convincing thrashing of Division II 
Slippery Rock, the Generals proved they were 
capable of playing anyone in a .5-4 win over Divi- 
sion I Davidson. In one of the biggest wins of the 
season, Mize, Wiman, and Morris all got hard- 
fought single wins, and the doubles team of 
McLeod-Matthes and Wiman-Morris clinched 
the victory. 

Highly-ranked Division I Furman proved a bit 
strong for the Generals, humbling them by a 7-2 
score. However, the loss provided a catalyst for 
the Generals, propelling them on a nine match 
winning streak that saw W&L knock off five Divi- 
sion II, one Division II, and three Division I 

Included in the stretch was an important win 
over state rival William and Mary, and crucial 
victoi'ies in a weekend set over the two highly- 
ranked Division III programs Emory and 
Swarthmore. The Generals crushed No. .5 ranked 
Emory, 8-1, then duplicated their performance 
with an 8-1 decision over No. 3 ranked Little 
Quackers of Swarthmore. Haley, Matthes, 
McLeod, and Wiman were undefeated in the twcj 
matches, winning all their singles and doubles. 
The strong weekend firmly entrenched W&L as 
one of the top three teams in the nation. 

The Generals followed their two big wins with 
consecutive 9-0 victories over Virginia Military 
and Hampden-Sydney before taking time off for 

After exams, the Generals embarked on their 
annual spring trip for five grueling matches in 
the Florida sun. The southern swing was a win- 
ning one. as the netters took three of five con- 

Ic'sts. (Idvvriinn- DivisHin 1 StctsDii. Division 11 Si. 
Lcii's. and a InKlily-ranked NAIA Irani, North 
Florida. Hut tlie week wa.s .somewhat dis- 
apixiinlintr lor the Generals after two heart- 
hreakinK losses to No. 2 ranked Division II 
Rcdinis. and No. i ranked NAIA Klasrler. Both 
nialehes were decuU'd by close three-si-Uers that 
would have ehan^ed the outcome of the match. 
There were hrisht spots, however, as .lohn 
Morris went undefeated for the week in both 
sing-les and doubles, as did the doubles team of 
McLeod-Matthews, runninK their record to 17-1. 

Back home in Lexington, the (ienerals warmed 
up for the ODAC with a 9-0 decision over Chris- 
topher Newport and an 8-1 decision over Division 
III .Averet. .M the end of the Generals's regular 
season dual matches, their record stands at 1(1-4. 

In 19X7 the (Jenerals finally attained a Roal 
t bat had eluded them for two years — a sweep of 
the ODAC; Championships. All si.\ sinsles crowns 
are taken by the Generals as well as all three 
doubles flights, an impressive feat considering 
the absence of No. 2 Matthews, who was injured 
on the Florida trip. Freshman Matt Ormiston 
filled in spk^ndidly for Matthews, capturing the 
si.xth singU's flight ami teaming up with McLeod 
for a win at No. 1 doubles. 

At Nationals the Generals earn in the finals the 
chance to play No. 1 ranked Kalamazoo by beating 
Koschester University in the first round, 7-2, and 
pulling a !i-i decision over a young, highly- 
regarded University of California at Santa Cruz 
squad in the semifinals match. But in the finals 
the Generals' dream of capturing W&L's first na- 
I iiirial championship once again fell short at the 
hands of the Kalamazoo Hornets. The Generals 
lose three singles matches in the final set of each 
by a difference of a couple of points and the 
championship goes to Kalamazoo for a second 
straight year with their 6-3 victory. 

Despite the disappointment of the team 
championships the individual tournament 
proved to be a huge success, with three W&L 
players being named AU-American. Robert 
Haley earned All-Ameriican honors as he ad- 
vanced to a quarter-final round of singles before 
bowing out to the eventual champion. Sopho- 
more Bobby Matthews, who did not lose a match 
during the team competition, was named AU- 
American in both singles, in which he was a quar- 
ter finalist, and doubles, advancing to the semi- 
final round with AU-American partner David 

With five returning starters, it looks as if 1988 
will finally bring W&L a national championship 
tennis team. 

jlfc:«yj>, •vj'iii 



^ V ;' 

•'•*■ . -.«^ 

' -AT 

Front Row: Cathfrini' Council, 
Curc.l Cciuc-h, Sarah Allen, 
Launc Matson, Ali'xa Salzinan. 
.Iodic .lackson, Copeland Kapp, 
Mary Aluc McMorrow, Betsy 
Ves^o Second Kow: Laura 
('arty, ( 'atheiinc Baillo, Kris 
Amoroso, Courtney Simmons, 
Carrie .lennniK's. M.H. WTiibbs, 
Tracy Williams, Stephanie 
Smith, Elanor Nelson Back 
Kow: Dennis Thompson, Camille 
Travis, Betsy Parkins, Holly 
(ioodini;. Wendy Wilson, Ann 
Larfje, Amy Balfour, Catherine 
Cliristiaii, Cathy Boardman, Liz 
Smith, Coach Kolf T'irianian 



Front Row; Kevin Hunt. Petf Coleman, 

John Fever. Mark, Chip Gist, ,John 

Gammage Back Row: Tucker Alford. Jeff 

Copet. Robbie Burch, Tom Wing-field. Ted 

Fox. Tom Hamilton, Coach Leslie 

All |.ll"t,,s ),y WI'H 


E.G. Li'.slif I'itchiiiK .Vward 

Captain.s & Coaclu's Basi'l.all Tn.pliy 

Tommy Baker BattiiiK Award 

Captain Dick Smith Baseliall .Award 

W&L Basketball Award 

Coache.s and Captain.s Basketliall Award 

Alumni Basketliall Award 

LeiKh Williams Memorial Basketliall Award 

Forest Fletcher Cross Country Trophy 

Captains & Coaches Cross Country Trophy 

C.J. Harrinton Memorail Football Award 

Clovis Moomaw Football Award 

Dan Ray Jusutice Memorial Football Award 

Lee McLau>rhlin Football Award 

Felix Smart Memorial Golf Award 

Cy Twombly Most Improved Golfer Award 

T.W. Martin Memorial Lacrosse Award 

Wheelwright Memorial Lacrosse Award 

Jay Stull Memorial Lacross Award 

C.W. Pacy, Jr. Memorial Lacrosse Award 

Jim Trundle Soccer Trophy 

Coaches & Captains Soccer Trophy 

D.D. Redman Defensive Soccer Award 

R.G. Lathrop Offensive Soccei- Award 

Memorial Swimming Award 

William J. Stearns Improved Swimmer 

Twombly-Eastman Swiniminfr Trophy 

Memorial Tennis Cup 

Washburn Outstandinn Freshman Tennis Award 

Forest Fletcher Track & Field Trophy 

Memorial Track & Field Trophy 

Coaches & Captains Track & Field Trophy 

Burt Haaland Outstanding Offensive Water Folo V\v 

Outstanding Defensive Water Polo Player 

D.C. Montgomery Memorial Captains & Coaches Frt 

A.E. Mathis War Memorial Wrestling Trophy 
I J.C. Peebles Memorial Wrestling Award 
I Captains & Coaches Cross Country Award 

Outstanding Women's Soccer .Award 

Coaches & Captains Swimming .Award 

Outstanding Women's Swimming Award 

Coaches Tennis Award 

R.E. "Chub" Yeakel Service Award 

J.L. "Lefty" Newell Memorial Award 
. Outstanding Freshman Athlete (Male) 

Outstanding Freshman Athlete (Female) 
; Scholar-Athlete Award 

P.R. Brown Most Valuable Athlete 

Wink Gla-sgow Spirit & Sportsmanship .Award 

Overall Intramural Champions 

John S. Beagle I-M Athletic Directors Award 

shniaii Wiestling Trojihy 

Carter .\1. Stewart 'SN 
Minor C. Talley '«7 
Charles T. Skeen 'Hit 
Carter M. Stewart '«« 
Frederick J. Bissinger 'S^7 
Steven M. Hancock '88 
Jefferson L. Harralson '87 
Jefferson L. Harralson '87 
Edward N. Myers '87 
David A. Andrew '87 
Joseph B. Krastel '87 
Robert E. Wilson, Jr. '87 
Randall S. Brown '87 
Robert M. Drake '88 
John C. Ganimage, Jr. '88 
Peter J. Coleman, Jr. '89 
Timothy J. Finnerty, '87 
John H. Chuch '87 
Robert 0. Berlin '87 
Reid T. Campbell '!»0 
John P. Coll III '88 
Thomas H. Pee '87 
Scott J. Levitt "90 
George P. Brown '90 
David J. Reavy '89 
Stewart H. Sheldon '89 
Darrin Denny '88 
Robert E. Matthews '89 
John T. Morris '90 
Andrew W. Wliite '88 
Richard B. Moore '88 
Thomas R. Murray 111 '87 
David J. Reavy '89 
Kevin W. Lederer '87 
Lee K. Garlove '90 
Jeffery P. Mazza '87 
Steven R. Castle '88 
Stephanie L. Smith '89 
Sarah T. Allen '90 
Nancy K. Whalen '90 
Elizabeth S. Miles '90 
Sydney E. Marthinson '87 
Charles F. "Bob" Murray 
Esther F. Huffman '89 
George W. Boyd '90 
Sarah T. Allen '90 
Jonathan L. Thornton '87 
Kevin W. Weaver '87 
Joseph B. Krastel '87 
Phi Delta Theta 
George M, Loupassi '89 




Micheal Shannon Friedman, James Hodge Godfrey, C^hristopher .Sheilds Lynch, .Juhus ('. Peter Winl'ield. .Jr., Bryan Andrew Farreh, Patrick Hugh 
Burgdorff, Robert Parks Vrooman, Jr. 

Thonuis Ignatius Hayes II George Adam Berber II, Chnstuphei- Allred Heely, Th„mas (;„ni„n Knight. .I,.hn David Fevrer. Timothy Gerard 
McMahon, Frank Marion Rembert III ' ■ 

George Nicholas Boras, William Robert Greer, Jr., Daniel Edward 
Groff, Thomas Eugene Maurer, Steven Robert Doran, Jefferey Paul 

Donna dc Hontt 

Christopher Lacy Willard. '89. Mark Huntington Whiteford, Timothy Joseph Finnerty, Finster, Steven Joseph Giacobbe, James Curtis 
Foley, Thomas Battle Peters, Edwin Woodrow Parkinson III, John Marshall Burlingame, John Hannersly Church 


"* ' • ^^.; '"^^^^r: 

Robert B. Jones, William Hildebrandt Sursner, Jr. 

■-- "l-r-i^ 

m .1 




7 ^ 

Christopher John Lederer, Kevin Ward Lederer 




!i f f 

' 1, 

^ •SB? 

■ y 

Charles G. Nusbauiii, .Ii'. 


Mark Stuart Herman, Tyler Skipwith Carr, William Ashci- Hrowri, .loliri (; 
Petzold '89, Michael Patrick Beatty 

illc.wav Mitrhcll, KulKinl .la 

I'icrcc, Kurt Heinrich Cieslei-. Max W. 

Ml. ii.i, 1 [■..\,r,{ M, AlhsUT. Carv I'hilli]) Appel, Vinot'iit S. Lamanna, Thomas Robert Munav, HI, Paul Thomas Ahl.mi, liulHit Alk-n Vit-nneau, 
James I-'iaiKis Kelly, Chnstoplu-r Michai'l Sherlock 




Judith Masters Ringland, Valerie Ann Kochey 

v/T •■, -'o 

Alejandro Lopez-Duke, Joseph Emanuel Aronhnne 

Front Row: William Reade Harbison, Mioharl Firlcis Morris, William Barritt Gilbert, Kevin Tyler Anderson. Second Row: Thomas Howard Pee. 
Bruce Alan Reed. Robert Lee Fitts, John P.andolph Carder, Back Row: Michael Edward McGarr.v, Madison Graham Loomis. Richard Eugene Lad. 
William Wallace Schoettelkotte 

•John P. Riordan, E. Wagner, VMl '88. J. King, VMl '88, Andrew Nicholas Hart, '88 


♦ ♦ V 



Christopher Edward Bieck. Gary H. ( aiupln-ll. 88, Powell Hamilton Srinth 

Ronn W. Mercer '88, James Anthonv Augustus, Everett Ernest Hamilton, .Jr., Carlton Simons, Jr., James 
Baxter Sharp '88 

7 ^^Hit^y, W'iJ^d^r 



Charles David Dickey, Andrew Mark Reinbach, Harry Clifton 
Gottwals, Cooper Nicholson Park 

Timothy Joseph P^inncrty, James Curtiss Foley, John Leslie Brownlee 

SanuK'l I'ruitt Sinipsun. \'. Andrew Cibson McUcmald, 'SS, Dennis Claien^ 
Samuel. Jr., Bruce Douftlas I'artinirton. .leffery .Alan Cnhen 

.James Carrett Tucker. Charles Louis Davis. IV 

Sharla Dawn Woolen. Robert Zachary 

David Wavne Howard. Allan R. Dick 

Nata McGuire, Ronald Lee Curry 11, Andrea .I.iIiti TartoKlione. William K. Thornton. 'SS 

Hi-nry Bt'niani Crot-nberK, .Ir., William Mihiiii Tuiiut 111, Koby Dan Mize, John Marshall BurlinKainr, .laiiii'S Buykin Shjaii. .Ii., Kcibcrt 
E. Matthews. 'SH 

Christopher John Lederer, William Lawrence Curtiss, William Alexander Carrett II. James Hodpc Godfrey. Jr.. Christopher Shields 


Ronn W. Mercer, '88, Carlton Simon.s, Jr., James Baxter Sharp, '88, 
James Anthony Au^stus 

Craig Thomas Monroe, Gregory Edward Turley 

Thomas J. Keating V, Robert Henry ToUeson, Jr 

Paul James Vail, Paul Earl Giles, Stephen Truxton Sears, 'HX. GruK W. Kettles, 

Randolph Irving Baptiste, The Reverend Jesse Jackson, Ronald Alwin Wilhelrnsen 

Charles Grant McCellan Groh, Michael Darryl Carter. Paul Gerard Schli 


John M. (JorUiwski. •^;(; Jeffery Scott Mandak, John D. Maxwell, 'S'.) 

l)a\id Ashley Andrew 

'f:A^{j w^^ 

Christopher R. Gareis, Peter Eric Van Son 

Horace Baltzer LeJeune, Gerard Roth Kehoe II 


Amirt'W MfCampbell Citison, Robert Hi-nry Tiilleson. Jr. 

Thomas Howard Fee. Donald Leavitt McCoy 




^{ j 




John Gilbert Koedel III. John Micheal Scannapieco, John Christopher Spelhiian, Andrew Rolhn.s Caruthers 
Craig Allen Matzdorf. Richard Gerardleary 

Mary Copeland Kapp. 'XT, Kathleen Alda n.mi.', II.hIi l,,a lii'ad, 'S? 

John Edward Atkins, Christopher Boyd Bowrinp, Matthew Judt' Waterbury 

P.N. Smith, Francis Augustine O'Reilly III 

Steven F. Kendall, Steven Worth Morris 

Kenneth Edward Randhy. .loscpli Williamson Luter IV, David Daniian Seifcil. .lohn Haniersly Church 


William ItcP'nist Thompson, Timothy Maze 
Hartley, Glen Franklin Koontz, Jeffrey 
Eugene Jones, Daniel Jeffrey Fetterman, Scott 
John Fitz)?erald, James Noe Lucas Humphreys 
Powel Murry Leitch (all '87 Law, W&L seven 

Frederick Jerome Bisse 
Joseph Benedict Krastel 
Law, Robert Quinn Berlin 

ci i\', ■„..,• l,,hn C-illow-iv Mitchell 111, Christopher Hrinker Saxman, 

"^^^rl^ol^^er :lM-o;V^mr'S.:';;l;hn Vve^:^ R:^1, •««. Thomas RLymond Mack, 'S. 

Bradley Brian Newsome. John Cullen Poulton. Robert Jackson Kelly, Jac-land Frank ReVille, Jr. 
John Michael Oliver. Julius Walker McKay, Jr. 

Andrew Jon Bouie, Steven Robert Dcjran. Robert Allen Vienneau. Christopher Richards Carter. Charles Willinp Browne. IV 

John Baker Gentry, Jr., '88, Thomas M. Donahi Jr., '88, William AuU Leitnti III s » Inhn Ki « sr Lanit'i, Jr.. '88, E. Wright Lodlx'ttt 

Anthony Cella, Raymond Maxwell McGrew, Edffar Lloyd Willcox, Matthew fehc.d..., Li y.i.-., Bwidl.ird L. Watkins, '88 

Mark L. Farley. '88, Lief Leiland, '88, James Marshall Hoswell, '88, Mark Trainer, Rieliard B. Moore. '88 

Gerard Biedronski, Vincent S. Lamana, James Francis Kelly, Michael Robert McAllister, (.'hristopher Michael Sherlock, Stewart M. 
Funkhauser, Gary Philip Appel, Thomas Robert Murray III, Jim Ambrosini, '89 

Charles Joseph Kettler 111, Tlioi.ias VVerth ThaKar.i 111. (iilliert Russell Ladd 
IV, Clement Clay Torbert, 1 1 1 

Cooper Crouch Crawford, Matthew Thurlow Laws, Kevin Tyler Anderson, Nathaniel Turner Simkins, William Barritt Gilbert 

Scott llyunhae .lunj;. .lames Carrett Tucker-. Mattliew Ray 

Thomas John Brinkman, II 

Shayam Kumar Menon. Thomas James Keating- V. Marshall Moore Eubanks, James Gregory Barrow 

; «>i! h-^'sT- i i/^^f '»il:- ^^\ f<^^i^K\^\ 

f ^^A^X 


Bryan "Itch" Chaffe, '!)(), Louise Bouldin, Joseph Jefferis, Tracv Bacigalupo, 'S7L, Marciuis Smith, 
Alice Hedenbender, ('lint Fisher, Caly Snnth, Brian Fauan, 'SS, Ted Myers, 'SS, Tina, Myron P. Neal 

rrtf tlv 

James Bradley Preston. Paul Thomas Abliutt. J.ihii Yates Benfurd. Eric Ralph Turner 

Mierwhaan Manan 

Wilber Clinton Fisher III, Mark Bethold Hurdle 

William R. Lasseigne, '89, Julius Walker McKay 

^-> -<* » 

■ ^ ^ **» -aS^ "H^^tt.. 

Alan Scott Alford 

Grayson Paigpe Wingert, Frank Warner, III 

Adam Ramon Yanez, Grayson PaiKf VVinKert 

Gregory Lawrence Andrus 


Glynn Murray Alexander, Jr., William Wallace Schoettelkotte, John Leece Roberts, Bruce Alan Reed, Madison Graham Loomi 

Andrew McCampbell Gibson, Robert Toild Lalrauuc. John p:(lwanl Atkins, John L.'slie BrowtiU 


.lames Frederick Owen, Thcmias .Jurilcii Boyd. VV.H. I' 
Cliristian Kalitka 

lII, K. Lee Klliott. Simula Chi Clief, .Ichii 

William Francis L.V(ins. David Nevins Barnes, Louis Theodore 

William Everett Esham, Peter Eric Van Son 

Jefferv Laurence Marks. James Aristide Holmes 

Samuel John Foley IV. .John Francis Pensec 

RobiTt EuRone Wilson, Scott Joseph Hfiidi'i'son, Ramlall Su-vi-ii Brown 

Timothy Joseph Finnerty, Steven Joseph Giacobbe, liulianl Uiltcjn Hurley 



''■*^ ^ 




* Vi 


► ♦ 



'*• -* 

Michael Shannon Friedman. Andrew Russel Putnam 

Paul Alan Youngrman, Joseph Benedict Krastel 

Mark Huntington Whiteford, Laurence Kosin Ryan, Anthony Nicholas Sylvester, Mark Alan Zavatski 


Matthew Sheridan Lewis, Ed^ar Lloyd Wilcox, Kevin Patrick Cope, Gilbert Russell Ladd Robert Todd Lafarge Peanut, Raymond Max w^ 
McGrew, Charles Milton Conway, Thomas Werth Thagard, Robert Henry Tolleson, John Edward Atkins, Clement Clay Torbert, Roby Uan Miz 
Charles Joseph Kettler 

Todd Dunham Harvev. Thomas Joseph Randolph, Andrea Friend, Brandiin Dillon Davis, Rocco Raymond Grosso, Davis 
Auld. Jr. 

Rosina Deiss (exchange), Charles William Patrick Bracken, Jeffery 
Paul Blomster 

David Ross Cob 

rimothy Joseph Finnerty, Joseph Hciicdict Kra.stil. Toiimiy Hanc — 
\thletics Department, John Haninu'isly ( luiiih, KoIutI Cjuiiiii lierhn 

Vlichafl VVavni' Wieslimck, .IrttVrv Paul Ulcniistcr, Aii.livw .lolui TaitatrHoiu', Stcplu'n 

Sydney Elizabeth Mathison 

First Row: James Michael New, John Christian Kalitka. Christopher Edward Bieck, 
James Turner Hamlin, Second Row: James Frederick Owen, John Scannapieco, John 
Christopher Spellman, Third Row: James Hodge Godfrey. Jr.. William Lawrence Curtiss, 
Richard Gerard Leary, Richard James Hobson 

landy S. Brown, Dennis M. Francis, Bobbv E. Wilson 

Steven Josepli Tim. .thy Joseph Finnerty, .John Dale Roe, Jr., Kolu-rt Quinn Berhn, Robert Everett Calal.retta, 
Christopher BrinlKer Saxnian. James (ireudrv Barrow 


— -A. .- 


Charles Willing Browne. IV, Robert Allen Vienneau 


Craig & Annette Cheney (Mr. & Mrs.) 

Timothy .Joseph Finnerty. Rofjrer J. Reynolds. .Jr. '8«. .John Hamersly Church, Edwin VVooiirow I'arknison. III. .lames Gregory Barrow, VVillia 
Harrison, .Jr. '88 


I i i ** 
1 1 1 1 

Michael Shanahan Blackwood, Frazcr Titus Kdnionson. Ted Llewcllen Byrd 

William David Dunn. Jr. '88, Victor .'\lcxan<!er Bryant 

William David Dunn, Evertt Dixon, Joseph Kilkenny Donovan, Robert Randol Hawkins, Thomas Edgar Meyers, Jr., Edwin 
Woodrow Parkinson III, Victor Alexander Bryant, John Hamersly Church, Henry Bernard Greenberg, Jr., James Boykin Sloan, 
Robfit Xt-lsnii Lan^fiird, Thomas Battle Peters, John Marshall Burlingame 

Harper Bryan Trammell, John Keener Hudson, Jr., Phillip Nalty Hodges, Phillip Allen Davidson, Jonathan Lee Thornton, James 
Joseph Murphy, William G. Payne, James Henry Barker, Barkley Jennings Sturgill, Jr., Steven Worth Morris 

James Michael New, Michael James Buttarazzi, Richard James Hobson, Timothy Douglas Walker, James Turner Hamlin 

(Sitting) Charles Parkhill Mayes, Bradley Thompson, Steven Craig Smith (Standing) David 
Battletien, Christopher Edward Bieck, Gary Wallace Tucker '88 

Front Row: Andrew Russell Putnam, Joseph Charles Kettler III, James Hodge Godfrey, Gilbert Russell Ladd 
IV, John C. Peter Winfield, Jr., Clement Clay Turbert III, Back Row: Robert Parks Vrooman, Jr., Michael 
Shannon Friedman, Thomas Werth Thagard III, Edward Nicholson Myers 

DuBois Thompson, '88, William Raymond Kubly, Gus, Matthew Henry Steilberg, Robert Erdmann Lutz 

Grayson Paige Wngert, Charles G. Nusbaum 

John Prescott Rowe, Joel Scott Yancey, John Francis Pensec 

ChristupluT William Keavis 

Brent Michael O'Boyle. Daviil Adams ShuRarl, Scott Juseph Fern 

Kaoruko Miyakuni, Michael Wayne Weisbrock, Kaori Miyake 

John Thomas Wiltse 

Marshall Moore Eubank 


Mack Braswell Pearsall, Jr., Stuart Kevin (Browser) Brown. 

John Michael Oliver, Bradley Brian Newsome 

Nathaniel Turner Simkins. William Reade Harbison, William Barritt 
Gilbert, Kevin Tyler Anderson 

Nicholas Michael Komas, Kevin Wayne Weaver 



; m^ 







irv- > 



r '^ 








Junior year was truly a time of 
realization that the "real world" 
was approaching, it seemed al- 
most impossible that there was 
only one year left at Washington 
and Lee when there was so much 
yet to do. .Although their college 
years were half way over, they 
had the insight to look ahead 
while still enjoying college life. 

The responsibilities increased 
but the juniors accepted the 
challenge. A new seriousness set 
in as they discovered that they 
had to e.xert more energy into 
their studies. Having selected 
their majors, the juniors began 
more centralized" and difficult 
study. Leadership opportunities 
as well became more available in 
fraternities, student government, 
athletics, and in academics. 

These responsibilities did not 
stop the junior class from having 

Brandt Wood. Lester Coe, and 
Chris Callahan get out of hand at 
Mardi Gras '87. 

fun though. Many of them en- 
joyed class activities such as the 
class party at Zolman's Pavillion. 
Foreign study programs were ex- 
citing as well as educational for 
adventurous members of the 
class during spring term. Without 
the pressures the senior class 
faced with finding jobs and with 
the experience of three years in 
college, 1987 was an ideal time 
for them to study in othier coun- 

By the end of the year, they 
were ready to move forward to 
greater challenges. The upcom- 
ing year would be their chance to 
take over the chain of command. 
The prospects for completing 
their studies and finding jobs 
loomed ahead as the year came 
to a close. The final step was 
close at hand. 

Tom Murray and Chief Abbott 
get decked out for Fancy Dress. 

E.G. Allen 

Hunter A. Applewhite 

David M. Atkinson 

Dean C. Barry 

Quinn Barton 

Todd S. Barton 

Jonathan A. Beck 

David M. Bekenstein 

Thomas L. Bellamy 

Charles G. Benedict 

Karl W. Brewer 
Philip S. Brooks. Jr. 
James J. Buquet, III 
Peter M. Burke 
Andrew D. Cantor 

Asa M Cavalli-Bjorkman (E) 
Mark G. Churchill 
Rick Clawson 
Sean Connolly 
Erik S. Cooper 

Charles Copper 
Thomas M. Donahoo 
William D. Dunn. Jr. 
George G. Early, III 
Douglas F. Elliot 

Thomas J. Etergino 
Erich J. Faber 
Evelyn M. Fahy (E) 
Mark L. Farley 
Mark ^. Farmer 

Jason E. Faust 
Marcelo O. Fernandes 
Stewart M. Funkhouser 
Craig O. Garneau 
Timothy Golian 

Eduardo Gonzalez 
David Gordon 
Marc L. Gordon 
David B. Gray 
Brian S. Haggerty 

Bradford M. Hair 

Wade M. Hampton 

Matthew T. Harrington 

.Andrew PH. Hart 

William T. Hartley 

Jeffre\ W. Harwook 

Michael T. Hassinger 

Stephen J. Head 

David Hellburg 

Michael R. Henry 

Michael Q. Herrin 
Sean L. A. Mickey 
Roger W. Hildreth 
James E. Hodge 
Kevin T. Hunt 

Jeffrey E. Joseph 
Craig M. Keanna 
Thomas R. Kellam 
Gregg W. Kettles 
John S. Kirchner 

Siu-man Betty Lee (E) 

Glenn P. Lemon 

Jason P. Lisi 

Kramer A. Litvak 

William G. Londrey 

\l i 


Gregory S. Knapp 

Jeff B. Kopet 

Suk Ling Christiana Kwan (E) 

Roy Laney ^ 
Thomas F. Langheim -- 



Ivon H. Lowsley. Ill 
Bayard E. Lyons 
Christopher M. Martin 
Patricia McDanlel 
Michael K. McEvoy 

Ronn Mercer 
James M. Metcalfe 
John D. Metz 
James E. Mickiff 
John D. Missert 

Kaori Miyake (E) 
Kaoruko MiyakunI (E) 
Mark T. Moore 
Richard B. Moore, Jr. 
George G. Moseley 


Mike Henry, Todd Barton, Sean 
Campbell, Hobie Bauhan, Kramer 
Litvak. and Pat Schaefer share 
the after-party blues hanging out 
on the porch of the Annex. 

^ J.J. Buquet and Monty Warren 
: — ' show off their Halloween cos- 

.WSiJGlfs ■•' — •>*■ i'- V-'-^ 

Christopher T. Munsey 

Donald P. Nimey. Jl 

Richard S. Morris 

John Nozemak. 11 

Joseph D. rSuckols 

Thomas P. O'Brien. Ill 

Mark S. Oluvic 

Robert J. Owen 

J. Simon Perez 

Patrick O. Peterkin 

Peter J. Pizzo. Ill 

James B. Preston 

Robin Queen 

Alexander T. Richmond 

Scott D. Rippeon 

Richard B. Robins. Jr. 

Emerson B. Robinson. Ill 

Barry C. Rooker 

Francis P. Rooney, Jr. 

Gregory D. Russell 

» .J, ^■--, T .^■rAii^.~^---'^r::' . 

Senior Alex Bryant shows them 
how it's done as he heads up the 
hill for class. 

This Bud's for you, Garth Schultz 
and Phil Sherri 

Robert S. Ryan 
Freeman Schalbach 
Gary W. Schott 
Stephen T. Sears 
J. Baxter Sharp, III 

David A. Shaw 
Charles R. Shearer 
Morman Z. SIgler 
Jon Solomon 
John H. Starks, Jr. 

Eugene F. Stephenson 
Carter M. Steuart 
Hugh T. Steuart 
L. Page Stuart 
Eric L. Sullivan 

Michael B. Suttle 
Kevin C. Thompson 
William K. Thornton 
Martti O. Toivakka (E) 
David M. Vaughan 

John E. Veatch. II 
Brian W. Walker 
Bradford L. Watkins 
Kevin S. Webb 
James R. Weiss 

Andrev^ W. White 
Edward J. Willard 
Robert V. Williamson 
W. Brandt Wood 
Joseph Zamorano 


For many sophomores, this 
year was a time to rebuild. Excited 
about the upcoming year, they 
returned to Washington and Lee 
early with anticipation instead of 
fear. Coming from the freshman 
dorms they were scattered all 
over Lexington. Many men lived 
in fraternity houses, while other 
men and women moved into 
dorms or apartments. Away from 
the close knit lives on their old 
hall, the sophomores had to form 
new ties and for many, adjust to 
even more freedom than the year 


With the experience they 
gained the year before the soph- 
omores knew the ins and outs of 
the university. Familiar with the 
faculty, they knew which classes 
to take and which ones to avoid. 
No longer at the bottom of the 
ladder, the Class of '89 was ready 
to take on new responsibilities. 

With the coming of a new class 
of students, this was also the year 
to exert leadership. The sopho- 
mores not only gained new confi- 
dence but a chance to show their 

knowledge of W&L also. They 
were there to lead the way for the 
freshmen through their positions 
as dorm counselors, fraternity 
brothers, team captains, and for 
the women especially, leaders of 
the Women's Forum. 

However, with this power came 
the need to make decisions. The 
task of deciding on their majors 
faced them head on, but they 
continued to move forward. The 
fun and frustration of college life 
were half over as they came 
closer to the future. 

Rhona Hughes smiles for the 
camera as she walks across the 

Taylor Williams. Ted Cover. Ross 
Singletary. Lane Lastinger. and 
Brad Gottsegen party for FD. 

Michael R. Adamson 

J. Tucker Afford 

James C. Ambrosini 

Lucy Anderson 

Melissa I.R. Anemojanis 

Dana S. Anstine 

Carolyn J. Arbogast 

Krista K. Baggett 

Steven K. Baldridge 

Amy C. Balfour 

* T— 

Kristin L. Barnes 
Cheryl H. Barrett 
Lauren E. Batte 
James S. Bennett 
Jeffrey D. Bercaw 

Emily C. Bevill 
Mattfiew G. Bevin 
William O. Birchfield 
James W. Bledsoe III 
E. Cfiristian Blessey 

David M. Bloodsworth 
Daphine BIyden 
Catherine M. Boardman 
John D. Boiler 
Caroline E. Boone 

Douglas C. Bracken 
Christopher C. Brand 
Jennifer M. Bray 
Thomas B. Brickel 
Richard G. Brock 

J. Michelle Brockman 
Elizabeth F. Brown 
Ronald J. Brown 
Mark G. Bryant 
Matthew S. Bryant 

Thomas A. Bullotta 
Robert L Burch 
Monica M. Burke 
S. David Burns 
Jeffrey L. Burton 

Barbara A. Byington 
Joseph S. Caccamo 

Christopher L. Callas ^^ .>>i5*^\ 

William J. Caragol. Jr. T ^^'^glf v;-« 

John C. Carbern/ '^^ Wlife3 

Michael D, Carroll 

Laura S. Carty 

John C.R. Catron 

Breton C. Chase 

Anne C. Christian 

Lester V. Coe 

Erin C. Cosby 

Carol A. Couch 

William E. Crabill 

Elizabeth P. Cranford 

Harry D. Crutcher 

Elizabeth A. Cummins 

T. Gregory Dale 

Christine L. Davis 

Clifford L. Deal 

James R. Demarco 

Vance E. Drawdy 

Charles K. Driscoll 

Sean F. Driscoll 

Marie E. Dunne 

Philipp A. Dupont 

Kim Eadie 

S. Ward Eisinger 

Joseph D. Emerson Jr. 

J. David Enerich 

Meredith Walker lingers for a few minule; 
alter class to get extra help fi 
Professor Stephenson. 

Hunter While and Scott Williams leisurely 
stroll across the campus amidst the last 
traces of ttie snow storm. 

Lee Fahringer 
George T. Finnegan 
Leann M, Flood 
Thomas F. Flourny, IV 
Delia D. Ford 

Michael A. Forrester 
Douglas R. Franzese 
Peter L. Freeman 
Douglas A. Freimuth 
Elizabeth B. Freund 

J.M.G. Friedrichs 
Edward J. Gallagher 
Jamie O. Gaucher 
Jace H. Goins 
Scott B. Gorry 

G. Bradley Gottsegen 
Ashley L. Gray 
J. Allen Greeter 
David S. Grove 
John J. Gunkel 

Robert P. Guyton 

Dale P. Haines 

Robert P. Haley 

John P. Hamilton 

jAjina ^\. Hampton 

Courtney H. Harpold 

Keith B. Harrison 

Charles D. Hartley 

Vanessa Hartman 

Donald J.W. Hatfield Jr. 

Deborah E. Hattes 

Andrew S. Hermer 

Marion H. Herring 

Andrea D. Hickman 

D. Allen Hinkle 

Jeff Mandek and Marc hewman Robert Powley and Stanley Hall 

agree that the 1 987 Superdance enjoy the last few minutes before r ^TJia 

was definitely a good time. class. '^^^IJL. f 

Carolyn B. Hopper 
Andrew L. Howell 
David A. Hudson 
Esther M. Huffman 
Rfiona M. Hughes 

Debra B. Hurtt 
Philip Isley 
Richard P. Games 
Albert W. Jones Jr. 
Michael C. Jones 

Patience L. Jones 
Copeland Kapp 
Joseph C. Kavahagh 
Clare M. Kaye 
Katherine A. Kelso 

Julia W. Kirk 
Thomas M.J. Koch 
Frederick W. Lake, I 
C. Brett LaPrairie 
R. Lane Lastinger 

David D. Lawerence 
>^.«rf^ .,.--y <ft Ernest W. Ledbetter 
'!?> '\/i June H.Lee 
"^lA \ if 1} William H. Leitner. Ill 

' Susan C. Lewis 

Mary A. Loftin 
George M. Loupassi 
Lorena Mannquez 
Robert H. Manson 
Louis E. Martin. Ill 

Robert E. ^\atthews 

Laurel V. Mattson 

John D. Maxwell 

HenPy' H. A\ayer 

Michael L. McClung 

Hugh B. McCormick 

William F. McCormick 

Catherine A. McCubbin 

John McDonough 

David W. McDowell 

Hunter B. McFadden Jr. 

Edwin C. McGee 

David D. McGraw Jr. 

Paul McKlnstry 

John Bud Walter Meadows 

Elizabeth S. Miles 
Christopher F. Moore 

Thomas R. Moore 

John Foster Murdoch 

Harry M. Murphy 

Eleanor C. Nelson 

Jennifer S. Newmark 

William W.J. Newton 

Elizabeth J. Parkins 

Ashley K. Parsons 

H. Richard Payne 

Clark A. Peterson 

Amy H. Pickett 

Christopher G. Pierpan 

Valerie A. Pierson 

Like many W&L students, Andy Hunter White and Glenn Smith 
Howell and heill Redfern spend prove that boys will be boys in the 
their free moments at the co-op. January snow. 


Margaret M. Pimblett 
Kelly S. Putney 
Todd M. Ratcliff 
Thomas F. Rawls 
Heidi L. Read 

David J. Reavy 
rSeill M. Redfern 
Richard S. Redfoot 
Jessica C. Reynolds 
John C. Roack 

Mark A. Robertson 
Steven E. Rodgers 
Ellyn M. Rosenthal 
Jason J. Russo 
Julie Salerno 

.'Mexa A. Salzman 
Frank M. Sands. Jr. 
Kennon M. Savage 

Jeffrey P. Schultz 
Eileen Sheefnan 

Stuart H. Sfieldon 

Julie C. Sfieppard 

Peter J.W. Sfierwin 

Cfiarles G. Shissias 

Ellen E.W. Sigler 

William R. Singletary 

C. Thomas Skeen. 11 

Bradford A. Siappey 

James M. Sloat 

Amy R. Smith 

Kenneth C. Smith Jr. 

M. Elizabeth C. Smith 

Stephanie L. Smith 

Julia J. Snowden 

Kevin A. Struthers 

Edgar S. Sydnor. Jr. 

David 1. Symonds 

Rowan G.P. Taylor 

David E. Thompson 

Rosalyn Denise Thompson 

Melissa Thrasher 

Robert K. Tompkins 

Tony L. Towler 

Camille D. Travis 

Scott Treanor 

Pausing for a study break, Lauren 
Batte, Amy Pickett, and Amy 
Balfour enjoy a few moments of 

Donned in W&L attire, Alston 
Parker and Eleanor Nelson sfiow 
scfiool spirit and camaraderie on 
a fall afternoon. 

Micfiael D. Tuggle 
C. Brian Turnau 
Jones Tyler 
Betsy A. Vegso 
Merideth F. Walker 

Anthiony S. Waskiewicz 
Keri M. Wessel 
Thomas B. West 
Mancy K. Wfialen 
Donald R. Wiener 

Cfiristopher L. Willard 
Gregory D. Williams 
Holly Beth Williams 
Samuel T. Williams 
Tracy A. Williams 


Where is the Colonnade? Do I 
look utterly lost? Will I get along 
with my roommate? From the first 
timid glance at Washington and 
Lee upon arrival to the end of spring 
term, the freshman class began 
to get answers to many of their 
questions about college life. 
Thev came to Lexington to begin 
again, to make new friends and 
to learn to handle the responsibil- 
ities of life on their own. 

The Honor System along with 
student government presented 
the freshmen with an opportunity 
to discover personal integrity. 
The success of both systems at 
Washington and Lee was an 
added benefit to college life and 
promoted involvement as class 
elections rolled around. Knowing 
that the Honor System worked 
provided a sense of trust among 
the students as well. 

Rush was an exciting time for 
all freshmen because it gave 
them a taste of the social life at 

the university. The fraternity 
parties were great places to meet 
fellow students and gave the 
guys an opportunity to decide 
where they wanted to rush if they 
chose to at all. However, the 
atmosphere changed a bit after 
"the snag" and the guys discovered 
what pledge life was all about. 

As Rush flew by, so did the 
carefree attitudes about classes. 
Mid-terms quickly approached 
and finals were not far tjehind. All 
nighters became a common 
practice and freshmen learned 
the value of a good night's sleep 
in the library. The challenge of a 
W&L education began to be- 
come clear. 

As the year drew to a close, the 
freshmen had settled in to 
college life and realized how 
much they had grown. They truly 
made their mark on Washington 
and Lee and got a peek into the 
future and a glance at what they 
were made of. 

The Davis freshman guys enjoy 
getting together in the quad on 
the first day of spring. 

Lisa Moody, Billy Turner, and Rick 
Silva relax for a few minutes in 
between classes. 

Anne K. Aitken 

Kevin J. Allen 

Richard D. Allen 

Sarah T. Allen 

Victoria W. Allen 


William E. Allen 

Charles J. Ameno 

Karsten Amiie 

Kris Amoroso 

Michael Applebaum 

.y. ill 

John E. Bagwell. Ill 
Scott C. Bahrke 
Catherine B. Baillio 
Duncan Barger 
Virginia W. Barrett 

Nancy H. Baughan 
Christopher A. Beeley 
Hilary E. Beggs 
Benjamin T. Belveal 
James W, Benn 

Robert B. Berryman 
Robert P. Beveridge 
Amy S. Bidwell 
Susan E. Bienert 
Travis VabSciver Blain 

Robert A. Bonnar 
William K. Boone 
Timothy K. Bowers 
George W. Boyd 
Melanie Brent 

Virginia B. Brent 
Thomas S. Brisendine 
Heather Brock 
David A. Brown 
George P. Brown 

Grattan Taylor Brown 
Leigh A. Brown 
Thomas A. Brubaker 
Andrew D. Bunger 
J. Wayne Burris 


James T. Busenlener 
Jeffrey J. Caggiano 

Davidson F. Callahan 

Jamie T. Campbell 

Reid T. Campbell 


Bradley J. Cannon 

Caroline Carter 

Christopher Cerone 

Christie Champlain 

Victor Cheung 

Charles B. Comer 

Charles S. Conklin, III 

Sean M. Connelly 

Dede Connor 

Rodger B. Cook 

Shawn A. Copeland 

Richard S. Cornell 

Chris W. Crane 

Sonya L. Crayton 

Russell B. Crosby 

Robert J. Dadio 
Caroline B. Davis 
Milas E. Davis, III 

Susan M. Davis 
Jason H. Daywitt 

Donald A. Defabio 

Gordon H. Dekoyper 

Frank J. Demento 

Stephanie J. DeMoura 

Thomas T. Dierdorff 


Anna Dulaney 
John M. Durrant 
Laura L. Eggers 
James B. Elder 
Edward H. Evans 

Joanne E. Even 
Rodger E. Fakes 
Jay Pant 
John S. Farmer 
Damon V. Fentsterman 

F. Henry Ferris 
Robert L. Fleming Jr. 
Stewart Garland Flippen 
Ted Fox 
Anthony J. Frank Jr. 

ob Dadio and Richard 
Montague take a break from 
guarding the door at the Super- 

Carrie Davis enjoys an afternoon 
of socializing with friends. 

Mick Jacobs and Katherine Graci 
anxiously await an empty rac- 
quetball court. 

Charles E. Frankum 

James A. Fuller 

Lee K. Garlove 

Joseph J. Geitner 

James E. Gentry 

Christopher M. Giblin 

Paul H. Gilbert 

Gary Olin Giles 

Arne Glaeser 

Jonah L. Glick 

Patrick W. Gochar 

Hubert W. Goings. Ill 

Steven J. Gomez 

Holly L. Gooding 

Krista A. Goodman 

Jerry L. Grable, Jr. 

Katherine A. Graci 

Matthew Grey 

Jeffrey K. Grimes 

Deborah L. Grove 

Amy Kitchen jnd Marty Smith 
stroll down the Colonnade. 

Colleen Ryan, Melly Greene, and 
Michael Higganbotham pose 
before dinner in Evans. 

William I. Gullilord III 
Dallas Hagewood 
Thomas Hamilton 
James J. Harber III 
Kathryn T. Hardwick 

Fiona P. Harkess 
Alice L. Harrell 
Daniel C. Harris 
Scott E. Hawkins 
Henry C. Hawthorne 

Rogers K. Haydon I 
Thomas I. Hayes 
Woodard S. Heath 
John Helleberg 
Daniel R. Herndon 

Mancy L. Hickman 
Michael W. Higginbotham 
Mary H. Hipp 
Warren F. Holland III 
William T. Houck 

Melson B. Howell 
Teresa L. Huens 
John C. Huffard Jr. 
Kelley L. Hughes 
Susan A. Huguley 

Helge R. Hukari 
Mary C. Hunt 
Eric W. Hunter 
Linda J. Jackson 
Rachel R. Jackson 

Caroline C. Jennings 

C. Martin Jones 

Jane L. Joyce 

Scott D. Jules 

Eric C. Kallen 

Edward J. Kelley 

J. Christopher Kennedy 

Frederick B. Kieckhefer 

Amy J. Kitchen 

Scott A. Kramer 

Eileen F. Labashinsky 

,Mlen H. Ladd 

James B. Lake 

Frederick LaManna 

Beth Anne Lamb 

Margaret K. Lane 

C. King Laughlin. 11 

Hayward Lee 

John S. Leonard. Ill 

Benjamin T. Lett 

Scott J. Levitt 

Nicole D. Liarkos 

Steven H. Long 

Suzanne 1. Lucas 

Lynwood M. Mallard 

David C. Marshall 

David H. Martin 

Robert E. Martin 

William B. Mason 

Nicholas M. Jacobs 

< 1- 










Katie Hardwick enjoys a Coke 
and a smile in the Graham-Lees 
quad on a late summer after- 

Jack Huffard gets into the elec- 
tion spirit as he campaigns for a 

Leigh Ann Metterville and Grattan 
Brown find that good friends are 
a big part of W&L. 

^ <^ <^ ■ f= 

Christopher M. Mastrogrovanni 
Stephen S. Mattingly 
Paul J. Matuch 
Scott R. McArron 
William R. McClean 


Daniel I. McCranie 
Gary H. McCullough 
Daniel H. McDowell 
John M. McMilion, HI 
Mary Alice McMorrow 

Michael S. Meers 
Carlos E. Millan 
Mark T. Milligan 
Roswell K. Milling 
Genienne A. Mongno 

Charles N. Monsted. Ill 

Jonathan C. Atontague 

Richard Montague 

Lisa C. A\oody 

Adam A. Morgan 

John T. A\orris 

Cody Morrison 

Kathleen A. Morrison 

Stacy L. Morrison 

Kimberly A. Moseley 

Robert D. Mould 

Eve L. Mullen 

Matthew N. Murphy 

Kevin M. Nash 

Ted D. Meff 

Leigh Ann Netterville 

Hunt Miedringhaus 

William Norton 

Michael Nunan 

Elizabeth M. OConnell 

David R. Olson 

Matthew D. Ormistron 

Gregory J. Ossi 

William H. Ottiger 

Paula J. Owsley 

Robert M. Pack 

Christopher G. Padden 

Katherine C. Park 

Judson B. Parker 

Quay Parrott 



Dondid R. Patterson, Jt. 
Kenneth R. Pearson 
Christopher Pennewill, Jr. 
Tanya Pergola 
John E. Perkins, IV 

Robert S. Pierce 
J. Emmette Pllgreen, IV 
Richard J. Poli, Jr. 
Douglas A. Powell 
Stuart R. Pratt 

John J. Pringle, Jr. 
Matthew C. Pross 
Maury Purnell 
David A. Radulovic 
Jay P. Reynolds 

Rebecca L. Reynolds 
Sean D. Reynolds 
David S. Richardson 
Eugene A. Richardson, Jr. 
Katherine L Richardson 

Snow bunnies Vv'oody Heath and 
Anna Dulaney take a study break 
to play in the snow. 

Lisa Moody. Laura Morgan, 
Stephanie De Moura, and Kelley 
Hughes stop for a smile. 

Robert H. Rimmer 

Erick H. Rock 

Brian M. Root 

Edward T. Rowan, Jr. 

Kenneth S. Russell 

Collen v. Ryan 

Jonathan E. Ryan 

Phillip L. Sampson. Jr. 

Scott T. Sanders 

Lea R. Santamaria 

John B. Schneider 

Patsy Sciutto 

Mark K.C. Seymour 

Thomas J. Sheehan. Jr. 

Kelly D. Shiflett 

Paul Gilbert hangs out in the 
quad, his favorite place to prac- 
tice lacrosse. 

T. Teague strolls down the lonely 
Colonnade on the Friday of 
Fancy Dress. 

Alice Harrell and Amy Kitchen 
show that good friends stick 

Presoctt W. Sigmund 
Richard P. Silva 
Stacey Sim 
David P. Smith. Jr. 
Joel P. Smith. Jr. 

i^ ^ V^^J 

Marty Smith 
Pamela C. Smith 
Christopher O. Smythe 
Teresa L. Southard 
Jennifer E. Spreng 

Julie A. Stewart 
David J. Street 
Katherine C. Stroh 
Grace E. Stutzman 
Mancy S. Sumner 

John D. Sutterlin. Ill 
Susan Swayze 
John T. Touchton. Jr. 
Brian S. Tanis 
Anne E. Taylor 

Nelson S. Teague. Jr. 
Mitchell M. Terrill 
Ronald J. Thomas 
Michael E. Thompson 
Richard K. Thompson 

Thomas J. Thompson 
John E. Thorson. Jr. 
Charles R. Tomkins 
Joseph B. Topinka 
Ashley Tredick 

Gigi Barrett. Susan Davis, Rachel 
Jackson. Kennon Lane, and 
Fiona Harkess support W&L 
lacrosse on a spring afternoon. 

Scott Levitt and Patrick Brown 
pause to check out the action 
from behind. 

Delia F. Truett 
Matthew Tully 
William Woodul Tunner i«(, // m\ ; 
Frederick J. Turpin ' „;>., '- ,' '■i f 
Thomas C. CJpchurch k *i ('is. ' : ^ 'i^ . .\ 

Tina Vandersteel 

George M. VanSciver 

John J.X. Vittori 

Justin S. Walker 

Robert H. Walker 

Cynthia Walton 

Peter J. Wanek 

Timothy B. Ward 

Richard B. Warren 

Sterling H. Weaver 

Donald W. Webb, Jr. 
Dietrich Weigmann 
Jill L. Westphal 
Robert Whayne 
Bradford B. Whitcomb 

Andrew C. Wickliffe 
Travis M. Wilhlte, II 
A. Russell Wilkerson, I 
Reiss F. Wilks 
Catherine L. Williams 

Rebecca C. Williams 
Paul T. Williamson 
Wendy W. Wilson 
Thomas J. Wing 
Harlan F, Winn 

John W. Wofford 
Wendy R. Wolford 
Timothy C. Wood 
Shannon M. Woodall 
Nicholas W. Woodfield 

Henri K. Yaggi. IV 
Richard L. Zuber 

/;/ Aliwniy (//... 

Kinorv Kiiuhioiiuli, [r., I'lol. oT Soc iolooy 

.mu's Iloh Slarliii^. I'lol. Kmci iliis oi liiolo^v 

Willumi 11. SlLKirl, I'rol. ol L.iw 

/// Spt'iUil i\\L}i/iiy\ iif . . 

D.mic'l Kuiiiu M.nlin 'W 


|)r, ,|..liri W.I- 


Standing: James W. Whilfheail. Ross R. Millhls.i. (;iiv T. Sleuart. II, Frank G. Yimns. Jerry (;. S,)uth. Charles S. Rowe, S.L. KopaW. Joseph S. keehv. 
Calvert Thomas (retiring), W. Ilavne Hipp, Christopher Keller, Jr. (retirin;;), .Se«(p</ F. Fox Benton. Jr., Beverly M. Dubose, III, C. H.)V( e Hoii^h. Ml. I. 
Thomas Touchton, John I). Wilson. Frames A. Lewis. James M. Ballengee. Vir<tinia R. Hohon. W. Buekner Oplvre. Jr.. A. Christian (..nipi,,,,. |.„„es K. 
GaUivan. Issar N. Smith. Jr. Aei, members William M. Gottwald, Riehard D. Havnes. Patricia Wehb Leggett. Vaughan Inge Morrisselt, 



:.a'.\"3T-''--5r--i "--^ 

Julin W Hr I l),„„ „/ ih, ( „ll,, 

l,.-»i> (;. .Inlin Dean „f Siml.-nis 

Larry C. Peppers f)pnn <,flh,- Srh„„l afComrru-nr. Ei.mnmu -, niut I'niil 

W |{..lMit IImiiiI. ^ l»>.M,„f,. /),„„ „l Sin.lrru- nnd l),„n „f hrrshm.n 

11. 11... 111.1- W illi.iin-. Jr. Us,„,„/r /»,„;, „/ //„• (.„//,■, 

Aiim' C. 1'. S, liMMi \.s,„,„l,. Il,;,„ ,./ Sn„l,- 

All,-,-,- K. MiCl I iss„r„itr n-an „f Slu,l.;Us f,,, Minority l//(, 

l,er..v Coir \tkins. 11 As>„r,„l,' l>r,.n „l Sln.lrnls for Frulrrnily Iffaii 


K..Mri (ii.-.ri. \iiliui (.urii.ruk. Iaii W Ii.-.I. r. J.i> C.M.k 


l..s.-|.ll (;oM>t.n. D.un. I'li,li|. Clin.'. .|.>li.i l)r\„-l,l. S.ini \,,lar,l. I .m» nti. ,■,l. S, T.mI,! Ia 


Cle^,- lli.kman. IVlcr I!,r;;sln.m. rh.,mas Nvr. Kiuuh Kinm..ns. .1.., k Wi,l^u>. ,|..lin Kn.. 



Man.. I'llluMiar... Heiinaii Tavlu 


K.iMi.-lh l..iml»rl. .Ian MrlMllr. Tli,„,l„rr S|,„r,ls 






i:.i,.„ S|„ 

.•I K.,/.ik, I r.-,l,-,H >,l,«.,l, \„l /«,(»(.•,/ (I. I. 11 

Ihirol.l Hill. I..,rr \irilill;:rr. D.IM.I l)l< k< ..-. (.Mil M. I .iiijillll 
I! S. Sl,|.llrlls,,ii. M Kllkl.llHl I. .11... Villi H..i;,l^ \,.i i,„nu,;l 

K.ili.'ii t .-I.l....,l 


CI.,. I,,,,.,- I, 
li.irrv \1... I., 

.1., \,.( ,,„l„r,:l 

II. .Ii M, ,,l,.,„ 

. ^ I.,. 

M.i.-li.iil l.irr.ll 

i;..;;.! .|.,ui-. I!.. I. .11 \l. \L..i,. I .ii,>..t I II. , M.I r.nk.i.,..l I'.i-hku 


l!..iK,l,l II M,i. l)..ii.,M. ( l.n k M..II, i, I, ■. II. ..Ii;.-. I..I111 .I.M.iin;;-. Il.nnn.l. M >imi|I.. I!..1„i I ll.M.i 


Kun:: Chun Cli... K..l.<'rl .|.,liM>.. 
Small, ri,..,],.,- \,i,>,„i 

.l.iri M.ImII,-. Ilnirv Sli.i,,,. ,|,,. \l,,||s l),.i,i|,s,v , |{,-, I |I,im|.mv III. W .,%,„■ llM,K„,k \..; ,.„(„,,,/ W .lliniii 

MILITARY SCIENCE - PHILOSOPHY Hnu K.illil..ri l)nril.,|,. IK l.„k. 1,,^ „. \,||„ |i„,., S(,\l 

i.-id \in.-. I,., >,.,,„„/ /;„„ \1\| II K lliM. M\l |,,„ (,.,l,n.U.,ii 

MSI, N.l~.„, r«M,i.iii. ^M I l,.ul, - l,i:;,,,r„. \1 \l \Iik, ( I, II,', I S(/l 
.|.-,inMi.- Kit.h \„l ,nr,„r,,l \I \.| k,,,l Win:;.,,, I 

/••;„/;/ r,.M W . L.i.l S,ssi„ns. Il,llll^,.ll r.iiil..-, I,.i 
lull,, W . i:i,.i.l. I l,.,,l,s |{„^^. 


/,,„„,„„ T I.. I,.- I.i.ill.ui 1..II.I-. Mm. k (I I U s,;,„„l ,..„ ,1.1, I xl,,. \l.,,k M.iM.i.l. (..,.v I ■,,i,k. . Hill M. II. iir<. \..rM- 

1,11 sihki.N. 1)1. k \i,ii. , ;/.„,/ ,..„ N..,M, I ..Ml. lirx ^.,M. lidi iM.,1. 1 ,M.i,, i!.,nk,,K I.,. (.1,-1. n.n,,,. n.iK. I!. .11 r,,.,,,,.,,,. i».M„,s 

r.,«li-,ii.l /■,.,,/(;. ,.,„ (,.HV |-.ill..„. I'..... li. nnll.ii.l. \. in.' ( .ulIi. I.I l;..^.l W ill, .mis. liii. k l.-li. . Imi \1. K...11, K..l.m l!n. Is 


(,/,„/,Miw- /-..m linl,,.,,, Irl, |).„i.,,ln. K, n \.,ii \. -- I!..!.. , 

\kiMs. r....! WiIImiiis. H..11.1I.I H..S.- \<'i pi.n,,,;l l!.i,l..« N.>> 

h.l.,- Il,|..|i,s. |..lui ll.iM.l.lni.m. I.ui- |..lin. Wilh.mi 
Hii.l,,i, \„(;./, lMr.-,/( i.m: M. I ,.i.i:;lii in. \lill..n (,,.U 



Jusrpli TIh.mii.m.m. N,iii.% Mar-.Mi.l. D.iM.I llni.-. l,.,,ri.,r.l \..( iH,lu,.:l. ll.iirA K.i 


\1, ,!...■ K.,ii.-,-. I II. ..I;;,-. ll;,M.I .S|„„ril. M,;,i./i„,f. Ui.lian! M.iik-.. II.mI.m. lir. kl,- 




K,M,I,,II Willi. . Ii . I .iinill. Mill, 1. ll.iM.I I! Nin.i.k 



Sl.'{>hrn..,n. I.tiirl (,...!. I. liKiil ini,,vlr 


K. M,( 1.1111 Ml.l.lllMl ls^.^/„^/ lh,,,l,„. .I.ilui II. ll,( ..lll.A Dt,,;!..,^ Klllx I ,111,11. Hi. ,1111,1 ^. lll,ll..l. 11. 111. HolLlM 




(,.111.1 Un.-.iM. ( .111.1 I r.iiikli 
Ki.iii.i W .111.11. \iiii.' I , 
\\.i~lil.iHii. ( .1.1.1 M. N..-.- 

1. WInl.M.I. . II. .1.1 Imi. I. 
I- .111 TV lli.liliki" lhr,;l,.r. Willi.iin 

II. .1,11.1 ll.ill. I.-. 1,1,11. l.uM-, ."-,.. II llilliii.iii K.iMs/r,i/. .1.11111. • llirli 


Front Row IV".M ll.n- liniiiii.- I,.a.ll. Helilie Harri-.,,. Knn ^.,l.•^. W,,/,//,- Ron II.. I M..I1I. i . li.l.N l!ntli^..ii. '» Waii.ii. l.-.rv 
F..r.iuer. Car..? Bla.i . Mai% ( Hritligan. Back Ron Kla.n.->. \,ir„ll,- .|..lin. Di.k (,r.l.'. Ha.l.aia l!r..«ii. H..I. Danl..!.!. r...n M.i 
J„\nn V,il...M. llaM.I Hnlli^an 



Hiirr Dal/ lss,s/„»( I'ro.lor. I!.. I. Mii.i.h- Murrax /',.„ (..- 

/(,,„„ Show Dirr.lo,. \ii...- (...iilliri!;. I-Aaii Vlkiiis. I. .v..- Ila 
.1,(1,, v llanria ( „n,■,^,l^ luhlor 



Fr,ml K,.M l)..n II. .11. M.irllia H,,^s.,^. Inlui-.u,. ^h, 
UrMiin 11,1, k K,Mi- .lanic- lii-ll. Uliia \[l..-,l,,l,. M,,^l^ >. 11-..I ;;li lir 

.11 li.rl.r. IUKJ.I \^J...I. II.'IIII.IM Hull M. .1.1 





li.,l,,rl \1 I' hi, I i.-.l.ri.U \ I. 

I),l,l,„ \,,n,iili 
l(,-,M-. Ii.lj;. !!,< 

I,,,H„,. UmI.v K,,,Ii.,,I. ,1,1. k.. ll,,Hl,iM,n, Hi.ihI.i 



4: .^ 

7 f 

I'.iiii- 1' ii..t.iiki" 



I.IVM.'lir. W . i:, .,11. I, 

.1.,,,,.- W \\lnl.l...„l. II,,,; „„ 




e|Sma| i».l>^r«» pS 

pi^l gi 


. ,^J.- 





ilil ■ITf^ 

Alpha Phi Omega 

fnnit R,,h: ,|,,Ii,i T. W iIim-. .J.ixpli Kinkals. l)oiotli% Mills. .S|.-\.ii l',>>. I).i%i.l ll(,uanl. Carol \mi Calkins. Don 
Tiu-rell Bark Ron: l)a\i<l \S aiiit r. .loliii Dit-iian. William J.-nkins, (m.-;; Kus.s.II. |{i.nt OU.inI,'. Doimhis llaiM\ \„t 
I'lrturpd: I).-an Atkins. I'rof. D.-Maiia. Piml.lelt, H.-l.t-.-ca H.-vik.I.Is 

Brass Ensemble 

(I ll.n%r\. \l.irlh Inn.ikk.i. .la-.m I,im. KoImi I \\,,ll. W illi.iin (;(..>|,ri . V,:\. 

Cable 9 

Kfdiit How il. to rt.l: jirii l..ikc. Mil. ,|..n.>. Jim lloilf;.-. Tiiii MacMahon. Sam\ . Julie Sliephenl, John IVvni. Back 
Row ll. to rt.l: Brad Slia«. Marjiar.t Pinil.l.ll. Bi. k Pier..-. S.-an John Kalitka. Mike McAllister. 



li,.iil KoH (I. I(. rl.l; Liiuric Mall>.(m. Jiilic Sli.|.|).ii(l. Ciin.lini- Hoonc. Kiiiin.i l,il\iik. I,ii(\ Vii.l.ixn. Ha. k Ki.u (I. to 
11. 1: Sl,|)liaiiir D.M.iura. Lan.c Ka.-, KiII.n llll^;ll^^. \lli>.,n I'alk... K.>j:.i I^\imiI(I>. Ann IJaKuiii. I5arl)ia B>in}itim. 
Chris Mr. (;iiaili<- (;aiiis<m. (.hiisliaii KI.smn . Not |.i. Iiir.d: (:.i|Mlan.l Ka|.|., IVd Cov.t. Ross Sin<;letary. k.-IU-y 
I'ulii.N, l-l.lcli.r K.ilxrls, St.pliaiil.- Col. ■man. C.>uiln.v llar|).)l.l. Klizalxlh Cnnnnins. \l,l. .lont-s. Mike Carrolj. Hank 
Cn-vnUi-V'^. IJia.l (^.ttM-.-n. Tavlor Williams. I'.riv llayt-s. Mali Hoiii.lf:.-. Lisa\. W.ii,i\ VioHonl. Mas..n. 

Cold Check Committee 

Back Rou L to K Kick Norris, John kocdcl. Clav I'oi 1 S.alc.l L to H Sam McLean, I'ct.- Hcmiorlh 


Jo.- J.-lTrio. Mar>li.ill I'liluiiik. ,|.m- \i ,,nliiinc. John Uur luifiiiinc Ki.uxr Hiouii. K..lih> Fill>. loin onrirn. W il 

Voting Regulations Board 

(R-L): John S. iiMiKi|ii<i(>. Scott Yan(i-\ . .Inliii I'diiltdii, Joliii ( ;;iimiiaf;c. Hiad Sliaw 



orin i_^ouiiseiors 


Fniiil Kiiw (I. Ill il): I'iiiil 'lomi^iiiari. .|(i<- Ki,i>lil. .lilT M:iiiil;ik. ,lii\ (.nilciH>ki. Icidii- Hindl.incl. I .in VrrHiiiK k. 
.(.■nii\ |{ia\. Domui Diltoiilc. I?a.k l{<.u (I. lo il.): Jiiriiin llmii|iliii\>. Mill.r . Mark ( :iiia|i|iar ,i. Mallluw 
Lav\>. (liirkN l'aikiM>(>n. Hiamll Siiii;ni r. Ciai;; (iarncaii. Moosi' Hrriiiif;. Tiin M.i<Maliuii. Maiii- Diinni'. SIinc 
Fo.krass. lit-an Nuck.ils. Slia%ani M.iion. Holiliv Wikson. .],-(( Ilarwon.l. 

Executive Coiniiiittee 

Fnnit lion: IJiiiiidl Suifiner. SlKi\.irii M.M..11. Kulis Mi/r. It, irk />',.!<. I);i\i(l Na\.-. IJall/ci' L.-.l,iiii,-. |{i..ii,lt W .mhI 
Loiii,.- S.iilt. \n(lr.u Carutli. i>. ( ;iin>lc,|,li,r (lcM,,\ rll.iri. I>i,i(l K.m.I. Sr,. II liilrx. \hill Krsanl. .Iiiii lllllll|.ll|■.•^^ 

Fencing Team 

il. I„ It.) first rnu: Clin. W uH. I'cl.i Sli.ruin. I)i. Wcrtli. H.Im.c.i Wmlh. -.r,,,,,,! ,„i,: \ I .1 rl.i^liuii,-. Mikr 
Tmci. i;<l(,ori/,il.-. .hll I!I ,|.r. tl„i,l r,.u: (,»ii.ix I'.iiroll. Mik.- Wi.-I.r.xk. \ irl.u < linin:;. l.s,,n-. I!ii,l,l\ 


General Headquarters 

Krcmt K.iw il. tn III Ddiiiia DcHunti-. \ alirii' K(» li.\ . S(( orid Hdw (I. Ii> rl.) Tony DeMarliiio. Dmif: Kran.-ifZf. Kirk 
Pierce. Mitcliell Terrell, (^asev Kri\<pr. He( k\ Hraiidl. Kiirl (rie^lei. ,|<ie /amoraiio. jirii Cockev 

Interfraternity Council 

(I. lo 1-1. I (..oiiic i;.ii-|\. r.irn \i\,r, l'rl,r>. (Iiii- I.Mirli. Cliiis Will K>li.iiii. .I.n M.uklr; 

International House 

Knint liipw (I. t<i ft.) (,i(>rf;c (Ihaiig, Bettv l.<<-; Second Hnu (I. to it. ) Kosiiui. Kaoiiiko Mi\iiKiirii. Deljora Hattcs. 
Stevfii Baldridgf. Bayard Lyons; Third l{o« Trcs Clark. Wesley Heiiii, Christiana Kwaii, kaori Miyake, SeotI Hahrke 
Katherine Graei; Fourth Row Victor Cheiiiif;. .Icnnilcr Sprenf;, I). J. Flatficld. IVIierwiiaaii IVJaiiaii. Steve 


l-ronl Hou ll. to It. I |{iail l{o..l. M.ittliru I ,,u-. In,- I.mIci'. M.ic (hIix.ii. I';iI Scliacf rr. Mac M((,n«: S.ciiid K,.u (I. I,. 
II.) Dick Sc»(>iii>. ,la\ MaiklcN. Mike Itcallv. .I<.Imi IIihKcii. I!i.iimIi Siii.:.-iiur. ( ;,„,|Hr Craufurd. .Imi Karrali. Miclia«-I 
Mc(;aiis. Viiilicu (:aiiitlici>. Hi. h IIoI.m.m 

Mock Constitutional Convention 

Minority Students Association 

So|ili,uiiciii- D.iM.i linlil.-n -l.iriil- ullli ncuK .i|i|i(.iiil.(l l».;iii i.l >tu(lcnl> lor Miriniil\ \llaii> \ri,c,' McCloiiil ;il llir 
•ili(\ilion III a iii-u ^tll(lc■nl rcMdriic.- Inr- llic Miiicint\ SiikIciiI- \-xiiiatioii. Tlic .luliii (!lia\i> lloiix- will mt\.- a,- tin 
inii- c,r llir MS \ on l\u> camiHis. 

Percussion Ensemble 

(I,-Hl Huluil l',.\.rai;.-. S.olt I laiinlloii. Knc ,|.im|)Ii. Ki ik .■ Kc.'.l. Tdin l)i. nli.rlT. Mi. Iiarl Sultle 

Publications Board 









hninl K..K.- (;iiii>lum UIcsmx . I{.,na llM:;h(x. |)iiimi> l-iancis. Siaii Hiiioi IS(i<k K<-i( . liii.ui Sliau. Joliii I'ciim, . Sran 


Ring-Tiim Phi 

t'rant Hi 

(( ll. til rl.l: Jiiliii I'cnscc. M.iiic Diiniic. Scan Hiif;;; I liditoi ). \ al.iK' ritix.ii. I'liix lla\(>., Mallluu I loriiilge, 
B..~u.ll. Mik.- SIkkIn. liaik l!i>„ ll. I„ rl.l: Kliona llii^li.>. Daxid I'mridi. Shx,- l'.„ kias^. 

ROTC Rangers 

hrtinl Itdir: .llrii (ii-iilix. .)ii^i|ili ro|iirik.i. I'.ii.iri Smdikci . Dcli.i riMcll. Ndor \iii|i-~l(i Ha, I. liau : I'iiiil Schliiiiiii. 
AnlhuMN l),\hiilirM,. .Icliii \,-., Willi.iin C.inliics. Sln.m r.irn-ll. Clin. Mi.Iki.I Culrr 


Stantliiii: Hark L to R Iton lOrKir.lli. birst n,ir L t„ l{ JoIim Atkins. Charlie llaill.-v. Ura.l Hair 

Saxophone Ensemble 

(l,-li): WmiIum Mai>ali>. U.i iisi,,,,. \M,ln» W hitr. Kuii IJiouii. Km 1 (; 

Southern Comfort 

Fruril Kiiu (I. to il.) Tom Brirkfl. Clni^ I ).if;liaii; Sec I l{..u (I. U> rl.) Kevin Sliiilliii>.. \ii(liiu liouli'. I i.i\ Doj; 

MtConiiick. ^ ill Brourie, Mikt- lliniii. (,nr Sydii<)r, Hoh Vieiuieau, Jim Williuiiih. Crai;: Smilli. Tum O'liiicii. TihIiI 
Belville. Uavid Gn.\f; Third K.iu (I. to il.) Chris Callas, Murray Stanton, David Burn^ 

Student Activities Board 

(I. lo rl.) Inn N.u. (.Irriri Siiiilh. Sc.iii Covl,-. (;,ci-c l!(.i.i>. l!oli TollcM.n. I<im M<\cis. (wci; Kiuipii. Scan Diimo 
(;Imiii M.x.iM.lcr. (\<il in.lmcd) M.iikl(\ . (.roxr 

Student Affairs Committee 

Kirk Norris. Dr. Clin.-. Mik.- Me Allisl,-,-. Dr. Ko/ak. Vtkin,-. Pn,l. .).H Man.lak. .loliii 

Student Conduct Committee 

Mlkr llclllN. \)»U- Klllot. M.lxiM X.lllSrncl. l!ol 
DaMil riio.iiii-.,,!!. Uicli.ii.l /uImt 

lull.scii. l{i,li Ilol.Koii Nut I'icUiicd: .hiM \iiil>ioMni. Mike M, \lli>lir. 

Student Recruitment 

Ma.- (;ili,s,,ii. c, 


.»■. ,1. 


Fniiit Row ll. to It.) John S(iiMna|> AikIicvn ( laiiillK-rs. Mark Fail 

Dt'bhie Hurt: Hovs (I. to it.) (^hiis Saxiium, Alston Parker, John Poiiitoii. Julie Salerno, Will Kshain, Uoh 

Marshall Eubank. Melissa Thrasher, Garrett Mosley, Tim Rrennan, Jenny Hray. Jim \X illianis, Liz Smith 


Krcnl H,.» ll. I,. 11.) Carl I5r,«.r. (iill.i-it l.adil. ■|ia(\ W illiarM>. Mallliru Lau-. .Inn Uarkn . Konlaniic |{o>tic. Toim 
Thafifianl. Jiili.- Siioudcn. Danalha ilofTiiian. Kalh.iinr K.U..; Srcond Hii« Crai;;. John Kii>lin.i. K.ui Mii,.i. (;liii> 
Martin, .Ion ,S<)li>nian. Caillc.n .Sinnnon^. Knilinf; Kixk. W ii-lil L.-illx-tli-r. ,S|.-\c l'ol■kl■a^^. Cnkc (;la>,sic. .Ia\ (;nrliiu>ki 
Tom Kni-hl. J<-n Manilak. Hidiaid KaMon. (m.-;; kna|)|.. Mlk.> llassinfi<T, I'liilip Hoilf;,-.; Mis.sin^ (:lIl■i^lian Hlc.vsi\ 

University Chorus 


Fninl K(.« (I to It) Stan Theiiian. Sam Ki.lrv. S.-an K.n,l>. Jim llo.lur. \I.1p .|.mc>. Mike M( \lli>t.i. .loliii Kalitka. 
I'lofVs.sor K..ImiI D.Maria. Rack K.i« (I to it) Tim Ma. Mali. .11. Maiiiai.t I' .|..lin I'a. Dax.- Sliii^arl 

Honor Societies 

Omicron Delta 

Joseph Krastel 
Shavam Menon 
Eduiii Farkin-ion. Ill 
Ste\en Pockrass 
Jonathan Tliornton 
Stokely G. Cahl^ell. Ji 
Mary Lee Doane 
Miehael J. McanghHn 
Daniel Paul Shaver 
Lynn K. Suter 
Barbara Jane Tavlor 
Donald K. \\ illianis. Ji 
Da\ id A. Andrews 
James H. Barker 
Christopher R. Carter 
Andrew M. Gibson 
H. Baltzer Lejeune 
Jeffrey S. Mandak 
Sydney .Marthinson 
Raymond ^L MeCirew 
Timothy (j. MeMahon 
Roby I). Mize 
Thomas B. Peters 
Robert H. ToUeson 
Robert H. \ ienneau 
John T. W iltse 
Paul H. \oungman 
Ste\en R. Castle 
John -M. Gorlowski 
Richard B. Moore 
Andrew W . ^ hite 

Phi Beta Kappa 

James llenrN Barker 
Thomas Jordan Boyd 
Gilbert Russell Ladd 1\ 
Jeffre> Scott IVhindak 
Jeffre\ Paul Blomster 
Christopher Richards Carter 
Erik David Cairren 
Scott Henry (jauvin 
Gerard Both Kehoe. II 
Timotln (;erald McMahon 
Brent Mi( hacl ()"Boyle 
Ktlwiu \\ oodi'ow Parkinson. 
Ste\cn Fi'cdcrick Pockrass 
John Prescolt Rowe 
Laurence kosin Rvan 
Robert Zachary Slaj)pey 
Minor Christophei- Talh-v 
Thomas Ucrth Thafiard. Ill 
Jonathan Lee Thornton 
Matthew Jude Waterbury 
(jravsitn Paijie ^^ ingert 
Peter II. Burke 
William T. Hartley 
Mi< hael (;. Herrin 
Henry II. Hyatt 
Gregfi; W. kettles 
Joseph I). INuckoIs 
(;re-ory I). Russell 
Banks Randall Chamberlain 

Who^s Who 

Glynn M. Alexander. Jr 
James H. Barker 
(Christopher R. (Carter 
Andrew l{. (Caruthers 
Robert L. Fitts 
Anflrew M. (iibson 
Everett E. Hamilton 
RichanI J. Hobson 
Jose|)h B. krastel 
Matliew r. Laws 
Horace B. Lejeune 
111 Jeffrey S. Mandak 

Sydney E. Marthinson 
Michael R. McAllister 
Michael E. Mc(iarry 
Timothy (,. McMahon 
Shavam k. Menon 
Roby I). IVlize 
Edwin Vt . Parkinson 
John E. Pensec 
Thomas B. Peters 
kathleen A. Plante 
Steven F. Pockrass 
Judith M. Ringland 
Christo|)her B. Saxman 
William II. Surgner 
Jonathan L. Thornton 
Robert II. Tooeson, Jr. 
kevin W . Weaver 
Robert E. Wilson, Jr. 

Phi Eta Sijiina Beta (Tainina Sigma Omicron Delta Ej)siIon 

.lam.-s M. Sh.iil (;. I{<.ll. K.lior. Ill K.Kvin W . |'arkiiis..ii. Ill 

D.-liuiali K. Ilattt's Ivc.lxrt Z. Sla|i|)(\ Aiidnu Vi . White 

Clii isliiir I,. I)a\is (,. I'ai^c W iiifitil Karl \\ . Hrtwcr 

Jiilin I). IJollci (iary II. (lainphcll Kiificm- K. St<-|)liciis()n 

Dana S. \nslim> Sicveii F. KiM<lall Peter II. Hiirke 

Donald .1. Ilallield James M. Meteaile Grefj(i W. Kettles 

l)ei>ra li. Iliirit 

Daxid M. |{lu,Mlsu..rtli. .|r. 

Slaidey C. Mall 

Conrtney II. Ilarpold 

Haritra \. H\in>ituii 

Kouan (». Taxlor 

(:iirist(.|.lier I,. Callas 

j.diM W . Deifiiiaii 

Cathleen \1. liernaii 

\ aiiessa llarlinan 

Suf-aii M. (.rouse 

Kduin C. \l(;iee. Jr. 

I)a\ id K. riioinpsoii 

John I). Maxu.ll 

\ alerie A. I'eirson 

(Christopher K. Moore 

.Scott {]. Treaiior 

James DelVlarco 

Krin (I. Coshv 

(;.T. Dale 

Ivsthtr M. Huffman 

Jeffrey l». Sehultz 

Michael IV Aarstol 

Peter J. .Sherwin 

\<]iUMUi\ P. Juv 

Michael K. Majioline 
C.K. Klank 
Vance K. Dravvdv 
John J. (ninkcl 
StcNcn ,|. I dicious 
Keri I). Hinrichs 
Anna M. Ilanipton 
Scott J. Ma\er 
Doiiahl C. Shaeffer 
Danatha .1. Hoffman 
A.C. Christian 
Thomas |{. Uriekel 
Ke\ in L. ^ eajier 
Matthew L. Bryant 
Ste\en K. Hodgers 





Alpha Rho Chapter 

Established 1856 

President Chris Lederer 

Vice President Chris Lynch 

Secretary Robbie Stanton 

Treasurer Chip Gist 

Rush Chairman Pat Burgdorf 

KNEELING: Mike Stanchina, Steve Gomez, Tad Kelley , Carlos Miliar), Scott Pierce. Travis Blain, Dave Gildea. Gordon DeKuyper, Tom 
Upchurch, Beauby Gillespie. STANDING: Pat Burgdorf, Andrew Putnam, JeffKopet, Stu Geisel, Mike Friedman, Sloan Farrell. Chris 
Lynch, Ted Waters, Tom Moore, Bill Garrett, Jeff Schwartz, Jim Godfrey. Charles Doumar, John Aleman, Brad Root. Bob Sprat, Eric 
Acra. Bill DuBose, Bill Curtiss. Doug Bracken, John Johnston, Tom Flournoy, Robbie Santon, Frank Kannapell, ChipGist, Chris Lederer. 
Scott Wmton, Bob Vrooman. Steve Flagler. Mark Duiica MI.SSING: Rob Ilulter, Scott Williams, Nick Han/lick, Tom West, Jeff Grimes, 
Marcello Femandes, Sandy Harrison 









Alpha Omicron Delta 

Established 1977 

5 Lee Avenue 

President Tom Maurer 

Vice President Frank Rodney 

Secretary Steve Head 

Treasurer Karl Brewer 

Social Chairman Greg Knapp 

Rush Chairman Matt Harrington 

FRONT ROW: Pete Coieman. Chris Moore, Steve Head, Dan Groff, Tom Maurer, Mike McKinney. Robert Manson, Matt Harrington, 
Tom Bullotta, Mark Robertson. Chris Martin, Jon Missert, Paul Gilbert, Scott Sigmund. SECOND ROW: Willie Greer, Greg Knapp, 
George Sparacio. Rick Sances. Ed Rowan, Toby Allen. Kennedy Boone. THIRD ROW: Jeff Mazza, Frank Rooney . Kevin McNamara, 
Chuck O'Boyle. Greg Castronovo. Rob Williamson, Bert Parks'. MISSING: Steve Doran. JeffBercaw, Bill Garavenle. Craig Keanna. 
Ale.x Sutton. Karl Brewer. Allen Hinkle, Tom Langhcim, George Boras, Bradley Cleek. Chris Beckert. Chris Cerone. Bill McLean. Frank 
DeMento, Dan Walsh, Pete Meinhofer, Craig Garneau. 


Phi Chapter 
Established 1896 
106 Lee Avenue 

President Brad MacCachran 
Vice President Carter Steuart 

Treasurer Dean Barry 
Rush Chairman Ian Thompson 

FRONT ROW: Joe Emerson, Reiss Wilks. Paul Gulanides, Rob Whayne, Todd Bishop. Jamie Campbell. David Street. Pearson Kcyes. 
Ted Byrd. SECOND ROW: Ian Thompson. Bill Webb, Dale Haines, Dean Barry, John Murdoch. Lex Reeves. Clark Peterson. Jace Coins, 
Harmon Harden, Kevin Webb. Mike Blackwood. Hugh .Steaurt. Roger Hildreth. Clint Stinger. Ty Edmonson. TOP: Carter Steuart. Brad 
MacCachran. MISSING: Kevin Bernstein. Ted Storch. Tim Wood. 


Alpha Chapter 

Established 1865 

301 East Nelson Street 

President John Hudson 

Vice President Philip Davidson 

Secretary Jimmy Tucker 

Treasurer Gary Campbell 

FRONT ROW: LeeGrable, Brian Berryman. Maury Purnell, Tom Wing, Shawn Gulley, Russell Crosby. Danny Harris. Woodford Webh. 
Bo Wagner, SECOND ROW: Wyatt Bassett. Steve Smith. Bland WaVren. Bill Crabill, Dudley Lee. JeffCagiano. Richard Tompkins. 
Chns Symthe. Paul Williamson, Scott Jung. Jimmy Tucker. THIRD ROW: Tom Rawls. Fred Turpin. Steve Morris, Jay Markley. John 
Hudson, Gary Campbell, ian Bottomley, Kevin Allen, Tim Ward, Jay Fant, John Harvey. Harper Trammell. FOURTH ROW: Jim Barker, 
Hugh McCormick, Mike Magoline, Emmanuel Klump. FIFTH ROW: Mike Drusano, Philip Hodges, Jud Parker, Rick Silva. Greg Cole, 
Chris Ferguson, Chris Bieck. Gary Tucker. BACK ROW: David Jordan, B.J. Sturgill. John Thornton, Frank Sands, Eddie Martin. Town- 
send Devereux. Chip Davis. Jim Murphy, John Touchton. Matthew Hansard. MISSING: Bobby Rimmer, Anthony Frank. Wes Boyd. 
Frank Kellner, Scott McArron, Lee Fleming, Philip Sampson, David Thompson, Nick Thompson. Bill Payne. Jim Lancaster. Ted Hart. 
Will McNair. Sean Coyle, Jeff Robbins, Brad Thompson. Philip Davidson, Powell Smith, Parkhill Mays, Adam Yanez, Paul Youngman. 









Mu Chapter 

Established 1873 

203 East Washington Street 

President Alan Scarisbrick 
Vice President Sean Hickey 
Secretary David Collerain 
Treasurer Charlie Benedict 

FRONT ROW: Rob Ryan, Wade Hampton, Tom Hemdon, Scott Richardson, Cody Morrison, David Collerain, Steve Prindle, Alan 
Scansbrick. Scott Brisendine, Hunter Applewhite. Charlie Grogh, Charles Monstead, Scott Treanor. Mason VanSciver. SECOND ROW: 
Tom Dierdorff, John Rowe, June Ho Lee. Scott Herubin. Tom O'Brian, Philip Isley, Paul Schlimm, Scott Kramer, Mike Carter, Bill 
Birchfield, David Bums, Paul Eyerly, THRID ROW: Jeff Branflick, Scott Yancey, Darrin Denny, John Metz, Jon Hedgepeth, Mark 
Newman. David Gray. BACK ROW: Charlie Benedict, Sean Hickey, Carter Montague, Joe Rowe, Brian Tanis. Scott Yates, Jones Tyler. 
Casey Krivor. Terry OBrian. Larry Ryan. Steve Holmes. MISSING: John Mohr. Ken Raickle. Pete Partee. John Hamilton. David 
McDowell, Robert White. Charles Elmer. John Maxwell. Tim Brennan. Klar Yaggie. John Roach. James Bledsoe. Gene Hamilton. Scott 
Sanders. John Sutterlin. Ed Evans. 


Ciamma Phi Zeta Chapter 

Established 1922 

225 East Nelson Street 

President John B. Cummings, HI 

Vice President Charles G. Nusbaum, Jr. 

Secretary Kevin A. Struthers 

Treasurers Thomas E. Hurlbut, Steven R. Davis 

FRONT ROW: Kevin Struthers, Jeff Lewellinsz, Theman McLane, Joel Miller. Pete Parker. SECOND ROW: Chris Callas, Mark Farmer, 
Steve Davis, John Cumminas III, Tom Hurlbut", Paul Matuchski, Jamie Kline, Mike Adams, John Maass, Matthew Upton. BACK ROW: 
Ross Darlini;, John Pipkin, Vance Drawdy, Rob Beveridee, Charles Nuzbatim, R.J. Thomas, Jamie Fuller, Richard James, Dirk A. A. van 
Assendelft, Jeffrey P. Shultz, Stud Hamilton. MISSINCJ^: Lawrence French Percival IV, Matt Steilbcrg, Don DeFabio, Arthur Hoftman. 

sp:; ' 

•■.V v| 




Virginia Zeta Chapter 

Established 1887 

5 Henry Street 

President Mac McGrew 

Vice President Matthew Lewis 

Secretary Lewis Celia 

Treasurer Rob Tolleson 

Rush Chairman Buck Wiley 

Front Row: Allan Ladd, David Allen, Craig Smith, Allen Richardson, Tripp Gulliford, Jim Gentry, Blake Comer, Joel Smith. Murphy 
McMillan. Gratten Brown. Second Row: Ed McGee. Brooksy Lee Smith, Richard Payne. Bill Leitner. RobGuyton. Alan Greeter. Greg Hart- 
man, Luckett Robinson, Jim Barker, Warren Butler. Third Row: Trey Davis, Andy WicklitTc, John Adams, Andrew Abeniathy. John McCul- 
lough. Buck Wiley, Tommy Thomasson, Banks Ladd, Charlie Conway, Rob Thompson, Richard Brock, Joseph Kcttler, Brent Bean, Loyd 
Wilcox, Baker Gentry, Tommy Donahoo, Brad Watkins, Gilbert Ladd, Hugh Lynch, Guy Fulwiler. Dodd Cruther. Back Row: Henry 
Hawthorne, Robert Tolleson, Mac Gibson, Todd Lafargue, Jim Williams, Milam Turner, Ed Newton, Bamy Robinson, Mike Temple, Julian 
Phillips, Lewis Cella. Jim Johnson, David Surface, Glenn Smith, Michael Hassinger. John Atkins. Kevin Cope. Charles Lyle, Clay Torbert, 
Matthew Lewis. Missing: Doug Elliot, Gil Lackey, Reese Lanier, Wright Ledbetter, John McKay, Charles Husting, Roby Mize, Bobby 
Matthews, Mac McGrew, John McDonough. David McLoud. 





Zcta Deuteron Chapter 
Established 1X68 
108 Henrv Street 

President James Cockey 

Treasurer Chris Sherlock 

Secretaries Brad Preston, John Gammage 

FRONT ROW: Jim Ambrosini, Wayward Skleech. Chris Sherloct., Matt Brady, Kevin Nash, John Forsyth, Coaltcr Pollock, Bob Dadio. 
SECOND ROW: Jason Russo, Norman Thompson, Stew Funkhouser. Jefferson Harralson, Gary Crappel, John Sheinberg, Rich 
Montague. THIRD ROW: Phil Duper, Andrew Hemier, Tom Skeen, Vin LaManna, Chuke Murray, Mike McAllister, John Gammage. 
B.\CK ROW: Jimbo Kelly, Lonnie Bedronski, Rob Vienneau, Jamie Gaucher, Jim Cockey, Rob Spencer, Keith Dingelberry, Doug 
Franzese. Freddie Kruger, John Chafe, Stan Steamer, R.J. MacPherson, Joe Zaniorano. 

MISSING: Scott Quagliato, Bradley Preston, Chief Abbott, Rob Powley. Tony DcMartino, Pete Petino, John Legters, Tony Waskiewiez, 
Sean Connelly, Kevin Nash, James Cotter. 


\ irjjinia Beta Chapter 

Established 1855 

301 East Washington Street 

President Marshall Eubank — Fall Term, and John MacDonald — Winter Term 

Vice President Mike Beatty — Pall Term, and Jim Rallo — Winter Term 

Secretary Paul McKinstry 

Treasurer John Catron 

Rush Chairmen Mike Forrester and Bill Brow 

Social Chairmen Greg Williams and Mike McEvoy 

FRONT ROW: Matt Muiph^. Will Otticer, Ores; Williams, Reid Campbell, Joe Kavenaimh, Marshall Eubank, Chris Saxman. Joe Krastel. 
Justin Walker, SECOND ROW: Mike^Nunan,^Jay Reynolds. Mark Chiappara, Michael Holitield, Bob Drake, Hughes Shelton, Rich 
Redfoot. Steve Castle, John Catron, Mark Milligan, John Nozemack, John MacDonald, Mike McEvoy, John Packett, Jim Rallo, Dave 
Radulovic, Rich Grace, Chris Pierpan, Paul McKinslrv, Mike Forrester, John Gunkel, Dave Callahan. Brad HaiTison, Bob Wolfe, Brad 
Whitcomh. Eric Kallen, Ed Gallagher. Bill Carragof. Chris Wood. BACK ROW: Bob Berlin. T.J. Finneny. Pete McCook. Steve 
Gi<x"obbe. Paul Burke, Brandon Canaday. Craig Monroe. Mark Oluvic. Steve Hancock. Steve George. Lou Trosch. Framp Harper. Etienne 
Cambon. Ed Yu. Lee Brading. Tom Etergino. Brian Turnau. Rich Poli, Dave Hudson, Dave Weaver. Bob Callabretta. Rick Pierce. John 
Roe. Fred Bissinger 

MLSSING: .Anton Blok. Jack Mitchell. Bill Brow. Tyler Carr. Mark Herman. Word Beatty. Jim Vesper. Rowan Taylor. Eric Skinner. Gore 
Fnedrichs. Word Eisinger, Tom Keating, Tim Golian, Jay Demarco, John Benford, Greg Barrow, Eric Turner, Shayam Menon 


Alpha Alpha Chapter 

Established 1894 

11 North Jetterson Street 

President Tom Peters 

Vice President Robert Langford 

Secretary David Dunn 

Treasurer Jimmy Sloan 

Rush Chairmen Robert Langford, Joe Luter 

FRONT ROW: Hank Greenberg, Ken Kundby, Alex Bryant, Joe Donovan, David Dunn, Corky Parkinson, John Crunch, Tern Meyers, 
Tom Peters, David Seifert, Robert Hawkins. Jimmy Sloan, Joe Luter, Robert Langford. SECOND ROW: Sean Campbell, Roger 
Reynolds. John Burlingame, Gib Davenport, Fletcher Roberts, Brian Moore, Tommy McBride, Dick Parkhurst, Tim Phelan, Robby Burch, 
Marquis Smith. THIRD ROW: Brad Gottsegen, Andy Howell, Fray McComiick, Taylor Williams, Ted Cover. John Ware, Jeff Burton, 
Steve Udicious, Joe Caccamo, Sheldon Clark. David Lawrence. Manoli Loupassi. Ross Singletary. Jeff Harwood. Mike Veliuona, Tony 
Mitchell. BACK ROW: J. Wayne Burris, Lynwciod Mallard, Andrew Baurer, Scott Gorry, Patrick Brown, Tee Teague, Brooks Pettus, 
Matthew Tulley, Sketlo, Doug Mullenix, Burke Howell, Jim Starkey, Chris Weed, Mike Applebauni, Fred Shannon, Jim Jones. 
MISSING: Scott Levitt, Garfield Prehor, Quinn Barton, Chris Wiman. Mike Adamson, Harry Halpert. 














.-..-.^^- ~^^^^^^^m 





Pi Chapter 

Kstablished 1892 

106 North Main Street 

President Walker McKay 

Vice President Frank Rembert 

Treasurer Tom Knight 

Social Chairmen Ned Spencer, W. Brandt Wood 

FRONT ROW: Rob Mould, Craig Davis. Gary Giles, Adam Morgan, Ken Russull, Chris Beeley. SECOND ROW: Lee Garlov. Stuart 
Pratt. Ted Fox. Jim Busenlener, Travis Wilhite, Eric Kieckheper, Andrew Bunger, Tom Hayes, Brad Cannon. Erik Rock, Randal Pearson, 
David OLson, Bill Turner. Christopher Daly. THIRD ROW: Bill Deep, BruceVarlington, William Cantey, Denny Samuel, Eric Sullivan, 
Dou2 Miller, Ned Spencer. Bill Lasseigne ill, Chris Cunningham, Charles Hartley, John Feyrer, W. Brandt Wood, Frank Rembert, Brad 
New^some. FOURTH ROW: S. James Buquet, Hank Mitchell. Sam Simpson. Hank Hyatt', Jeff Cummings. David Hall. Ralston Fitler. 
Tom Bottoms. Bradford Hair Martm Rad\any, George Berger, Scott Alford, Tmiothy McMahan, Richard Norris. BALCONY: John 
Oliver, Tom Knight. John Poulton. Walker McKay. 
MISSING: Jay ReVille. Kevin Lederer. Jeffrey Cohen. Steven Roth. Forrest Cannon. Chris Roberts. . .. ,., 










Uli! 1 1 'I I llfljl T^ 

iiiit 1 tiili i!iii!i!'ilirr.i!i:i:iii:i:iu;r.iuini:nfk^; 


If-".." ^i 



■♦»•-.. J. 

w <*^ 






Rho Chapter 

Established 1920 

201 East Washington Street 



President Jimmy Holmes 

Vice President Jim New 

Secretary Jim Hamlin 

Treasurer: Jeff Marks 

Rush Chairman Jim New 

Front Row: Dietrich Wiegman. T.K. Bowers. Peter Wanak, Hunt Neidringhaus, Greg Ossi. Steven Mueller. Henry Ferris. Joiin Koedel. Jim 
Hamlin. Back Row: John Veatch. Peter Pi/zo. Chris Wood. Marc Giirdon. Andrew Layton, Lester Coe. Jimmy Holmes. Sam Poles. Bucks 
Strauch. John Spellman. Greg Unger. Michael Tuggle. Douglas Freimuth. Rich Leary . E.G. Allen. Jamie Urso. Baltzer LeJeune. Jim New. Brad 
Shaw. Bill Londrey. Gar Sydnor. Timothy Shea. Mike Dunmeyer. Ron Brown, John Scannapieco. Gary Schott. DonBoudreau. Mike Butturrzzi. 
Jack Moore. Craige Matzedorf. RickGlawson. MLssing: OmarSuarez. Dave Dickey, Mark Millor. Roth Kehoe. Rich Hobson. JetYMarks. Jimmy 
Hodge. Jason Faust. Sean Connelly. Don Thayer, Hunter McFadden, Mike Meeers. Matt Ormiston. Chris Kennedy, Pat Gochar. 


\ irj»inia Si^ina Chapter 

Established 1867 

205 East Washington Street 

President Cooper Crawford 

Vice President Steve Szczecinski 

Secretary Brewser Brown 

Treasurer Bruce Reed 

Rush Chairmen Ricky Lail, Michael McGarry 

FRONT ROW: Karl Hanson. Michael Higginbotham. Todd Belveal. Jack Pringlc. Brett Mason. Chris Pennewill. SECOND ROW: Clint 
Robinson. Jim Harbor, Rogers Hemdon. Trey Havdon. John Baiiweii, Rouer Faises. THIRD ROW: Ernest Jovner. Wesley Goings. Kins: 
.\lilline. David Smith. Thomas Shehan. Matt Sackctt. FOURTH ROW: Garth Schulz. Christian Blessey. Taylor Houck'. Jack Huftard". 
Mike Henn. \ Pat Schaeffer. George Early. Ed Klank. FIFTH ROW: Hudson Walker, Richard Zuber. Charles Frankum. Hunter While. 
Kramer Lit'vak. Matt Diemer. SIXTH ROW: Jordan Josey. Mike Morris. Henry Sackett. Chip Brooks, JetT Kelsey, Mike Suttle, Scott 
Williams. SEVENTH ROW: Evans Schmidt, Peter Faser,' Bill Schoettelkoltc. BACK ROW: Johnny Sarber. Cooper Crawford, Walker 
Havs, Ed Henson. Kevin Anderson. Weston Newton. Bruce Reed. Brad Pearsall. John Kniuht. Glynn Alexander. Lee Norton. Todd Barton. 
Chris Brand. LEFT OF COLUMN: SITTINCJ: F^hil Sherrill, Will Arvin^ SECOND ROW: Chason Harrison, Ricky Lail, Hobie Bauhan. 
Steve Szczecinski. BACK ROW: John Wooham. Jay Kendall, Chris Talley, Brewser Brown. RIGHT OF COLUMN: FRONT ROW: 
Turner Simkins, John Carder, Graham Loomis, BACK ROW: Peter Sackett, Barritt Gilbert, Will Harbison. MISSINCil: Rob Gresham. 
Mike Carroll, Matthew Laws, John Roberts. Michael McGarry. Bobby Fitts, J. P. Baehr, Don Schaeffer, Lane Lastinger. Russel Wilkerson, 
Duncan Baraer. Harlan Winn. Chris Giblin 


Zeta Chapter 

Established 1866 

2 Lee Avenue 

President Tom Boyd 

Vice President Marshall Boswell 

Secretary Will Esham 

Treasurer Jim Metcafe 

Rush Chairmen Steven Rogers, Mark Farley 

Front Row: John Schneider, Brian Root, Kirk Thompson, ,lohn WolTord, Karston Anilie, Quay Parrot, Matt Grey, Helgi Hukari, Gary McCul- 
iough. Second Row: Leif Veland. Mark Trainer, Richard Moore, Sully Renuart, Stu Sheldon, Jason Hodges, Chris Willard, Will Graham, Peter 
Van Son, Third Row: David Emrich, Jim Bennet, Jim Metcalte, Andy White. Back Row: John Perkins, Jim Morgan, Eric Joseph, Jim Owen, 
Mark Farley, Marshall Boswell, Robert Tompkins, Kevin Davidson, Garret Moseley, Bill Gossman, Drew Piatt, Will Graham, Jeff Trussell. 
Steven Rogers, John Kalitka, Billy Olson. 


Lambda Chapter 

Established 1882 

4 Henry Street 

President David Barnes 

Vice President Carlton Simmons 

Secretary Hank Mayer 

Treasurer James Farquhar 

Rush Chairmen John Solomon, Bud Meadows 

FRONT ROW: John Thorson. Craia Love. Ross Puterson, Todd Ratcliffe. SECOND ROW: Charlie Gay, John R. Lawson 111. Jon 
.Soloman. Jim Con,'. Scott Hamilton, Jon Ryan. Richard Householder. Jim Lake. Matt Pross. Doug Powell. Peter Shervvm. THIRD ItOW: 
James Fartjuhar. John Kirchner. Jim Augustus. Evrett Hamilton. Carlton Simon, Henry Mayer, Scott Silverman, Mark Bryant, Dave Klabo, 
R. Scott Cornell, Sean Bugg, Jim Gonzalez, Andrew Parkey . Scott Newman. BACK ROW: Ronn Mercer, Baxter Sharp. Louis Dubuque. 
Dave Barnes. Brett LaPrane. Mike Arstoll. Bill Clark. Jon Schropp. 




'! IF 









\ ir<jinia Sijjma Chapter 
Established 1906 
110 Preston Street 

President: Russ Whitman 

Vice President: Kevin Hunt 

Secretary: Page Stuart 

Rush Chairmen: John Preziosi, Porter Davis 

FRONT ROW: Rudy Celis. Rob Jones. Kevin Hunt. Mark Zavatsky, Greg Andrus. Dan McCrany, Chris Crane. SECOND ROW: Nick 
Woodfield. Martv Jones. Joe Arronhime. Rick Robins, Dave Atkinston. John Miles. Mike Wade. Paul Miles, Russ Whitman. Mike 
Cannon. Russ Peck. THIRD ROW: Maverick Noble. Rich Moondog. R.J. Hogan. Chris Rooker. Chris Hager. Sean Driscoll. David 
Robiak. Theo Willard. Stuart Flippen, David Cassada, Steve Long. FO'URTH ROW: Mike Washington. Charles Driscoll. Porter Jordan. 
Chris Padden. FIFTH ROW: Cowboy Bonnar, Benny Stuart. Pete Freeman. BACK ROW: Chuck Shearer. Country Montgomery. Sean 
Butler. Jonathon Preziosi. Blair Severe. MISSING: Chris McGowan. JeU Kimbell. Ned Gcorue. Matt Coudert. Brandt Sursjner. 


Alpha Epsilon Chapter 

Established 1920 
220 East Nelson Street 

President Todd Harvey 

Vice President David Auld, Jr. 

Secretary Steve Pockrass 

Treasurer Rocco Grosso 

Rush Chairman David Auld, Jr. 

FRONT ROW: Mark Spiessl, Jennifer Spreng. John Boiler, Jeffrey Norris. Andrew Tartaglione. William MeGee. Greg Lunsford. Todd 
Harvey. William Penn Plummer. SECOND ROW: Thom Randolph. Brandon Davis, William Thornton. Mata McGuire, Andrew 
McTlienia, Sean Reynolds. Susan Hostetter, David Auld, Burton Wright. BACK ROW: E. Ross Crichton, Doug Turrell, Alan Heinrich, 
Ron Cum,, Rocco Grosso. MISSING: Steve Pocrass, Bill Kinson, Ted Waterstein, Eric Knight, D.J. Hatfield, Tom Brickel. 




Secret Societies are benet'aclors ol the Calyx. 





'^?3^- ,''^- 




t i 

* i . i' * 

»«t • .„. ««. 




Connie Bernstein 

Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Blessey 

Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Blyden 

Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy Boone, III 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Brinkman, 

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Bryant 
Mr. and Mrs. Douglass Forest Cannon 
Dr. Rudy Cells, M^D. 
Mr. and Mrs. P.J. Coleman 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Conklin 
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Esham, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Foley, Jr. 
Ginny and Bill Ford 
Grayson Lee Harrison 

Dr. and Mrs. John Harvey 

Arnold, Lynn, Scott, and Mark Jules 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Knight 

Mr. and Mrs. CD. McAllister, Jr. 

Shozo Miyake 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Moore 

Mrs. Joan A.E. O' Brian 

Mrs. D. Williams Parker 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Winniet Peters 

Portsmouth Orthopedic Association 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Reynolds 

Mr. and Mrs. Guy T. Stuart, II 

Dr. and Mrs. Charles F. Warren 

Mrs. Roy C. Whayne, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ambrosini 
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Jackson 

Bob and Judy Brubaker 
Mr. and Mrs. James Buquet, Jr. 
James M. Burlingame 
S. John Bylington 
Lester V. Coe, II 
Charles N. Cooper 
Mr. and Mrs. C. David Dickey 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Donovan, 

Mr. and Mrs. Vance B. Drawdy 
Andrew N. Farley, Esq. 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Fuller 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. 

Greenberg, Sr. 
William Haley 
W. Hayne Hipp 
Robert Ingram 
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Jenkins 


Dr. and Mrs. Joel E. Kaye 
Mr. and Mrs. David Kinson 
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Koedel, 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Krastel 
Mr. and Mrs. C. King Laughlin 
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard R. Lynch 
R. Hunter Manson 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Martin 
Russ and Donna McArron 
Dr. and Mrs. Francis D. 

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Mitchel, 

James L. Myers 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Noble, 

Mr. and Mrs. Randall K. Nord 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Norris 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. 


Bud and Mary Esther Parker 
Max L. and Jo Petzold 
Richard F. Place 
Maurice E. Purnell, Jr. 
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Rembert 
Dr. and Mrs. Lee F. Smith 
Burgess A. Thomasson 
Mr. and Mrs. Jere W. 

State Senator Judy Baar Topinka 
Chief Justice and Mrs. C.C. 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Tuggle, 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Van Son 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Wagner 
Joan and Ed Waterbury 
Stanley White, M.D. 
Dr. and Mrs. Denin B. 



Mr. ;irul Mrs. Riibcrl Atlaiiisoii 

Or. and Mrs. Bobby R. AHortl 

Mr. and Mrs. Stan Baker 

Mr. and Mrs. l-aik Bcnnorth 

The Boilers 

Or. and Mrs, TonKithy K. Bowers 

Dr. and Mrs. P.J. BiiHara//i 

Mr. and Mrs. Nieholi Callas 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruee M. Campbell 

I'he Rev. and Mrs. Charles Cannon 

B.C. and Mrs. W.C. Cousland 

Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Cousland 

Mr. and Mrs. John B. CLinimings. Jr. 

Ralph P. Davidson 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Debonie 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis T Deighan 

Mr. and Mrs. G. Michael Dixon 

Joseph D. Diilaney 

Joe and Nancy Diirant 

Jim and Janet Elder 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Eubank 

Tom and Annie Laurie Flournoy 

Mr. and Mrs. James B. GrotY 

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Hagewood 

Mrs. Lois Halpert 

Dr. and Mrs. N. Neil Howell 

Charles D. Hurtt. Ill 

Frank and Erika Kochey 

Vaden Lackey 

The LaManna Family 

Dr. and Mrs. George Liarakos 

Mr. and Mrs. Karl J. Mat/dorf 

Dr. and Mrs. T.W. McDonald 

Roberl and l-:ii/abelh McDowell 

David L. Mel/. 

Dr. and Mrs. Roby Mi/.e 

Dr. Eunice V. Morgan 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. O'Reilly 

Mr. and Mrs. B.L. Partee 

Mr. and Mrs. Roberl C. Peaison 

Dr. George Picrson 

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Pringle 

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred A. Reed 

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Richardson 

Mr. and Mrs. David I. Rippcon 

Dr. James Ryan 

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Lynn Sampson 

William A. Shearer, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Smith 

David P. Smith 

Bob and Ann Sparacio 

Gene P. Stuart 

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Surgner 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Swarthout 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Thagard. Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert McG. Thomas. Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Thompson 

Dr. and Mrs. R. H. Unger 

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Upton 

Mr. and Mrs. O.W. Van Assendelft 

George H. Van Sciver 

Mr. and Mrs. Russel W. Whitman 

Mr. and Mrs. A.S. Williams 

James B. Wood. M.D. 

the best universities 
produce the best business leaders 

Sydney Lewis 

Best Products Co , Inc 
Founder and chairman of the 
executive committee 

Washington and Lee University 

Class of 1940 

Board of Trustees, 1972 to 1983 

Robert E.R. Huntley 

Best Products Co , Inc 

President and 

chief operating officer 

Washington and Lee University 
Class of 1950 
President, 1968 to 1983 

Best Products, one of the nation's larg:est discount retailers, is headquartered in 
Richmond, Virginia. Founded in 1957 by Sydney and Francis Lewis, today Best operates 
194 stores in 27 states. The company also operates Best Jewelry, a chain of fine jewelry 
and giftware stores. 

Best sells high-quality brand-name merchandise at discounted prices in five core 
categories: jewelry and'giftware, the home, consumer electronics, leisure, and juvenile. 

A publicly held company. Best is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and employs 
approximately 20,000 nationwide. 


The W & L Bookstore: Where Money Is Never 

A Problem 

^j^ -^A**- .A \fj^ 


^^ i 




( )n Ihc C aiiipus 

At DaiKC Wcckciuis 

Or Parlies at (ioshcn 

\V hatcvcr the occasion nia\ be 

7~^ /^ — 

1 1 1 Wi'st Nelson Street 
1 rxinqton, Virginia 24450 


Come in diul ciccjuirc our Inihif 



22 West Nelson Street 
Lexinuton. Va. 




1 Suulll Mjiii Street 

(.■urii|.k'lc Holdiiij: litics. Bed Iriiniev 

Assorted Ch.iirs. Desks. ,md l..niips 

IVs ,,iid V'CRs 

tree Delivery In 1(10 Miles 





RT 1 1 NORTH. P O Box 1 

Lexington, Virginia 244 
I703) 463-7393 


J (S ^ 0[fice 

(703) 463-3432 








Caper's Inc. 


25 N 



VA 24450 

(703) 463-2566 



FOR All Your printing needs 

1 07 NORTH Main Street Lexington, VA 244S0 


(703) 463-9232 



conlact tf' t'"' ill! 


xour ircivfl Jtsuihilinns 



41 South Mam Streel 




Lexington, Virginia 244,S(l 

165 South Main Street 

Lexington, Virginia 24450 





Florist to the Homestead 

( I. Italic Row • r< ) Drawer '119 • Hot Spriiii>s, \a 2444? 
(7(>:<) ,S;l'l-L'ri'J(l (pr (Tll.H) H;<<)--I().=iI) 

1();5 \, .Icricisoii • LlxIiiuIdii, \a, 24450 (7():-i) 4<i3-9S4 1 






PHONE (703) 4*3-2323 


g you 

since 1851 

Specializing in 


raming. fragrances 


limar, Chi 

nel. Es 

ee Lauder, etc). 

Russell Stover 


. and of course 




Ser\ iiig 

C,Ju.ilii\ Food 

to Wash 

ngtoii li; Lee 


for 50 Years 




Dresses — 

SportsK far 

,70:5 l(i.>-"i!^W.S 
2:> \ Main St 

Cotigialulations to 

Washington and l,cc 

Class ol 1986 



2 Sdiilli Mam l,i'Miit;l(iii. V'lr'^mia J44ri(l 
Main ()ltl( r 1711, tl 4() i-,tl71 

l.f\m'_;tim-Biicii,i Visla SlKippmu Park 


^ r 



7 Nciiih Iflk-ison Sirt-ft 
7()S H.;-i7Mi'21.' 




Washington St. 
Lexington, Va. 

The affordable way 

to Home Entertainment 

^' '^'% 

.0- ^/Airiw e^ 

21 W Washington Street 
Lexington, Virginia 24450 





Virginia-made crafts, foods and unique gifts featuring 
W&L chocolates and mementoes. 

MONDAY-SATURDAY 10:00am-6:00pm 

Alnin-Scunis, 3nc. 

lO: West Washington Street FINE MEN'S APPAREL 

(703) 463-53S? 

'()\iT d Halt fciitiiiA of I-Api ri( 

Sp.n lall/MiU III ( nllcur 

\iiniial I'liiiliiuiapliN 

( ninincrc lal Industrial 

\\c(l<liii- Pnrtiaitiir,- ( nl,.r 

221 Soiitl, Main Strrct 

l.,AiriUtun \i|-miii,i 2U."')(; 

'703 463-2139 

Baked Willi llic lli.iiuanadc TiiirIi 

(a)untr\ Kittlu'ii 

An Old KasliKincd Bakcn 

Kat in or T.ikc Out 


S North Main 

Ia\ini;ton, \a, 24450 

Old main St Malu 


KclK s ( .'oilier 

(In lil 1)11, 2 .") nnlcs W rsl ,.l Lrxinul' 

KNOWN ion 1 INi; Si:i{\l< K '"^ 

r\ni'i SI n'i,ii:,s • ici', • (,H()(:i:iiii':s 
•(:am()1'1''1,a(;|'; c:i,<)iii1';s 

• \UMV SlMU'l.l s 

■ III \ii\<: \\i) iisiiiNc i.i(:i:ns1':s 

SI \IK CAMI', (:iii;( ki\(. SI \i i()\ 

\lllcs and S.iihK \\c 

463-5452 I',- 

()|Hn 7 l)a\> 



2^ Spudi Main Mrrrt 

Vdtey TnM Vtlift Itardwvt 

Hardware, Paint & Related Items 

E. Nelson Street 

Moo.-Sat. 8:3*4: 
Son. 1-5 


hiisl l.c\ . . - 

A W&L Tnulilum" 

()fH.-n 4 a 111 - niLdriLght cvcr> da\ 

US 11 North 4h3-36l4 

Serving lunch and dinner daily 
Sunday Brunch 12-3 

rHE' PvLM s: 

101 W, Nelson St. Lexington, V.i. 


203 North Main Street 

Lexington, Virginia 24450 


Our Typing' 












Special ttranks to our Hunter Publishing 

Charlie Garrison 

for all his help and support thioughool this year 




Virginia Representatives left to right: 
Guido, Slice, Papa Lute, The Kid, Viper, Al, 
Ralph, Temp, Burl 


You have each demonstrated outstanding character 
during your careers at W & L. 

You leave your mark on the University in the form of 
many memories 



Senior Index 

ABBOTT. PAIL THOMAS — TSilO East Bnastivk 
Rd.. Midlothian. \A 23113 — Hi.ston — Deans 
Ust — Fwtlxill x-2\ Ru,sb>- {l\ East Lex L,i.\. i3\ 
International Clnb v2\ Plii Gamma Delta (Honse 
Maiiat:er-4, Correspt^ndini; SecTetan-3. B.ubell 
Club ' 

Lorece L^ine. Memphis. TN .38117 —r Economics 
M\d Relipon — Dean s List. S.\B unember at lariie 
— 1.2 E\ecuti\e Director-3. ChiUrman-4\ 
-\ssistMit Rnsh Book Editor Ul Co-Editor Rush 
Book \2.3V Siama .Alpha Epsilon (l-4\ Tennessee 
Delegate Mock Convention (L 

ALFORD. AL.\N SCOTT — 114 Warrenton. 
Houston. TX 77024 — Economic .ind Politics — Pi 
Kappa .\lpha 

Highway. Huntington. \\A' 25705 — Philosophx 

ANDERSON. KE\ IN H LER — 4716 Glen 
Horcst Drnc. Ralemh. NC 27617 — 

ANDREW. DA\'1D ASHLEY — RR 3 Box .547. 
Flo\d Knobs. IN 47119 — Economics — Dean's 
List. ODK (41, Mu Beta Psi [3). Track (L,2,3.4) 
Cross Countx- all region Southeast 85 & "86, 
Concert Guild Band (President 2,3,4,), Rockbridge 
Orchestra ' Gottxvald Quintet (3> 

.\ir> Drive. Rochester. NY 14617 — Geologv- — 
Dean s List. Elementarv School Tutor (1), Sigma 
Phi Epsilon (, Washington and Lee 
Geological Societv- (1,2.3,41 

APPEL. GARY PHILIP— 1S03 Bordeaux Court. 
Fallston. MD 21047 

L\nhaven Drive. Greensboro, NC 27406 Politics 

.\TK1NS, JOHN EDWARD — 6120 Arden, 
Shreveport. L.\ 71 106 — Geologx — Three > ear 
.\rmy ROTC Scholarship, .\ssociation of the .\rm\ 
.\\vard tor Excellence in Militan, Historx (2), The 
Lena T Stevens Scholarship (2), Honors Thesis in 
Geologx (4i, Phi Delta Theta M-4i Varsitv Football 
(L, Rugbv Club (2-4) Presid. i,l 1 ,..i, h 3 4 
BarbeltClub (1), Intramural sp.i.ts r 
Phil Delta Theta '41, Geologi, ,,1 So, i,t\ 3-4' 

Gladstone .\venue, Louisville. KY 40205 — 
Business .\dministration and .\cc(mntmg — Sigma 
Nu (l-4i treasurer (3), Student Healtli Committee 
i3i. Mock Convention '84 delegate, MDA 
Superdance (.31, College Republican (1), 
Constitutional Convention Delegate (4) 

AULD. D.WTD — .3300 Auld Dr., Edgewater MD 
21037 — Business .\dministration. Zeta Beta Tau 
House Manager (21 President i3l \'ice President (4i 

BABER. WILLIAM W III — Route 1, Box 1.33. 
Stahlstoxv-n. PA 15687 — German 

Ave., Bronx, NY 10466 — Sociology 

■ •' KfR, JAMES HENRY III — 1.3312 Golf Crest 
■ 'iiipa. FL .3.3624 — English/East Asian 
li'ibert Kent Frazier Scholar (1-4). Henrx 
i-'unner .-icholar (2), Vincent BiMdfoKl S, li"l,i 3 
National Merit Scholar (1-4' C.tli'in,. 11," i"" 

Campbell Scholar in English Lil( 1.1 I L,,,i 

Asian Studies .\ward (4), Pin Eta Si'^m.i ' 1 ', Fin 

Beta Kappa (3), Honor Roll, Dcm's List, V.iisitv 
Football (1-41, Kapp.i Mpli.i < lid.i Srbul.nslnp 
Chairman (3), CoiKsp.Mi.liic^ s, , ,, i,,n ' n, Ml)\ 
Superdance Co-Cbaii m.i.i . I Sp, , 1 A.nts (1-3), 
Mock Coiivciilioii '.SI D.leg.ile, Inli.niiiiial \ ice 
Ch.nnii.lii, GTP Eiilerpnscs 

BARNES, D.-VVID NEVINS — 1,5498 Connti-x Mill 
Court, St Louis, MO 6,3017 — Politics and 
.\merican Histoi-x, Pi Sigma .\lpha (3,4) 
Secretarx/Tn-asnrer (4), Sigma Nu (1-4), College 
Republicans (1), Mock Convention (1) 

Lane. Mccliord, NJ O'SO.55 ~ Business 
Adnninstration — Dorm C:onn.selor (3.4) Pbi Kappa 
Psi (1-4), Computer Operator (3,4) 

BATrELSTElN. DAVID L. — .3506 Tartan Lane, 
Houston, T\ 77025 — Business .\dniiiiisliatioii 

Drnc. Williamsburg, VA 23185— Politics 

BENFORD, JOHN YATES — 6.340 S VV 126th 
St, Miami, Fl 331.56 — Histon.' 

BKircom Lane, Wvckoff, NJ 07481 — Economics 
,ind Politics — Ct^kl Cliei.k Committee Chairman 
(2-4), Mock ConstitiitioiKil ( :.iii\eiition Chairman 
(3,4), Student HandlM.ok Assist,mt Editor (1), Caliix 
Section Editor (3), Republican (1-3), 
Library Advisory (Committee (4), Film Society (4), 
Mock Convention '84 (1) 

BERGER, GEORGE ADAM II — 2218 Trenton 
Drive,, AL 3.5406 — U.S. History — 
Dean's List, Swimming (1), Rugby (3,4), WLUR 
(1-4), Mock Convention State Chair (4), Pi Kappa 
Alpha (1-4) Officer (2-4), Mock Convention '84 
Texas delegate 

BERLIN, ROBERT QUINN — 10.50 General 
Allen Dr , W<'st Chester, PA 19,3'S2 

Ave., Staten Island, NY 10312 — Politics 

RISSINGER, FREDERICK J. — 44 Conrtcr Ave , 
Maplcwond, NJ 07040 — Economics 

BL.\CK\VOOD, MKTIAEL S. — lO'SOO Bnibaiik 
Dr. Potomac, MD 20,S54 — Chemistrx 

Emmans, PA 18049 — Antbropologv/Politics — 
Phi Beta Kappa (4), Pi Sigma Alpha (3), Phi Eta 
Sigma (1), The Jim Stimip Prize in German (1), 
Fencing Team (1,3,4), Co-Captain (4), International 
Clnb (1,3), (ierman Club (3), Film Society (4) 

Macbeth St., McLean VA 22102 — Economics — 
Rugbv (1-4), Chi Psi member at large (2) Pledge 
Trainer (2), ROTC, Mock Convention (1), SAB 
Assistant Treasurer (2) Treasurer (3) Secretarx' (4), 
Rangers (1-2) 

191, Lexington, VA 24450— Polities 

Box KiO, Bockbndg<' B.itlis. VA 24473 — Geologv 
— Honors Thesis (4) Deans, Honor Roll, 
Robert E. Lee Hesr,,,, li Scholar (3), King Tutn I'ln 
(2-4) Cartoouisl d), Tw.i Children: Colin (1-4), 
Loma (3-4) 

BOYD, THOMAS JORDAN —,323 Fairmont 
A\(' . Winchester, \A 22601 — Biologx 'Chemistry 
— .Mph.i Epsilon Delta il-4) I'ln Bcia K.ippa (3,4), 
Pill Eta Sigma (1), Jazz Band (3), Cross Coiintrv 
(4), Track (4), Big Brother (1), RE. Lee Research 
(3), Sigma Chi (1-4) 

BR.U'kf.N, ( II \BLES W. — Snedens Landing, 
Box 59S I' s NY 10964 — 
EcHionn. s Spanisl, 

Shore Drive, Oshkosh, WI ,54901 — PsNchologx — 

Mock Democratic Convention ! I >. Collge 
Republican i3.4i. Superdance CoiiiniiOee Member 
(3). Cah,x (3). Mock Constitution.d C:(invention WI 
Delegate (4) 

Westmoreland Dr. VI.. Mobile, A L 36609 — 
l's\cliolog\ — Dean's List, Honor Roll, Psychology 
I)e[i( Scholarship (3), Superdance (3,4), 
Voting Regulations Board (4), Universitv Council 
(I), C(dlege Kepublicans (3,4), W & L ' 
Constitutional Convention (3,4), Alabama State 
('li.iirman (4), Mock Democratic Convention (1), W 
\ L Film, Society (4) 

Bolivia, APO Miami, FL 340,32 

BROWN, STUART KEVIN — 3019 Park Ave., 
Augusta. GA 30909 — Politics 

Lakeluirst, NJ 08733 — Economics — Dean's List, 
Fraternity member (1-4), Fraternity Pledge 
Educator (2), Rush Chairman (4), University 
Council Member (4), Varsity Football (1-4) 

Wedge Wav, Littleton, CO 80123 — Politics — 
Deans List, Glee Club (1-4), Southern Comfort 
(1-4), Concert Guild Board (3,4), Cable Nine (3.4) 

BROWNLEE, JOHN LESLIE — .52.36 Pumphrev 
Drive, Fairfax, VA 22032 — Business 
Administration/ Accounting — .American Legion 
ROTC Award (4), Varsit\ Football (2-4), Chairman, 
University Council (4) 

BRYANT, VICTOR A, — 207 Virginia Ave., 
Richmond. W 23226 — American Historv — 
Mock Dcm.H latic Coincntion (1), Mock Coioditioii i4), Rins Turn Phi 
Advcilismg \laii.i,|gei i2'. SAB (3,4), Political 
liriKU Editor (4). Student Recruitment Committee 
(4). Pin K.ippa Sigma (1-4) 

Ave.. Westheld, NJ 07090 — Historv — Beta 
Theta Pi (1-4) Social Chairman (2,3) Rush 
Chairman (4), Big Brother (3), East Lex Lacrosse 
(3), JV Lacrosse (1,2), SAB (2-4), '84 Mock 
Democratic Convention (1) 

Street, Metairie LA 70005 — Economics — Dean's 
List, \arsitv Track (1-4), Phi K.ipp-' ■''^"'■i (2-4), 
Cont.ict Committee (4) 

BUILI H SI \N NH)NTGOMERY — 128 Tntters 

Neck, W ilh.iinsl.ur..;, VA 23185 — Politics — 
Deans List, Signi,i Plii Epsilon (1-4), A rie/ st^iff 
(2,:5) Co-editor (3,4), Piihlicatioii s Board president 


Ave,, Auburn, NY 1,3021 — 
Plivsics-Engineering/Mathematics — Dean's List, 

|\ l..ui(iSM- (1,21, club l..uniss,- ,:!). I'l K,i|ii..i I'lii 
(1-1), .Mock DrnuHl.ll., (o[l\rnhoM ill, Wuvl 
Coiistillltldll^ll Come iilL.n 1 I), ll.l Del Drll.l 

KiiKiTi.Tnim Fr,.t(•^Mt^ , I ( \ ( lui. i.H 

iniu), ii:i) i.ii'W i:i.i.i\ i."),! r..|.Mi,,i \)n^r 

\liiiU.iiil..\Mi I'A 2(i.")(r. .\micik.iii 
lll^l.>l^ ImimimIisiii 

c:.\i..\iiiu;riA, iu)iii;ur e n-ir-, ( i,,si, . 

Strivl, U.iiiHKlal.', NV 1 15,5:S — l!usi,„ss 
Accountiiii; — Dfan\ List, JV Laciosv A.Z'. (.IK.) 
Lacr(>.-,«' (3,4), Uan(|iict .Manam-i i D, I'ln k.,p|u l\i 

(1-1) I'r.'Mclcal (.1), Mo.k (■nMVrMtl..n ll' 

C:.ANN()\, M1CII,\K1, 1).\\ 11) 1' () H,,\:i2, 
Crcc-iivilJc-, ,S(: 29602 — K.iii;lisli 

CANON, MAKK MO^KH — 2027 l'alin,-(t(i I'.niit, I'liiitc N.'dra licacli, Kl,:i20N2 — 
l'liil,.M.pliv - Diaiis List, l>i Kappa IMii (l-4t, 
\(.liiml!(U H...inlil |), M.Kk CoiiMiilioii iL 

CAUDl'.K, JOHN HANDOLl'll - I'.iliuk ILiua 
Hot. I, Suit.- >)0-l — ()1T S j.ll.rsoii, U.uiiokr \ \ 
21(111 — Clu-inistix 

C:AKH, "n'LER S, — 3 Twin I'lms lUl , Bozinaii 
MD 21612 — Busimss .Uliiiiiiistiatimi — Plii 
Kappa Psi, \'arsitv Wi.stlnm, Cliy waltt-r, Barlx-ll 
dull, LiMvcisilv Ci.uncii iL 

CAHTEK, t:iiHlST()l'llLli lilCllAHlJ,S — 1011 
S. Sth Strci-t. Clikkaslia, OK 7:>01N — English — 
Elizabeth Garret Seliol.nslnp in Eimlish (3), Dean's 
List, Honor Roll. I'mxeisitx Sriiolar. I'bi Beta 
Kappa, Votiim Kei;nlati>ins H.mmI ( I ■ 
Stndent Teleplioiie Union ( ■|i,iiiin,iii i i' V.Imsmix 
Board (4), College Hepiibluaiis I , U Int. Honk 
("onnnittee (1). Admissions ('onnnittee (,3). (dee 
Club (1-4), Secretary- (3), Student Conductor (4), 
Lui\ersitv Chorus (3.4), Tour Manager (4). Mn 
Beta Psi (3,4). Seeretan (4), Oniicron Delta K.ipiu 
(41, \VLl'K-FM (4), fii.ig Turn Phi (41, Student 
\<-str\ RE. Lee Episcopal Church (1-4) 

Hill Kd,, M.idison, t:i"()fifi43— Polities — K.ipp.i 

Sigma, ROTt:. Ran,gers (2-4), H.iiiiier ( ip.iiu 

Commander, JV LiLV (1.2). Mock Coiixeiilion 
Delegate Nebraska 

.Monrovia St.. Shrexi'port. LA 71106 — Business 
.\dininistration — Who's W'lio in American 
Colleges & Universities, Honor Roll, Vice 
President of the Student Body (3). Executive 
Committee (1-4). Student Conduct Committee-ad 
hoc member (3.4). Kathekon (3.4), Student 
Recruitment (3.4). Pledge Class President (1). 
W'l.UR D.J. (3). Political Res.'aicher lor Loinsi.iiia 
Mock Convention (1) 

CHENEY, CRAIG EVAN — D-7 Green Hills 
-\pts , Lexington, \'.\ 24450 — American Histoix 
— Honor Roll, James Wood German Schoknsliip 
(3), De.m's List, liistrnmentul Ensemble (3,4) 

Rd.. Baltimore. MD 21212 — Economics — 
Varsity Lacrosse (1-4). Student Recruitment (3.4). 
Student Activities Board (3.4). Phi Kappa Sigma 
(1-4). Sigma Societv (3.4) 

COBB. D.AVID R — 4101 l„ikciidgc Dr.. 
Holland Ml 49424 Independent (Music) — Dean's 
List. Honor Roll. WLUR (2-4). Mock Convention 
(2). Concert CJnild (4). Percussion Ensemble (3.4). 
Jazz Band (3). Association of C;ollegiate 
Eiiteqjrenenrs (4). Instrumental Ensemble (4) 

COHEN. JEFFREY ALAN —6 D.miiuood,' 
Miipion. P.\ 19452 — Economics — W.itci I'nio 
i4i. Lacrosse (L. Pi Kappa Alpha |4) 

McCorkle Drive. Lexington. \ A 244.50 — 
Joiiinahsm — The James S. Wood Prize in 
Cennan. Si.gma Delta Chi, Society of Prol' 

CONW \^ Cll MU.l.S \1 II! I 111 \, 11, ii,, 

lib, I |.i. ks.MiMll, , KL 322111 lluslliess 


( Ol'i': klAINI'MHlIk 1295 Sluiuood H.I 

S.iii M.ilin., (A ')l lOS Hlisiuc-ss 

Nil usii.ilinu Ci'irii.iii 

CH.WV I'OHl), COOI'LH CHOI Cll II Mil, b. I 
Circle-, Home, (iA .30161 — Kur,.p,,iu llishm 
SAB(l), SAE(l-4), 1EC(2), \ i, , I'mm.I, iii S\i: 
(3), Pri'sident SAE, Kathekon ii L S,,i,iiiH 
Advisors C,Hiiiiiitte,. (4) 

llighl, 111,1 \m- I ,,ll lln, I \1.\ 02720 — 
Joinnalisiii L.iinb,!,, ( l,i \lph,i (1-4) l'r,sid,-iil 
(4), SiguM l),ll,, Clu , |i W I.IH il-li, C.ilil,- (I 
(,3.4). Mock CiMi\,nlioii ,1 

CUHHEN. ERIK 1)A\ ID — 6021 N \I,ipl,-w,i,.,l 
Cliic.igo, 11.606,59 — English 

CURRY. RONALD LEE 11 — S131 Mcad.mdalc 
Court. Longmont. CO .S050I — Business 
Administration/Politics — Zeta Beta Tau (1-4). 
(Intramnral Director (2), Social Chairman (3)). 
Fencing Club (1.2). WLllR (2). Mock Coiivenlion 

Woodfield Rd . l-'ranklin Lakes. NJ 07417 — 
Economics — Bet,, Tlu-t.i Pi (1-4). N'arsitv Bas,I,.ill 
1 1-4) Captain (4) 

D.AVIDSON. PHILIP ALLEN — 311 l.ongw.iods. 
Houston. TX 77024 — Business Adiniiiisli.ition — 
Dean's List. Honor R,,ll. Kappa Alpha \ic,- 
Presidcnt (4). Rush Cbainnan (.3). lions,- Man.iger 
(2), MD Superilance (1-4), Mock Convention ill, 

DAMS. BRANDON DILLON — 6 Lightli,ni. 
\\'a\ . Mvrtle Beach. SC 29,577 — Drama 

DAMS, CHARLES LOUIS, IV — 3271 Siil Ross, 
Houston, r\ 7709S — Hnsniess 

DeBONTE. DONNA Q — 5 Mornnigdal,- Circle, 
Little Falls. NJ 07424 — Chemisti\ — ll.inor R.ill, 
Dean's List, Soccer (4), Dorm Counselor (4,5), Pit 
Crew Manager (4,5) 

Tachah.ic Rd , Hicliiuond, \A 2.32.33 — Chennstr 

DEICHAN, CHHLSroPHER JOHN — .5.520 Hiiili 
Ave., Pennsauken, NJ (l,S109 — Journalism — Clec 
Club (1-4). Business Manager (3.4). Universit\ 
Chorus (3.4). Southern Comfort (1-4). Lanipost 
(3-4) Treasurer (4). Cone<-rt Guild (1-4). Rni'^ Turn 
Phi (2). WLUR (3.4). Student Handbook Editor 

Road. Plandome. NY 110.50 — Politics 

DOHAN. STEVEN ROBERT — ,30 Bi<,okw,i,.cl 
Drive. Stanhope. NJ 07874 — Politics — Mu B.t.i 
Psi (Music) (.3). Glee Club (1-4). Uiinersitv Choru- 
(3.4). WLUR (1-4) Classics Dii,ct,ir i3l. Clii Psi 

Road. Dedhani. MA 02026 — Jonrnalism/llistorx 

Rd.. St. Loins MO 63124 — .Vccountmg Business 
.administration — Sigma Nu (1-4). Mock 
Convention (1). Republicans (1) 

DUKE. GEOFFREY RlCHAHl) — Rout,- 1. Ho\ 
1.36-C. Fairi'iekl. \A 24435 — Politics 

I-;LME1( CHARLES M, \EIL1. — 121 East .54tli 
Sli,-,| S,,\,,i,u.,h. (.A 31 105 l'liilos,,pli\ 

l':si|AM, WILLIAM ENERElT'lll- .ihOO Ocean 
Front #112, Ocean City MD 21811 - English — 
.Sjgni.i Cbi 111) Sc-cn-tarv (.3.4). IFC Jiidii-ial Board 
(3,1), TM-asnn-r 14), Student R,-criiitni,-nt (4), 
Ch,iiii, 1,111 I iiis.isitv F,-d,i.,lio,i. Big Hi,itli,-i/Hig 

Sistii A-,so,l,i 1 111, Colli, Kt III 

11,11 Cin!,-. Housloii, r,\ 77024 — Business 

ll-.iiHELL, SCOl'l )0SI-:PII 705 linib,-. 
lli.iiiih l',ukwa\, Al,viii,liia, \ A 22302 — 

I ii.ihsni - l),-.iii\ List, t'liiversilv 

I'liotographer Assistant l2 4l, WLUR (2,3), 

lilt, rAai sits Christian F.-llowsliip President (3). 

Lanipost Pii-sich-nl (4) 

FARRELL, BRYAN ANDREW— 277 Jon.ilhan Ni-« CT 06840 — E,,iiioiiiks 

FEYRER. JOHN DAVID — 1.56 James Street, 
Kingston. PA 18704 — Journalism — Dean's List 
/img Turn Phi (2). WLUR (2-4), Sports Director (4), 
Student Reeruitment Committee. (2-4). Water Polo 
(1). S%yinnning(1.2). (;olf(3.4). Sigma Delta Chi 
(3.4). Vice Presid.-nt (4). Cable Nine (3.4). Pi 
Kappa Alpha (1-4), Alinnni Ch.iirinan (3) 

FISHER, W CLINTON 111 — 602 Club Lane. 
LoiiismH,-. KY 40207 — Eeonomics/Gerinan ~ Jim 
Stump Prize for C;erman Achievement (3). JV 
1, iiins il). Mock Coiiventicm (1) 

Epsilon (1-5). Public Relations Cli.uiin.m (4.5). 
C^Iean Lexinton Conimitt,-, I W Im s Who .\ni(mg 
American College &[ l'in\, isil\ Slml, nts (5). ,Moek 
Convention (2) 

Coiiveiitum (2) 

FOLEY. JAMES CURTISS — 445 Ciamatan .\ve . 
Mt. Vermm, NY 10.552— History/Politics — 
l^acrossc Manager (4). Film Society (1-4), President 
(2,3), While Book Revisions (2), W'LUR (1,2), 
Mock Convention (1) 

FOLEY, SAMUEL JOHN IV — 63 Kilburn Rd., 
Garden City, NY 11.5.30 — Journalism — Dean's 
List, Honor Roll. National (aillegiate Journalism 
Award Winner. Rinn Turn Phi (2-4), WLUR (2-4), 
Cable 9 (3.4). Phi Kappa Pin (3.4) 

Street. Merrick. NY 11.566— Busiik-ss 

Administration — Dean's List. II u Roll — 

C«/(/.t (1-4). Editor (3). PUBLICVFIONS BOARD 
(3.4), Vice President (4). Mock Constitutional 
('onvention (3.4), Operations Chairman (4). 
Cainventiim First Vice Chair (4). SAB (2-4). 
Student Heeruitnient Committee (4). Film Societv- 
(4), Mock Cmvention (1) 

I'.ukwooil R,)ad. Charleston, WA' 25314 — 

Fi-nimore Ave . I'niondale. NY 11.5.53 — Life 
Science — Lacrosse (:3.4), Cin Psi (1-4) 

CARREIT. WILLIAM A, III — 95 Tan.glewood 
Dr.. Summit, NJ 07901 — Business 
.-Vthninistration/.-'Lccounting — Honor Roll. \'arsitv 
L.K-rosse (2-4). Mock Convention (1). Beta ThetaPi 

(1-4). SAB (2-4) 

CAUVIN. .SC;0-rr ll — Es.-k Hopkms Lane. 
Cumberland. Rl 02864 — Politics 

Sw.ishbiKkl,- Court, New B,iii. NC 28.560- 

Sodbern- Hill. AtliUita, GA 30339 — Enulisli — 
Honor Roll. Deoji's List. ODK i4\ ROTC 
Sch.iniberg Aw.ird. Milit.m Order of tlie World 
Wars Silver Medal. U.S. .\rmv Gold Medal. Wlios 
Who. Phi Delta Theta House Manager i2\ Student 
Recruitment vo.4l Ckrirman ^4* WLl'R ■,-2-4\ 
Music Director i,4\ .Mock Convention ^P. 
Kathekon '4'. I'niversitv Council i3V Supertlance 
Public Relations ,4 

Dr. . Clifton. \A 22024 — Studio Art — Honor 
Roll. Interc^iUegiate Footbidl (V. Brass & Wind 
Ensemble .2-41 SAB 

Rd . Rome. GA 30161 — Histor\ 

(,;1LES. PAIL EARL — 820 H.ile Street, Bc\t il\ 
Farms. MA 01915-2214 — Europe.m Histor\ 

GOTTWALS, HARRV C . IR — 1115 Gener.ds 
Hit;hw,>\. CrouiisvUle. MD 2U)32 — Business 

GR.\DDV. DIANE B . IB — S,52 \-\nvst HilK 
Drue. Nash%dle, TN 37220 — Enghsli 

GR-W ES. RICHARD B.. Ill — 16 Bavou \ leu 
Dn\e, Gulfport. MS 39501 — French/German 

GREENBERG. HENRY B.. JR. —6075 IVlicui 
Bay Blvd.. Naples, FL 33940 — Economics — 
Soccer \l\ Ring Tutn Phi ,\dvertising Manager (3), 
Business .Manager Calt/x [-1). Le-\inton Youth 
Socx-er Coach i3.4). Phi Kappa Sigma (1-4) 

GREER. WILLIAM R.. JR — Route 6, Bin 
12.S6-B. Port Tobacco. MD 20677 Historv 

6007 Shoreuood Dr.. ArHngton. TX 76016 — East 
.\sian Studies — Kansai-Gaidhi Exchange Program 
Oshka. Japan. Waterpolo letterman (1.2), Swim 
Team il-4i. International Club & Chinese-Japanese 
Language Club 

Ciregor) Place. Tuskegee. AL .360SS — Journahsni 
— Young Democrats President (3,4), Sigma Nu 
Vice President (31. .Mock Convention Co-Chairman 
i3i. Asst, News Editor WLUR (3). Who's Who 
.\mong Colleges & Universities (4), Reeve's Center 
.Associate (3.4) 

Dn\e. New Orleans. LA 70122 — Business 
Administration — Pi Kappa Phi (1-4), House 
Officer i3', Secretarv i4) 

HANSARD, M.XTTHEW R,\Y — 2114 Oxbottom 
Road, Tallahassee. FL .32312 — European Ilistorv 

Magnolia Ave.. Pensacola. FL .32.503 — Eni.,p. .ui 
History — Dean's List SAE (1-4). Rush Chanman 
(2), Food Manager (2.3), Chaplain (2,3), Student 
Recruitment (2,3), SAB (2-4), Voters Regulations 
Board (3) 

1. Princeton. KY 42445 — Business .administration 

Court, Newark, DE I97II — Business 
.■\dministration.'.\ccounting — FrLsbee Club (2,3), 
.•\lpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity 

HARV EY, TODD DUNHA.M — 4651 Bennington 
Rd., Hillsboro. OH 451.3.3— European Historv — 
Dean's List, Zeta Beta Tau President (41, W &' L 
Brass Ensemble Vice-President (41 

Rwkingham Rd., Prospect, KY 400.59 — Biology 

Pe.ichtree W.iv. Atlanta. GA 30.305 — Frencli — 
De.m's List, Mock Comcntion (D, Kapp.i Sigm.i 
Social Cli.inni.ui (21 K.ipp.i Signi.i Rush Gh.uiinaii 


Drue. Mansville, OH 43040 — English/Biolog\ 

HERMAN, MARK .STUART— 140 Topstone Rd. 
iBox 6.351, Wi-st Bedding, CT 06896 — American 
IIistor\/Art — RE. Scholar, Dean's List. Honor 
Roll. Football (1-4). Phi Kappa Psi (1-4), Barbell 
Club iL3). Mock Coiuention (I), Constitutional 
Coiuention i4l 

Place, Rye, NY 1()5()S — Economics — Dean's 
List, I'niversitv Ca>iincil, Class Vice President 
(3,4), Kathekon (4). Pi Kappa Phi (1-4), Social 
Chairman (3) 

New Orle.ins. LA 70005 — History American — 
Phi Kappa Phi (1-4), Historian (.3), President (4), 
WLl'R Disc Jockey (4), Mock Convention (I) 
Constitutional Convention State Chairman (4). 
Young Republicans (2,4) 

HOWARD, DAVID WAYNE — 6 Pleasant Street, 
S.mdwich, MA 02563 — American Historv — 
Ba,seball (1-4), College H. public. nis (1-4), Jewish 

Student Union (1-4), ( n I id. i mganizer. Alpha 

Phi Omega (3,4), Co-I.mndci Scicial Vice President 

S40-A, Oxford, AL 36203 — Business 
Administration/Accounting — Dean's List, Kappa 
Alpha President (4), Rush Chairman (.3), Kathekon 

(3,4), WLUR (.3,4) 

A\e , Baltimore. MD 212.39 — German/Economics 

Holmes Beach, FL .3.3510 — Business 
.administration/ Accounting 

JEFFERIS, lOSEPlI CRAIG — 45 Patterson Rd , 
Davtoii, OH I51I9 — Business 

JUNG, SCOTT IIYUNHAE — 117 Leslie Drive, 
Newport News, VA 23606 — Business 
Administration/Accounting — Kappa Alpha (2-4). 
Intermural Director (3), Mock Convention (1). 
Fancy Dress Artis (3,4) 

KALITKA. JOHN CHRI.STIAN — 2077 Ambeiiack 
Ct. Resl..n. \A 22901-1,301 — Journalis/Politics — 
Pi Smin.i \l|ih,i iH I), Honor Roll, Deans List, 
Sigma Drll.i ( In (1), SAB (2-4), WLUR (2-4). 
Sigma CIn, Cable Nmc (3,4) 

St. Allendale, SC 29810 — Science 

255. Centreville. MD 21617 — American Historv 

KEHOE. GERARD ROTH II — 305 Southern 
Rd., New Orleans, LA 80123 — Business 
Administration/Aeeounting — Beta Gamma Sigma 
(3,4). Pi Kappa Phi (1-4), Unucrsitv Theater (1), 
C'ourses and Degrees (4) 

KELLY, JAMES FRANCIS — 1816 Old Mill Bd , 
Merrick, NY 11.566 — American Historv — Dcm's 
List, RE. Lee Research Grant, Phi Gamma Delta 
Recording Secretary (3), Hockey Club (1-4), 
Treasurer (4), Mock Convention (1), Rangers (1,2), 
GHQ Manager (4), Australian Rules Football Club 

6915 Harrodsbuig Kd . Micliolasville, KY 40,3.56 — 
Business Adniinistration/Acconntmg — Dean's List, 
Honor Roll, Kincaid Foimdalion Scholarship, Mock 

Convention (1), Superdance (1-3), Alumni 
Secretary (4) Pi Kappa Alpha (1-4). SAB (1) 

KENDALL, ERION J., HI — 4490 Bowtrin 
Court, Titvisville. FL 32780 — Polities 

Luverne, AL .36049 — Plnlosoplu 

Clarcnionl, Nil 03743 — European History/French 

KNIGHT, THOMAS CORDON — 1.380 Hampton 
Course, St, Charles, IL 60174 — Business 
Administration — Ocean List (4), Varsity 
Swimming and Water Polo (1,2), Superdance 
(I,2„3), Committee Co-Chair (4), Rugby Club (2,3), 
Tri Officer (4), Pi Kappa Alpha (1-4), House 
Manager (2), Treasurer (4), Mock Convention (1) 

KOCHEY, VALERIE ANN — 315 Westgate Dr,, 
Sparta, NJ 07871 — Spanish — Sigma Delta Pi 
(Hispanic Honor Society Through Roanoke 
College), James Wood Prize in German. Student 
Manager GHQ (3,4). Lysystrata (3). Cabaret (4) 

Warren, PA 16365 — M.itlieiiiatics — Dean's List, 
Pi Kappa Phi House M.iii.igci i2i. Historian (4), 
Frisbee Club (1,2), Dining H..II Food Service (3). 
Cold Check Committee (4), Mock Convention (1) 

Blvd , BarboursMlle, WA' 25504 — Business 

Circle, Baltimore, MD 21221 — Business 
Administration — Dean s List, Intercollegiate 
Lacrosse (1-4), Football (1-4), Pbi K.ippa Psi, (1-4), 
Vice President (3), Dorm Coimsi Im i )i .\ssistant 
Head Dorm Counselor (4), ODK President (4). 
Who's Who (4), Alcohol Awareness Committee (4) 

LADD, GILBERT Rl'SSELL, IV — 42,54 Jordan 
Lane, Mobile, AL ,36608 — Philosophy 

LAFARGUE, ROBERT T , JR — ,5928 East Ridge 
Drue, Shreveport, LA 71106 — Biology 

LAIL, RICHARD E — 17 Hidden Brook Lane. 
Signal Mt.. TN 37377 — American History — 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon (1-4), SAB (2), Intramural 
Manager (2), Pledge Trainer (3), Social Chairman 
(4), Rush Chairman (4) 

LaMANNA, VINCENT S — 4 Luguer Rd., 
Manhasset, NY 110.30 — Economics — JV 
Lacrosse, (10, Varsity Lacrosse (2), East — Lex Lax 
(3). GHQ Lax (4), Hockey Club (1-4), President 
(3,4), Phi Gamma Delta (1-4), Gamma Society 
(3,4), Club 10 (4) 

Eastbourne Place, Jackson, MS 3921 1 — European 

LAWS, M.XTHEW THURLOW — Jerome House, 
Churtlnll. Bristol, Avon, B5195NG — Historx — 
Dean's List, Honor Roll, SAB (3,4), MDA 
Co-Chairman of Sub-Cdinmittee (4), Dorm 
Counselor (3,4), Kathekon (4), Varsitx' Cross 
Countrv (3,4), Who s Who in .■\meriean Colleges & 
I'nuersities (4), Sigma Alpha Fpsilon (1-4), W & L 
Riigbv Team (I) 

LEARY, RICHARD G, — 151 Locust Ave,, Rve, 
NY 10,580 Economics — Pi Kappa Phi (1-4) 
Financial Aid Committee (4), Voting Regulation 
Board (3,4) 

llwN Weston CT0(iS83 — Business 

Weston, CT 06883 — Mathematics 

i,i:ii:i'\i',, iioHACK iiAi.r/KU — :\:u c.icl.n 

H.I , Hivn Hicli;,, 1 ,A 7(1123 — K.ikIisIi 

l.hWIS \1 \ri IIIA\ SlII'lilDW 171') \ 
II,i;Ii1,mh! l.i.ks,,,, 1\ :iS,!(l| I'imlisl, 

lOOMIS \1 \1>1S()\ Cii \11A\1 127 i (mills. 

Dux.-, Ml.inl.i, C \ .ill:;:;!) i:. ..ii..nii. s C-lnl.iii 

loriv, 1)1 ki;, \Li:| wdho \.ii. h....! 

i:nil.,.ssv il'Ol.i \l'() \1 (I'I2SI IjiH.p.Mn 


l.OWi:, |()11\ \ 1\( r.NT— 1' () Box 70, 
\\illiii..n \ll> 2hi7l. I'.imllsll'Sli.misll 

lANcii, ( iiiiisioriii.H siiiij ns SI 111 I 

1)1 ( li.illi.iiii \| (17'I2S \iii. ii.,iii Ihsd.ix 
U.t.i I'Ik-I.i I'l \i..' I' Ill 11 ( ■ i 1 sill. I. Ill 
liiTlliiliiiciil ( II..' i sill, I. Ill \, Iniliis 

BiKiiil M.i.k c.iiiMiiii.iii ,\'. smiii.i s.Hi.ix 

1,1(>\S Wll. 1.1AM I'HANCIS — 3 IVtcr Cxiopci 
U.I . \.u \.)ik. NV l()(tl(l — AintTfciM llistorv^ 
\I...k ( (II .Si.miKi Nil (1-4). Colk-gc ,11 

\1\ASS, JOHN men Mil) - l' O H.i\ 7(i. 
l-.inlU-kl. \ A 2443,5 — ll.stiir\ — Jaiiu-s W 
I'll/.' in Ccrnw.i (2). Iloin).' H.ill, StmU-nt 
l-m.-meiicv Loan Coniiiiittc.-. (3.4), Collc.m- 
li.piililican (2..3). LanilHl.i (In Alplui. VnivrrMts 
C.mnciKS), ROTCil-l 

\1.u( \('IIH\\ H1(\K()IU) J — I.'ih I'.inlMiik 

H.I , SlI.ll.lllN \ll> (I177(. — IllstlMA 

MAN \\, MIl'.HW IIAAN — S H.l . C.ip.' 

MANDAK. IKFFHEY SCOTl" — 9,S ThanksuiMir.; 
Lane. Cliltoli. N| 07013 — Chemistr\ Deans 
Last. Il.m.ii Hoir. Jim Stnmp Prize (1). Pin Eta 
.Smnia (2) I'lesHlent (3). Onneron Delta Kappa uikI 
Phi Beta Kappa Sophonioi.- Awards (2), Alpha 
Epsilon Dell.i ,,VI) I'lii H.t.i Kappa (3). Omieron 
Delta Kappa i I W Im s \\ ho in American Colleges 
(4). Howe Ch. iiiisin \u.„,l (4). G. Holbrook 
Barber Seh.ilarslnp t Simiia Nu (1-4). R.E. Lee 
Chemistry Reieareh (1-4). MDA Snperdance Dorm 
Counselor Chairman (2-4). ]\' and Clnh Lacrosse 
(1-4). President (4). SAB (2-4). Fellowship of 
t:hnstian Athletes (1-4). vice pr.'sideni (4), Donii 
Counselor l3,4), h.'a.l counselor (4) 

Lane. \ irsniia Beach. \'.\ 2.3452 — Business 
Adnniustration'Acconntmn — WLUR (2-4). 
Student ll.-allh C.iunuittce |4). Pi Kappa Phi (1-4' 

Ocean Front, \irKinia Beach, \'A 23451 — English 
— ODK (4), Honor Roll, Who's Who (4), Dorm 
Counselor (3), .\ssistant Head Dorm Counselor (4). 
Tennis Team (3.4), Student Hecnutmeut (3.4). 
Snperdance Coniinitt.e (3.41, R,,,.^ Turn Flu i3,41 

Am- . B.iltnnore, M D 21204 — Am. ruau llist,ir\ 

MATZDORF. CRAIG ALLEN —4603 Laimshu.- 
Rd , Baldwin, Ml) 21013 — Chemistrv — 
Chennstrv .\ward (1), Phi Eta Sigma (i). Alpha 
Epsilon Delta (2), Pi Kappa Phi (1-4), Co-Fonuder 
W & L Cycling Club (4) 

Cr,-cii, Richiii..nd. \ A 23229 — 

MAYS, CHARLES P , IH — 2109 Cambridge 
Ave . Lak.lan.l, Fl. — Business \,. .muting 

MAZZA. JEFFREY PAUL — 41 Angela Lane. 
Bayshorc. NY 11706 — Business 
Admini.stration/Accounting — Varsity Wrestling 

,l-|i, (111 I'si il L 

Mi,\i.Lisri:n MICH \i:i. noiiutr — si 
Bi.iiiipioii 11.1 (.,11. 1. 11 ( :ii\ N'l I r>,i(i 

J.llllll.lllSlll |).MI.\ List \\ll,,S Who 111 

\iii.-il..iii C.ill.^.s .111.1 I iin.isili.s, class 

I'l. SI. I, -lit i,t, II, siu.l.iit ( :oii.liu t ( :oiiuiiitt.-.- (3, 

Ch.ininan I). Stn.l.-ut Allans ( :oiiiniltt.M' (41, 
Slu.l.nt Coiniintl.-.- (.3,4), liinn imn 
I'll, (1,21, WLUli ill, I'll! C, 1111111.1 D.-lta (I 41 
\1.( OOK, I'lllli lOllN 12S3 Crov.- H.l (, V A I93S(I (:|i,-iiilsliA 

\l,(()'i DON \l,l) l,i:\\ IIT li,illi U.slslioi.' 
DiiM ( .iliiiiil.i.. S( 2I2III, I'.ihli.s D.Miis 
Lisl \.iisit\ Wi.slhim ,|,, M.i.k C.iin.-ution i|! 

M.CMdiV Ml( IIAi;i. FDW AHl) — 12,56 
Ashlioiini.' 1)1 , B.ilon RouXe. LA 70S15 — 
Fiuopcau History SAE (2-4) officer. SAB (1-4). 
k.ith.kon (.31, pi.'sid.ait (4), Dean's List 

M.CHIAN H M WWELL — 2S77 Halu-isham 
H.l N W \tl.uila, CA 30305 — English — 
D.MIIS lisl lloii.u Roll. ODK. Phi Delta Th.ta , p IFC Treasurer (3). Kathekon (3.4). 
I' li.sliman Class. SAB (2.3). Sigma 
S,Ki.'l\ (,!, |i 

M.kS'i Mill S UAl.KI'.H. JR —4203 St CLiu 
I )i ( .ilunil.1,1 S( 29206 — American Histoi\ — 
( \ I, . Pi, sill. 1,1 ,2), Pi Kappa Alpha (1-4) 
Pi.'si.l.iii A lions.' Mana.gcr (2). IFC (2,.3), 
S.'.i.'I.UN I I' Sill. I. Ill H.-.riiitmcnt (2,3) 

Mcl.FAN, SAMIKL 1)A\I[), JR —201 Millci 
Am- Hint. Ill U\ 2,5951 — Politics — Dean's 
List, Film S.ici.'t\ (2-41, C.illcg.- Republicans (1-.3). 
1 U B.iski'lb.ill i2.3). Mock 
(11, Mock Constitutional Comi'iltlou (4) 

M.MAHON, IIMOTHY C. — 1.53(w Broiaii Dr , 
Fliii Ci.iv.v \\I 53122 — Journahsm/ — 
I'lii I'.l.i Sigma (2). Academic All-Ainericau, Uuit.'.l s A.ln.xcment Academv (3), Omicron Dclt.i 
K.ipp.i, Pin Beta Kapp.i, Sigma Delta Chi Vice 
Pr.-sKlcut [A).\rwl (2), VoUlicl Rciun (4), /inig 
Tuin rhi (2-4), \\ LUR (1-4), News Director (4), 
Uuiv.usiH rh.Ml.r-Onc Act (2), Track and I'lcl.l 
(1), Pi K.ipp,i ,\lpli,i (1-4) 

MITIOHIFII, lOIlN CURTLS — 1132 Tice Place, 
U.slh.l.l, NJ 07090 — Business Administration 

Kans.iu, \\\ 2.543S — Business Administration 

MERFDini HOHIN ( :i RTIS — 11200 East 
Dartmoulli Aiii..i,i, CO S(>(I14 — 

lliiiidsl.M.l Lane, Spnngl'ield, VA 22153 — .\uthropolo,g\ — Dean's List, Honor 
R..11. W LUR (1-.3), Riiifi Turn Phi (1,2), Calyx (.3), 
M.i. k Convention (1), Mock Constitutional 
C.iii\ention (4), W & L Film Society (2-4), 
I'lisi.lent (4), Emergencv Loan Committee (4), 
l,il.r,uv Advisorv C.iiiniiill<-c (4) 

MILI'.S, lONAl'IIAN SCO IT — 247 Brees. S,m 
Ant. 1111.1, rX 37130 — American History 

MILLAR, MARK LLOYD — 24 Van Wvck Lane, 
Ll.u.l ILni.,.1, NY 11743 

MILLER, BARRY GENE — 1514 19tli St , Coilx , 
\\A S2414 — Physics/Engineering 

MITCHELL, JOHN G , III — Route 12, Box 3SS 
Murir.-eshoro, TN 371,30 — Business 

MIZF, ROBY D,, JR, — 4.5,35 W.ilnut Hill L.iiu', 
Dallas, TX 7.5229— Hisl.irx — D.mii s I.isl, Honor 
Roll, Omicron Delta K,ipp,i Wlios ,\li,, m 
American Uuiv,-rsiti,-s ,i,„l ( ,,ll,m s \,iisiu renins 
(1-4) captain (4), Phi D.lla lli.t.i, k.illi.k..ii v4), 

F\.-clitiM- Coiiimitl.-.' Secrelar\ (K. Conl.lct ill. 
Big Biolli, 1 l.illl,' Hiolh.-r (41 

MONROI',, CRAK; THOMAS 11919 Ritchie 
H.l , C.'ntr.'vill.', \'A 22020 — Psv. Iiologv — 
l).-aiis List, Honor R.ill, Co-Chainnau Student 
li.-.iiiitin.iil Coniiiilll.-.', Chi. I lallloi W & L 
/,.»,m//o/S,„„,, rill k,ipp., IM 

MOOSk; l)A\ ID l.AWIiFNCF — 4S1 I N.ish 
DiiMv k,uil..x, \ \ 22032— Eur.ip,-au llistoiy 

MOHBIS, MlCIIAl'L IHOLDS — 1817 Blueniont 
Ave n , R.iauok.-, \ A 24015 — Cheinistrv — 
D.Miis List. Sigui.i Alpha Epsilon (1 41. SAB (2-4) 

MOHHIS, SriAl.N WOHlll 432 Ho..k«.io.l 
Dm.', ( li.iil.illcsMll.-, \' A 22901 — Euiop.-.m 

MUHI'HY, JAMES JOSEPH I\ — .3007 Staiitoi 
llouslon. TX 77025 — Bnsmess Administration - 
D.'.ins List, Football-1 viar letter winner (1-4), 

.■.ipt.iui (4), M.ick Convent (1), Kappa Akpli.i 

(1 41, Baili.ll Club (1-3), CTP ui.nib.r, S,<iiiih 

NU'RBAY, THOMAS R. Ill — 115 Linden L:ui.-, 
I', NJ 08.540 — Economic — Deans List. \ Outdoor Track (1-4), captain (4). Mock 
Convention (1). Phi Gamma Delta (1-4). 
(3.41, R.iug.-rs (1-41. G.imma Societv (3.4) 

MMHS IIIOMAS EDGAR. JR, -2028 A\.ii.l 
\m S W H. 1. 111. ,k. •, \A 24015— Fiii.i|i... II 

NEW, JAMES MICHAEL — 4 l..-.iiior.- l)i , S 
F\irninigdale. NY 117,35 — Amcricni llisl.uv — 
WLUR, Pi Kappa Phi, Nice President, Rush 
Ch.mnian Intramnrals, SAB-Operations Director, 
Mock Conviaitlon, Mock Cainstitutional Convention 
MDA Siip.-i.laiice, Noting Begnl.itions B.iai.l 

NEWMAN, SCOTF M, — 319 Chiton Blv,l , 
( Ihlloii, NJ 07013 — History — Sigma Nn (1-4), 
ll.,.k.'\ Club (3,4). Big Brother (4), Rowing Club 
(II M.iik Convention (1) 

NFWSOMF, HR.\1)LKY BRIAN — 815 Siesta 
Com-, Lexuigl.iu, Kl 40,502 — Business 
A.luinnslr.iti.iu'Aci-oniitmg — Dean's List, Phi 
K.ippa Alpha, (1-4), MDA Snperdance (1,4). Mock 
C.iuv.ution (1), WIA'R Disc Jockey (2,3), 
l'"r.ili-rnlt\ pl.-ilgc president (1), social chairnian (2) 

NICHOLS, DAXID FRANCIS — 5 Curtis Street, 
Sprmgli.l.l, \^r 051,56 — 

Nl SBMM, CHARLKS G., JR, — 1342 
Bii<knigli,iiii \vc , Norfolk, VA 23.508 — 
So.i.ilog\ Anthropologv — Dean's List Lambda Clu 
Alpha (141, SAB (2-4), Calyx (2,3), Edit.n o{ Cahix 
(3), Publications Board (3,4), Research Assistant 
Dr Charles W, Turner (3,4) 

\\,' s,ii, |,.s.', CA 95120 — European 
llisiiin S|i,i,iisli — Dean's List, Honor Roll, Phi 
k 1,1 Simiii Z Phi Beta Kappa (4), International 
Club ,1 lii.l. p.ndent Union (3,4), Inter-Varsitv 
t:liristian Fellowship (1-4), W & L Film Societv 
(3,4), Alpha Phi Omega (3,4), Mock Convention 
(1), Ariel (3,4) 

OLl\ FH JOHN NIK HAEL — 300 Patterson Mil 
Rd , B.l An, MD 21014 — Business 
Adinnnstration Xccounting — Dean's List, Honor 
Roll, Pi K.ippa Alpha (1-4), Social Chairman (2,3), committee (4), Mock Convention (1), 
SInd.nt Recruitment (3.41, J\' Lacrosse (1,2) 
...ptain (2), Gliy 

O'REILLY, FRANCIS A 111 — 2196 Lantern 
Lane, Lalavettc Hill PA 19444 — American 
llislorx — Di'an's List, Lexington Historian 
Found. ition Scholarship (3). Vice Chairman 
Constilnti.iual Convention (4). Mock Convention 

Lancewood Rd.. Cwkt-vs\ine MD 21030 — 
Economics — Sigma Chi J-4\ SAB >o.4i House- 
OiScer ',2,4' 

PANKOW. JOHN FIELD — One Cedarclifi' Road, 
Ashf\-ille. NC 2SS03 — European Histor. 

Kusniicht, S7W1. Zunek — Busuiess Admuustration 

Sidelong Place. Columbia, MD 2UU5 — 
EcjDUomics — Honor Roll. Dean s List, .\thletic 
Honor Roll. Distingnislied Militap. Student Pin 
Beta Kappa, Omicron Delta Epsilon, Who s Who. 
ROTC Stfhohirship, ScKx-er a-4\ Lacrosse il-H 
Dorm Counselor i3.4i. Phi Kappa Sigma ^l-4', 
Kathekon ,3.41 ROTC ,1-41, SAB ^3-41 

Lagrange. T\ TS945 — Philosoph\ 

Kens St.. Pensecola. FL 32501 — Politics/French 
— Ehz.ibeth B. Garret Scholarship in French (41 
French Department Student .\d\ isor (4). Pi Kappa 
.\lpha . 1-4 . Fnsbee Club il-31 

PEARSALL. NL\C:K B . JR —5101 Yacht Club 
Road. .hicksouMlle, FL 32501 — Histon 

Street. Mooresto\\n. NJ — Econonucs 

PEE. THOMAS HOW ARD — 765 Mabr\ Rd 
NE. Atlanta. GA 3032S — Natural 
Sciences .Mathematics — Deans List \3.4). Honor 
Roll 4 — W Ll'R . 1-41. \-arsit> Soccer (2-41 

PENSEC:. JOHN FR.\NCIS — 298 Greenway 
Road. Ridgeuood. NJ 07450 — Journalism — 
Dean's List. Who's Who — College Republicans 
I. secretap.' -2. chairman 3-4\ Ring Titm Phi (2.3). 
new s editor 4' Political Rcvictc (3, co-editor 4). 
Mock Con\ention ,L 

Washington Ridge South. West Chester. PA 193S0 
— European Histon. 

PETERS. THOMAS B.VITLE — 1009 Woodland 
Dnve. Wilson. NC^ 27S93 — Econonncs — Dean s 
List a-4). Honor Roll T-41. Elizabeth Garrett 
Economics Scholarship (21. ODK (4). \'arsit>- 
Soccer ll-3i. Phi Kappa Sigma (1-4) president 41. 
Kathekon -'SA'. IFC Vice President (4). SAB (1-4). 
MD Superdance 1-4'. .Mock Con\ention (1) 

A\e.. Denver. CO S021S — European Histon. 

PIERCE. RICHARD JAMES — 1.32 Pleasant 
Grove Rd.. .Mechanicsburg. PA 17055 — 
Journalism — Daniel J. Loughran Scholarship (2). 
Cum Laude. Dean's List 12-41, Honor Roll (2-4). 
Varsitv- Football il-4). WLUR il-4). Program 
Director (4). Phi Kappa Psi. Mock Convention (1). 
Superdance/WLUR i4i. .\nnouncer — Basketball 
Lacrosse (2,3.4) 

PL.\NTE. K.ATHLEEN ALDA — 1090 Manning 
St.. Great Falls. VA 22066 — East Asian Studies 
— Dean's List. Who s Who. Honor Roll — 
Student Recruitment Committee (3.41. 
Co-education Sub-committee on Student Life 13'. 
Dorm Counselor (41. Mock Convention Secretan. 
DC (2), Co-education Sub-committee on Greek 
Life (31. Big Sister (3.41. MD Superdance Dorm 
Committee i41. Homecoming Queen '3) 

Glenvievv Drive. Indianapolis. IN 46240 — 
Journalism — Honors in Journalism (41. Pinnev 
Prize (41. Phi Beta Kappa (41. ODK (3,4), Landon 
B- Lane Scholarship (41, Departmental Scholarship 
i4i. Dora L. Lewis Scholarship (1-4), Phi Et.i Sigm 
ill. Dorm Counselor (41. Alpha Phi Omega i.i,4', 
Zeta Beta Tan (2-4). Ring Turn Phi (1-4). WLUR 
il-41. MDA Superdance (1-4), Sigma Delta Chi 
12-4). Roanoke times & World News reporter (2-4i, 

Cross Conutrv (1-4), Track (2-4), Wrestling (1), 
Glee Club (1) 

\\a\, N W . Atlanta, C.\ 30327 — Business 

POULTON, Jt)HN CULLEN — 44 Lockleven 
Dnxe. Severna Park, MD 21146 — 
Ecouonucs/.Xmencan Histon- — Dean's List (3), 
Honor Roll (3,4), Pi Kappa .\lpha (1-4). pledge 
educator (4), Rugbv C'liib (2-4). match secretarv (4). 
Voting Regulations Board (41. J\' Lacrosse (1), 
lacrosse Club (3), Mock Convention (1), Student 
Rccruitinent Committee (3,4) 

Shore Dr , Chica.go, IL 60657 — Chemistn, 

Hill Ct.. Melvill. NY 11747 — Economics 


Beavgregard Heights. Hampton. VA 23669 — 
English — Dean's List (3,4) — Zeta Beta T.ui Arirl 


Drive, New Citv, NY 10956 — European 

REED. BRllCE ALAN — 205 Doncaster Rd., 
Aniold, MD 21012 — Business .\dministration — 
Dean's List (1-4). Distniguisluil Military Graduate 
(4). Mu Beta Psi (3,41, ROTC Plusical ' 
.\chievement Award (4) — Sigma .Mpha Epsilon 
(1-4), Resene Oflicer Training Corjj (3-41. M.ick 
Convention (1) 

REIBAGH, ANDRE M. —6327 Echo Canvon. 
San Antonio. TX 78249 — Phvsics — Dean's List 
(2-4). Honor Roll (2-4). A.E.D. (3,4). ROTC 
Scholarship (1-4) — ROTC (1-4). Pi Kappa Phi 
(1-4). Math Society (3). AED (3,4). Football (1,2), 
Wrestling (2) 

River, Houston, TX 77024 — Economics — Swim 
Team (1-3), Water Polo (2), Pi Kappa Alpha (1-4) 
Vice President (4), WLUR (3), Mock Convention 


ReVILLE, JACLAND FRANK, JR. —.3907 Yadkin 
Dr., Raleigh, NC 27609 — American History — 
Dean's List (3,4), Varsity Water Polo (1), Varsity 
Swimming (1,3,4 captain 4) Outstanding Freshman 
Athlete (1) Most Valuable Swimmer (I), 
,'\II-American (1,3,4), Ri/if; Turn Phi ad .salesman 
(3), Pi Kappa Alpha (1-4), .secretary (4), Rush 
Chairnuui (4) 

RICE, WILLIAM Tm)RN — 600 North 
Teiines,see Ave.. Martinsburg. W\' 25401 


Road, Princeton, NJ 08,540 — Psvchologv — 
Dean's Lrst (.■3,4), Honor Roll i3. ii. Who's Who 
Among Students in American (Ollcurs .iiuj 
Universities (4) — Student Hi n iiiItih ii( i3, t). 
Student Involvement Committee tor MD 
Superdance (3), Women's Soccer team (3), Big 
Sister (3), Dorm Counselor (,3), Assistant Head 
Dorm Counselor (4). Student Academic Adxisor lo 

Psvchologv (4) 

Rhinebeck, NY 12.572 — Pohti. 

3. Box 1.= 

ROBERTS, JOHN LEECE — 208 Kingswdod Dr 
Williamsburg, VA 23185 — Business 

li.itesMlle. \A 22924 — American Histon 

ROWE, JOHN PRESCOTI — 102 Tiickahoe 
lilvd , RkIiiiioiuI, VA 23226 — American History 
— George Washington Honors Scholar (1-4), Harr\ 
S rruinaii Scholarship Nominee (2), Phi Eta Sigma 

(I), Phi Beta Kappa (4) — Kappa Sigma (1-4), Mock 
Convention (1), Ring Rum Phi (1,2), Constitutional 
<.:onvention (4), Peer Counselor (4), MD 
Superdance (1,2) 

RYAN, LAURENCE KOSIN — 854 Wycliffe, 
Houston, TX 77079 — American History — Phi 
Beta Kappa (4) — Kappa Sigma (1-4), Mock 
Convention (I), Mock Constitutional Convention 
(4), Peer Counselor (4) 

SAMUEL, DENNIS C, JR. — 27525 Valley 
C:enter Rd.. \'alley Center, CA 920S2 — 
Biology/American History 

Drive, Sunset Island One, Miami Beach, FL 33140 
— Drama — Dean's List (3,4). — College 
Republican (1-4). Mock Convention (I). University 
Theater (1-4). Pi Kappa Alpha (1-4). Assistant 
Coach Varsity Football Team (4) 

S.\.XMAN. CHRISTOPHER B. — 28 Fallon St.. 
Staunton. VA 24401 — European History 

Summerton Oak, San Antonio, TX 78232 — 
Economics — Dean's List (2,4), ROTC Scholarship 
(1-3) — Voting Regulations Board (2-4, chairman 
4), Student Recruitment (3,4), Pi Kappa Phi 1-4 
secretary 3), IFC (2-4), Freshman Admissions 
Committee (4) 

Lane, Mandeville, LA 70448 — 

SCHLIMM, PAUL GER.\RD — 125 Croydon 
Rd . Baltimore, MD 2I2I2 — Economics — Kappa 
Sigma, ROTC (2-4). ROTC Rangers (2-4). JV (1-2). Lacrosse Club (3.4) 

Park Ave.. Winter Park, FL 32789 — Business 

SHAFFER. ANDREW p. — Route 1. Box ,364. 
Lexington. VA 24450 — Chemistry 

Wichard Blvd., Commack, NY 11725 — Business 
."Vdiinnistration/ Accounting — Phi Eta Sigma, 
Freshman Honor Society, Honor Roll (1), Dean's 
List (1-4), Lacrosse (1,2)', Football (1), Phi Gamma 
Delta (1-4 treasurer 4, newsletter editor 3), Mock 
Convention (1), GHQ Lacrosse (4) 

SHU(;ARI. DA\1D ADAMS — .3005 Steeplechase 
Ct , Midlothi.m, \'A 23113 — American Histoid — 
De.iii s List (4) WLUR (1-4), Intenarsitx Christian 
Fellowslnp (1-4), Lampost (2-3) 

Creek Rd.. Augusta. GA 30909 — Philosophx 

SIMONS. CARLTON. JR. — 9 Church St., 
Cli.uleslon, SC 29401 — Business 
\iliiiiii]st],itiiin Arrounting — MD Superdance 
i3, ]i 1 111,111,. ( ,iininittee Co-chairman (4), Peer 
< 1,11111-., I, ir I 1: Smiiia Nu (1-4, vice president-4, 
secretaiv-2!. Mock c:onvention (1), Language Lab 
Assistant (2-4) 

SIMPSON, SAMUEL PRUIT \' — 124 <.;anterbun 
Hill. San Antonio, TX 78209 — Business 

G.nclen Axe . BeLand, FL 32720 — Business 
.\diijinislr.itinn/.\ccounting. Phi Beta Kappa (4), 
Wall Street loumal Awarcl (4), Dean's List (1-4), 
Honor Hull (1-4), Beta Gamma Sigma (4). Phi Eta 
Sigma (I). L,K Johnson Honor Schol.irship i3i. 
Accounting Honor Sch,ilai ship ,21. 
Robi-rt E. Lee Siholarship (1) — Alpha Pin Omega 
(xict- president-4 founding member-3). Young 
DeiiKHiats (vice president-3, member 1-3), 
Indepenilcnt Union (1,2) 


1)1 , Uiliumut.M., NC: 2S-t():i — KcciiuriiK s 

SMllll. CKAU; STKA'KN — I' ( ) llo\ 12l()l 
Al,\,iiiclna. I.A 71315— Uiisini-ss 

SMITH. MAHyUIS M,, 111 1 10 (:l(,|ip,i Ave , 
Giceiisl)iiiK. ["A 15601 — Hiisinrss 

SMITH, I'Al'l. JAIUIS — 25(>1 Covr lUl , 
CuiKsvillr. CA 30501 — l'', Am.1i. Stiuli.'s 

SMllll, I'OWKl.l. HAMILTON - 1105 \ .iss.u 
lUl.. Al.viiKlna, \A 22311 -C.mipul.-i Sni-iKr 

— lX-.iii\ List (4), K.ipp.i Alph.i ill), Cdllrm- 
Kopiil)liian (!-4t 

SI'KLl.MAN. JOHN C.HKlSrOl'HLK — 1(1 AkI.ii 
Lane, I'ml \\asliim;toii, NV 11050— Iuhucmuks 

— Di-aiiV List (3), \a.,Mtv Wi.-stlun; ( 1,2). M.irk 
Constitutional Convfiition |4), Ti k.ipp.i I'lii il-4) 

SI'F.LLMAN, JOHN CIIHl.S l'( )TI H'.H - 10 AKIci. 
Lane. Port Washinutoii, NV 110.50 Lo.n, is 

— IX'an's List (3), \'aisil\ U irslliir^ 1 1 .2i, Mo.k 
C:oilstitntional Convent i4), I'l kappa Tin il-4! 

STANKOHI), TlMOTin l — S71 1 ( aiiiKinion 
Cai'.'k 1)1, Apt #2104, S.ui Aiitoin,>. T\ 7.S240 — 
Anu' llistoiN 

STElLBEHt;, M.VmiEW HENHY — 4220 
Di-nbii;li Dii , Richmoml. VA 23235 — 
Ennlisii/Gfrman — N'aisitv Track {1-4). Ho.iil 
Manager. Student Pavilion (2-4). Aleoliol and 
Health Awareness Committee (.3.4). Xotini; 
Regulation Board (3) 

Trnnble Braneh Rd.. Prestonsburg. KV 41653 — 
Geolo.gv — Dean's List. \'arsit\ Eootball (1-4). 
Kappa Alpha (1-4). Glee Chili (1.2). I'liiversitv 
Chorus (3.4). Barbell Club (1-3). Moek Convention 
(1). Snperdance Steering taimimltee (4). Student 
Recruitment (4) 

6105 \V. Mill Rd,, Flonrtovvii. PA 19031 — 
Ecimomics — Deans List (3.4). Honor Roll (4). 
ODK (4). EC Vice President (4). Dorm C:ounselor 
i4), Kathekon (3.4). SPE (1-4) 

I'lnetree Rd.. Hopewell. \A 23S60 — Politics — 
Dean's List (3,4). Honor Boll (4). Mock Convention 


TALLEY. M, CHRISTOPHER — .3.560 Windsor 
lid , Roanoke. \'A 24018 — Chemistrv — Dean's 
List (1-4). Honor Roll (1-4). A.E.D. (2). Phi Beta 
Kappa (4). Dorm Counselor (3.4). SAB (2.3), 
Basidiall (4). RE, Lee Research (1-3). Mock 
('onvention (1) 


5,S. Shawnee. PA 183.56 — Psychology — Dean's 
List (4). Mock Convention (1). Zeta Beta Tan (2-4). 
Fiisbee Club (1-3). Fencing Club (1-4) 

TllACAHD. THOMAS W . Ill — 2412 Cherokee 
l)i Montgonuix, AL:)6111 — European llistor\ 

THOMAS, DA\ ID H)LD — 320 W 77th St,. 
New York, NY 10024 — Polities 

THOMPSON. JAMES CLAY — 510 Cl.iv Ave,. 
Fr.mlort. KY 40601 — English 

Bainblewood Rd.. Forest. VA 24.551 — Politics — 
Till Eta Sigma (L. ODK (\p-3). Phi Beta Kappa 
(4). I'l Sigma Alpha (4). Nation.d F'ootball 
Found.ition ll.ill oT Fame Scholar Athlete i4i. 
Academic All American District 3 (41. Football 
(1-4). KA (1-4). Glee Cinb |3). /img Turn Phi (2). 
B.i,seball (1) 


\..itlm,iod A\e . Atkinl.i, ( lA .iO.ilKJ - Business 

A.lmunstiation/Ac.niii u Best 

Found.itio.i llonois .Sihol.iislnn M.mioi Itolhl', 
De.lns List (2-4). ODK I |i Wlios Wli.i 111 
Anienean I'niv,-, silirs .ii„l ( ,,ll,u,s ., I S, rii.M 
C:hiss Vice Plesidrnl, SIn.l, iil ( ondn.l ( ..iiniolh 
(1,4). Phi Delt.i Thrl.i hcsmer SAIi Ir.-.iMiic, ., I 
T'.mcN- Dicss Ch.iiiiu.iii iHi Sln.l.iit K.'cnulmcnl 
Coiiiiiultrc . li \\1 I l; Disc |,.,i,A ill. ;i„;g lllll, 
I'll, Ad s.,l,.srii.iN i2' Tnsliiii.iii \h.- I'lesld.-nl (1) 

TOHHi:HT, ( LIAIT \T C , 111 611 

Tclia.cuond 1)1 Oprhk.l, \1.,!6S01 — 

TBAIM'.H, MARK 2,i7 I Ave . DeM.n 
TA 1V):).!3 - English 

TRAMMKl.L. llAIU'Eli BllYAN — .3(174 Chev\ 
Ch.ise. Houston. T\ 77019 Business 
Admiiiisti.itioii — De.nis List. K.ippa Alpha (1-4), 
Moek Conv.Mitlon (ll. MD Supeid.mce (1.4). 
Wl.l H Disc Jockey (3.4) 

1030. M.uKliester Center \'T 052,55 — Phvsics 

ircKLH |\MES (JARRE'IT- 3722 Locke llousloii. T\ 77027 — Business 

\.lininisli.ilion/,Accoiinting— Dean'.s List (2.3). 
\.iiMl\ Soccer (1-4). Co-Captain (3.4). Kappa Al]ili. 


I', Houston, TX 77057 — Anu'ruau lllstoiv 

TURNER, ERIC R, — I.3(i5 Baycliff Dr., Vngun.i 
Beach, VA 23454 — European History — Foolli,ill 
(1,2), Phi Kappa Psi (1-4), Dorm Counselor (4) 

TURNER. WILLIAM M , 111 — 900 Houston 
Park, Selma. AL. 36701 — Eeonomies 

Gap Bd,, Short Hills. NJ 07078 — American 
llistorv — Zeta Beta Tan — (1-4). Cross Countrv 
(4). Track (3,4). APO (4) 

\'AIL, PAUL JAMES — 68 M.ush.ill St . Apt 2, 
Bi.ioklme. MA 02146 — Romance L.iiig,i.ig./|-,.isl 
Asian Studies 

\AN SON PETER ERIC — 14 Boutoii Rd , lloxd 
ILirbor. NY 11743 — Econonncs — List, 
X'.irsitv Soccer Captain (4). Sigma Chi. lIoekiA 

Hearthstone Lane, Brentwood. TN 37027 — 
Business Administration/ Accounting — Crew ( liib 
president (3,4). Student Hecruitment (4). 
Swimming Team (I). Phi Kappa Psi (1-4) 

\ II'.NNEAI'. ROBER'T ALLEN — 9005 L.iS.ille 
BKd . Canada II842M4 — Economies 

\ ROOMAN. ROBERT P . |R — 1223 W (i7 
Ten Kansas Citv , MO 64113 — 

W illiamsville. NY 14221 — European 

Pass-A-Gnllc Way, St, Petersburg Beach, EL 
33706 — Geologv — Phi Eta Sigma (2), Phi Bet.i 
Kappa (4), Dean's List, Honor Roll (1-4), Marcellus 
H. Stow Scholar.ship (2), Lena T. Stevens 
Scholarship (3), George C. Marshall ROTC Award 
(4), ROTC (1-4), ROTC; Cadet Battalion 
Commander (4), RE, Lee Research Scholar (3), 

U l',A\ EB, KEN'IN WAYNE — Rl, 3, Box .57 Fi. 
Martinsbnrg. \\A' 2.5401 — Chemistrv — BOTC 
Scholarship (3,4). Who's Who Among College 
Students (4). F'oolball (1-4), Indoor/Outdoor Tr.ick 
(2-4), ROTC Rangers (1-4!\ Student 
Association (1-4), Secunlv I In. I T'.uiev Dress (3,4). 

Stml.iil l'..vilion i3,4), I'lii K.ippa Psi |2 

W llTTi:, HOHl'.BT S , JR. — 2704 S, \ictii 
Tills,! OK 74114 — Politicil Science 

Maid Marian Hill. Slienvood Forest. .MD 211405 
- Cheinistrv — Dean's List (1.3.4). Honor Roll 
I'!, I). RE, Lee Research Scholar (1-41, AED (3,4), 
IhsloiMii (4), JV Lacrosse (1,2), East U-\ Lacrosse 
( lull ,;. Gliy l-icrosse Club captain (4i. 
Sup. iiLiiice (3,4), Moek Conventimi 1 1). liiuti Turn 
Vlu il,2i 

WHTTEMAN. HUSSI'.Ll. U , 111 --,306 Woods 
l(d , Gliiisidc, I'A 190:i8 — Business 

\\i;ishi{()(:k, michael wayne — lu, i isoo 

\ J'i'ioili Rd.. Ottaw.i. IL 61.350 — 
Tm II. ll Politics —'s List. Honor Roll. 1 1-4). 
I'l Simn.i Alph.i (.3,4), Independent Union (1-3). 
Film Soii.ti lit). Mock Convention 1 1). Reeves 
Center 1 141. T eiiciiig Team l2-4 co-c.iplain 4), 
Intramnrals (1-4) 

WILHELMSEN, R A . JB —71 Ciesicnt. 
192-42(:. Flushing. NY ll:i(i5 — Art 

WILLCO.X. EDGAR LLOYD — 1,502 Cherokee 
Rd , Florence, SC 29,501 — Historv 

W ll.SON ROBEBT E,, JB — Rt. % Box 179, 
M.iiliiisliiug, WA' 2,5401 — Computer Science — 
Xiisiu I'ootb.ill (1-4). Assistant Head Dorm 

I isi lor (4). Dorm Counselor (3). Varsity Track 

i:ii. Fellowship ol Christian Athletes (1-4) 

WILTSE. JOHN THOMAS — 46 W.dnnt St.. 
N.wnigton, CT 06111 Public Policy — Gaines 
Siholar 1 1-41. BOTC Scholarship (2-4). Phi Eta 
Sigma ,L. Pi Sigma Miiha (3). ODK (41. Superior 
BOTC Soph., mow ( .iilel (21. Natioii.ll Delense 
Tr.iusport.ilioii Assni KOTC Medal i41, BO'TC 

1 1-41. compai.\ ll i.iuder i4i. Inter- V.usitx 

Christian Fellowship ill!. College Bepilbllc.m 
(1,2), Kmg T,un I'lii il,2i, Mcoliol ami Health 
Awareness Comimtlee (2-41. Mock Coinention (1). 
Alpha Phi Omega (3.4). vice president (4) 

W INGEBT. GRAYSON PAIGE — 226 Glen\ille 
Bd . Hanover. PA 17.331 — Business 
Adimiusti-ation — Phi Eta Sigma (1). Bet.i G.imm.i 
Sigma (4). Phi Beta Kappa(4). Honor Boll ill). 
College Republican (1-4), W & L Art Show (2-41, 
Faculty/Executive Committee (4) 

Hainick Dr. N W . Atlanta. GA 30327 — English 

YANCY. JOEL SCOIT — 216 Wood Dmk Bd.. 
( :olunibia. SC 29223 — Business 
,\ilniiriistration/.\ccoimtiiig — Kappa Sigm.i il-4). 
Food M.inager (2), WLUR (1-4), Noting 
Regul.itions Board (2-41 vice chairman (4) 

YANEZ, ADAM RAMON — 1410 Ciates .Ave., 
Norfolk. \'A 2,3.507 — Business 

Glen Dr , \ leiina. \ A 22180 — Journ.ilisni 

Y0UNC;MAN, PAUL. ALAN — 35 Curicwood 
Circle. Rochester. NY 1461S — Business 
Administration — Dean's List. Football il-4i. 
BOTC Sili..l.iisliip (2-41 norm Counselor i3). 
\ssist.iiit 11. Mil Di.ini Couiis.l.H- (4). Cli.urm.m 
M.nliiil Ti.liiA I i.iiiiiiilire ! Mcollol aiiil Health 
Aw.iniiiss ( :,iiiiiiiill..' ,> 1 ODK (4). Kappa 
Alpha (1-41 

ZANATSKY. MARK A, — BD, 2, Dilloiivalc, OH 
43917 — Sociologv — Dean's List (4), Mock 
Convention (1), Golf Team (1-4), Sigma Phi Epsilon 


Calyx Staff 


EN'ENTS THROUGH THE YEAR: Caroline Boone, Julie Sheppard (Copy Writer) 

SPORTS: Copeland Kapp, Ted Cover, Ross Singletary (?), Roger Reynolds 

SENIORS; Christian Blessey, Roger Reynolds, Lance Rae, Chris Bieck, Kelly Putney 

UNDERCLASSMEN: Stephanie DeMonra, Kelley Hughes, Lisa Moody, Katie Hardwick, Wendy 

ADMIN., FACULTY, STAFF: Elizabeth Cummins, Courtney Harpold, Abb Jones, Stephanie 

Coleman, Lucy Anderson, Barbra Byington 
ORGANIZATIONS: Fletcher Roberts, Amy Balfour, Laurie Mattson 
FIL\TERNITIES: Mike Carroll, Christian Blessey, Brett Mason 
ADS: Hank Greenberg (Business Manager), Taylor Williams, Brad Gottssegen 
PHOTOGRAPHERS: Perry Hayes (PSH), Matt Horridge (MJH), Allison Palko, Kramer Litvak 
CO\ER ARTWORK: Lucy Anderson 

After looking tlirough the 1987 Calyx, 
hopefully you have considered it to be a 
thorough recall of the 1986-1987 school year. 
Much time and hard work has been put into this 
book by staff members and it is greatly 
appreciated. The following people deserve 
special thanks for their help in the production of 
this book: Roger Reynolds my Co-Editor, Hank 
Greenberg Business Manager, Charlie Garrison 
our Hunter Publishing Company Representative, 
Pat Hinely (VVPH) for taking the senior pictures 
and for contributing many other photos along 
with Scott Ferrell (SJF), all those who wrote the 
sports copy, Andre Studios, Perry Hayes for his 
extra time spent in the dark room, and Carol 
Calkins for typing the dreaded senior inde.x and 
for all her help throughout the year. Also we 
would like to thank our benefactors for their 
generous support. 

Enjoy your 1987 Calyx. 

E. Christian Blessey